The Happiness Tag

Here I am with another tag! Let’s just dive in! (by the way whoever tagged me, I couldn’t remember nor find you ;-; )


  • List 5 things that make you happy
  • List 5 songs that make you happy
  • Nominate 5 people to do this tag
  • If possible please smile while doing the tag too 😀


1) Reading Books: Reading books give me a joy no one words can describe, ironically. I just really like books and this summer when my room gets worked on I’m thinking of having a mini bookshelf of it.

2) Hanging Out With My Friends: My friends are just a vast group of people who just happen to know what to do make me die of laughter or feel belonging. (Even though I’m depressed that after this year, things will never be the same) And our lunch sessions of BS and talking about things like The View are always darling. and also being around cale is enough to make me happy oops

3) Playing My Viola: My viola makes me happy to know that, hey, did that. I played with my fingers and it sounded good. I’m also trying to train myself to play by ear so I can do songs with difficult rhythms.

4) Blogging: I really appreciate this community for listening to my rambles and rant for about 3 years now! Blogging has just given me a nice outlet.

5)  Composing Poems: Like blogging, poems are my outlet. A lot of my poems are depressing and dark but I do have uplifting and more romantical poems at stash. It’s that some are pure writing things now with now editing and it kind of sounds clunky. I enjoy the process of editing poems at the same time as well. 

I don’t know, would y’all actually want to hear one of my romantical poems?

Songs (+ My favorite lyrics):

1) Happy With Me ~ HOLYCHILD: If we could hold the tongue and focus all our time through / We would just rise above this cycle that we’re bound to

2) On Top Of The World ~ Imagine Dragons: If you love somebody / You better tell them why you’re here, cause / They just may run away from you

3) When The Day Met The Night ~ Panic! At The Disco (and all their other songs): In the middle of summer / All was golden in the sky / All was golden when the day met the night (and every other lyric)

4) Perfect Day ~ Night Terror of 1927: Everything is starting to boil over / It’s a Perfect Day / It’s a Perfect Day / It’s a Perfect day / To start it over

5) Beatrix Runs ~ Elizaveta: Beatrix runs because she knows / That her heart beats like a bag of bones / Breathing hard, looking back / Her past is breathing down her neck / Up the hill, through the gate / Across the bridge / Oh, it is taking her away

I nominate:




Sapphire Fire


Float In The Cyber Space!


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