Music Tag

So amy said to feel free to do this and now I guess I’m feeling free?

The rules are below:


  • Write ten songs that come on shuffle (no skipping).
  • Write your favourite lyric from each song.
  • Tag some peeps.


1) This is Not An Apology ~ Bea Miller: This is not an apology / I’m just a little bit stronger than you  (I can’t actually relate to this song because I’m not assertive XD )

2) Crazy ~ Kat Dahlia: Tell me ’cause I don’t understand / How someone just can walk into your life / And everything before them you forget / Is it crazy?

3) Not Your Way ~ MisterWives: Fill us up with plastic and cut us up / And tie a bow (I love this, it’s so feministic)

4) Good ~ Allie X: With the sticks and stones I’m made of / Swear I tried the best I could

5) Heathen ~ Jillette Johnson: Cinder blocks around my brain / Came to mock but I remain

6) Dives ~ Alvvays: Spend the winter in a Jeep / And your summer months at home

7)  Bottom Of The River ~ Delta Rae: The wolves will chase you by the pale moonlight / Drunk and driven by a devil’s hunger

8) Nuclear Seasons ~ Charli XCX: When you go please don’t leave your love in the sun / My heart would melt away

9)  Seeing Stars ~ B∅RNS: There’s a love I’ve been keeping aside / And you’re the missing puzzle piece I’ve been trying to find (I love every lyric in this song, to be honest)

10) No Else But You ~ Little Daylight feat. Atlas Genius: Quiet and tongue-tied / You find me after midnight / I waited for the moon to fall on you

I have one song that I didn’t note but that’s only because whenever I want to this playlist to shuffle I have to start with song or it’s just weird. Probably because it’s the first song, but I’m going to be a rebel and put it anyways.

OctaHate ~ Ryn Weaver: From the day I saw my heart start breaking / No one saved me

I should use Spotify again.

I tag:







Sapphire Fire


Float In The Cyber Space!


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