Top 46 New Room Design Ideas

My parents pooled a lot into our Canada trip over the past three years apparently, which is why I ever ask for a new thing, they would say after we go on a vacation. But now that we’re back, on the drive to Adv. Orchestra my mother said for me to start thinking about how I want to renovate my room. Which after having white walls for 4 years, sounds pretty nice to me. Yet, my room is sort of small compared to the other rooms.

This also means that they will start fixing up the house. Which is good because the broken blinds and plaster sploshes from covering up holes made by the pent-up anger resonating in Swamp and even Begonia (but she would NEVER do with her hands, she may break a nail).

So, going through Google I found my top 46 new room design ideas in no particular order..


Float In The Renovative Cyber Space!




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