Know-It-All Tag

I was nominated by Annabeth to do the Know It All tag, so let’s do this.


During those annoying ice-breaker games, when you have to think of something beginning with the first letter of your name, what do you always say [we all have one we use]?
*If you can’t answer this for anonymity reasons, what do you wish this could be?*

So for this let’s just use my middle name that use for y’all.

So for Delia (even though it’s honestly Cordelia, but that just seemed too formal… I’ll just do both.) D would be for Double Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream and C would be for Cookies ‘N’ Cream Hershey’s bar.

(Sorry, I’m just really hungry right about now.)

What is your favorite song right now?

Ugh, too many to choose from! 

Probably How To Save A Life ~ The Fray or Bittersweet Tragedy ~ Melanie Martinez

If you could visit one place in the world, where would it be, why and in which season?

Once again, there’s too many to choose from. And I think the problem with me is that, I don’t have much wanderlust in me. However, I’d like to see London. I just find it’s history as well as its architecture interesting and it’s real nice there. I didn’t want to go in spring despite the rain. Rain CAN be fun sometimes. 

How much battery does your blog-writing device of choice have right now?

I’m using a laptop,  and its on 94%, charging.

What is the one piece of advice you wish someone had given you 3-5 years ago?

Things will change for you and even if you don’t like it, it’s okay. 

Tell a joke [just saying “me”, or “you” is not acceptable].
*If you really can’t tell a joke, I never said you couldn’t say “no” [hint, hint]*



Okay, this is what some of the violas say to the violins who complain that “we’re unnecessary”.

What do you call a viola on helium?

A violin.

And towards the cellos who may say that:

What do you call a viola on steroids?

A cello.

and this

i love this

musical puns are the best c:

Float In The Cyber Space!


5 thoughts on “Know-It-All Tag

  1. Cordelia’s such a pretty name. ;o;
    There’s a ballet called Cordelia. It’s about this life size doll named Cordelia who was programmed to wave and blow kisses. She was doing it out the window, and it looked like she was a girl flirting with this boy that happened to be walking by. So, the boy’s girlfriend snuck into the house, and found Cordelia. She was set up in a pose, looking like she was reading a book. The girlfriend thought she was being rude and ignoring her, until she realized Cordelia was just a doll. 😂

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