Pre-LGPE Concert

Hey y’all. So on Thursday, February 4 was our orchestra’s concert before LGPE.

And honestly, before the concert I was uber nervous. We were practicing in class the same day and it took a while to get the pieces down. At least we weren’t 8A. They took NINETEEN times to get past the first 10 measures of Declarations, and THAT’S THE EASY PART. And also took TWELVE TIMES to get past Fantasia On An Original Theme’s Piu Mosso (with motion since the beginning is slow). So Mrs. Anima was already stressed but we lowered her stress levels down.

Only by a bit.

My black clothes except for the pants I had pushed aside this morning were suddenly wet when I got home on my bed. I wonder how.. So my bus was late getting home so I got home around 4:50. The call time was 6:30 so we could tune and get the concert in motion by 6:45. Of course, knowing my siblings liked to hold up my mother before my concert I lied and said the call time was 6:20.

I took a shower when I got home and debated with myself. Should I continue with the shirt and pants or wear a dress for once? It was all about what me and my friends were talking about last week.

“Delia, you never dress to any orchestra concert.” Daffodil mentioned while her salad fork.

“Yeah, why don’t you? ” Aria asked.

“You know, black dresses are slimming. And it’s pretty warm outside so far..” Willow said before taking a swig of water.

“I guess I like being diversified.” I said and then everyone looked at me.

They all knew that wasn’t the legit reason. I like to invisible rather than stand out. I don’t I’ll ever reveal the true reason. At least not to them. Which is wrong because they’re my best friends but I don’t know… In the end, I decided just to wear the shirt and pants because when I put on the dress, I wasn’t comfortable.

I put some clothes while waiting the ones I was actually going to wear to dry in the drying machine. I took a long hard look at myself in the mirror. Most girls wore makeup to the concerts. My mother’s set of makeup she gave me in December was still in my drawers. I almost drew it out but I couldn’t. I didn’t want to mess up my face more than it originally is.

When I reached downstairs for maybe the 4th time that afternoon, it occurred to me that someone had to be deliberately stopping the dryer for it to stop this frequently. However, it was 5:56 and the clothes were basically dry so I tried to quickly get the clothes out but I could find my black shirt. It took a good 6 minutes and so I rushed the other clothes into a basket while running into the bathroom to change. After I changed I rushed and got my instrument case and music binder because we didn’t know our stand partners yet.

It was now 6:12 and Begonia was trying to hold my mother as I was trying to get us out the door because I was well aware it took roughly 7 minutes to get to school from my house and with the recent road constructions it might take 10 minutes. She had the stupidest reasons for holding her back too, like the TV “wasn’t working” (she unplugged it) or she didn’t know how to use the toaster (she uses it everyday for her extremely thin toaster strudels). My mother replugged the TV and operated the toaster and by the time we got into the car it was already 6:18. Tessa, however, hated to be left out of things so she started throwing a massive tantrum about wanting to go until my mother gave up and let her come with. I had to leave my instrument in the back while I sat in the front with my mom.

Azalea found the two (what do you even call sets of rosin? Bars?) bars of rosin and began to smash them together. I repeatedly told her to stop but she only rolled her eyes, raspberried in my face and told me, “Oh my gosh, you’re annoying. Leave me alone.”

Guess who she’s already taking after? Begonia, the Wicked Witch of Rural Georgia

We finally got there around 8:28 and I hopped out the car early, rushing through the cars into the school. Someone was holding the door, and I rushed in almost closing it when I see River and Aria running straight for me.

“THANKS!” They said as they took breathers from running.

The three of us were just walking until we saw people leaving the orchestra room.

“Sh-t.” Aria breathed again.

“Y’all are late.” Daffodil said, standing at the corner.

We all sped-walked toward the orchestra room and Bergenia was there tying her shoes.

“Hi, you guys.” She said brightly as we were tired, breathing hard and late.

People were still in there, however, getting out jitters and talking. People apparently stayed after school and decided, “Hey, I’m not going to change like a normal person.” He legit goes into the extra instrument room and changes in there. And this one girl being the person she is, she tried to see in and record but then he turned off the lights and then she just had to make the announcement that he had turned off the lights so no one could see him naked anymore.

As if we really wanted to see that.

Unpacking in the room, I cautiously removed my viola and the bow from the case and closed it back. Swamp has shown me that I have to treat my viola like even more of a precious baby than I have before. I was observing people as I usually do and noticed Carnation had her bookbag with her. When I scrunched my eyebrows, she said it was because apparently she stayed after school.

What was with everyone being here afterschool today?

My hands were occupied and so I put my music folder on a random bass stool. Hosta was playing something other than Fantasia on the piano while we were all being lax. Hosta was here and she’s coming to LGPE because one of the grading criteria for our music is having everything part filled. Fantasia has a piano accompaniment so even though she’s in chorus, she’ll be playing with us.

She and Arpeggio were talking while he was get out his cello, Aria ran to hug it. The cello not Arpeggio. XD You see, she really loves his cello. Last LGPE, she helped name it Richard for his “rich” sound.

“Torie, I’m going to play The Barber Of Seville with Hosta.” He said, looking down at her.

“Okay.” She shrugged.

“I can’t play it while you’re holding him. You need to let go of Richard.”

“But he’s so pretty… Okay, I’m over it.” She let go, but still sat there listening to them.

If I knew any better, I would have said that the fact that they were playing together had an incredible dynamic. Or do I know better..

Apparently, Daffodil came to school right after she went to a restaurant for dinner. And she ate a whole free cake. And even before that she ate a whole steak. When I asked her why in the world she would do, her only answer was that her ADHD medicine wore off. To explain this, her ADHD medicine makes her have a mild loss of appetite.

Cadenza ran in here and also ran into someone which would have caused the instruments on the racks to fall and THAT would have been disaster. She was elaborating about how she was hopping every which way to get here.

“So like Flappy Bird?” I questioned.

“More like Mario.” She finalized and began humming the main game theme.

I noticed Arco wasn’t here yet, and I realized that for once, I had gotten to a concert before him and he couldn’t tease me for always being slightly late to all things orchestral. Which was true no lie, but it really was never my fault each time.

“Hey, you finally decided show up! We had unicorns drink wine, a strobe light party, and a boy changing in the instrument room without you.” I announced.

He smiled while rolling his eyes at me and began to open his cello case.

“Hey, one of those statements are legitimate.” I returned.

He gave me a look as to as, “Really?” before sighing, “Which one?”

“Someone’s changing in there.”

“Of course, he is.”

Aria skidded to us and looked at Arco’s cello.

“Oh my gosh, this is f-ing beautiful. Whose is it?” She asked.

“Mine..” Arco answered.

“What did you name it?”

“I haven’t yet.”

“You and Delia are one and the same when it comes to this then.” (Saying this now, this will NOT be the last time someone’s going to say this in this post.)

I think it’s safe to say that Aria has a cello issue. It’s probably more severe than others think it is, it’s not healthy to have an obsession like this. We’ll have to take action soon.

Leaving to the cafeteria where the concert, I had said, “Good luck, Amaryllis!” to Gulf. I had only saw the back of his head and I just thought it was her. Oops.

“Oh my gosh, I thought Gulf was Amaryllis. Sorry!”

A girl looked at me, “You thought Gulf was gay?”

oh my gosh.


“OHHH. NO, I GET IT.” She realized.

I raced down the hallway with Daffodil going after me.

“Deals, this is proof you are mean.” Daffodil was laughing.

“Wait, what? It was just a mis-under-” I sttutered.

“Arco, isn’t Delia mean?”

“Oh gosh, Delia has to be the meanest people to ever live.”  He stared blankly ahead. But he turned to me and smiled, mouthing, “Don’t worry, you’re not.”

We entered the Cafeteria. Arco went to get his rock stop from Creek who had forgotten to give it back to him the day before. Daffodil and I, however, were confused as to where we were to sit. We were probably standing for 6 minutes before she sat us down. Daffodil was in the third row and Mrs. Anima put me in the first row as a stand partner with Amaryllis. They had tuned before I got there so I quickly tuned as everyone else did as well. Arco, Amaryllis, and I were just whispering to each other inconspicuously as everyone was, give or take the inconspicuousness, while Mrs. Anima was discussing orchestra things for the rest of the year like the Orchestra party (Tell y’all about it later), actual LGPE, The Summer concert and other stuff like that.

“What do y’all think the biggest concern is for this concert?” Amaryllis asked.

“I think where the issue is that Andantino in Momentum.”

“I think the problem is Andantino in Momentum.”

Why would I put this in two lines? Because Arco and I said at the exact same time.

“Wow, you two are just one and the same.” Amaryllis commented.

One of the other judging criteria was how we approached the stage and our posture so we were really in a tight position.

Well then, Mrs. Anima was talking along until Arco whispered something and pointed to his cello. He then carried his cello out quickly while Mrs. Anima was running out of things to say. By the time she was done, Arco wasn’t back and Isthmus was starting to meekly raise his hand but she didn’t see. So she began to give background knowledge on her teaching past in orchestra to stall some more. She kept looking over at his chair like, “Please get here faster….”

So he came back after about 9 minutes of her past, apparently getting one of the school cellos because there are something was wrong with his G string. Amaryllis started to quietly die laughing while we were there so confused. When I got home, I realized that people also call thongs g strings. Yep.

And so Mrs. Anima was ready to start conducting when she finally called on Isthmus. What he said had a lot of us going, “What the actual heck, Isthmus?”

“I don’t have a bow.” He said, wincing.

Everyone turns to look at him, some with tiredness, some with pity, some with embarrassment, and some with pure aggravation.

“Well, that’s a problem.” Mrs. Anima frowned.

There were some laughs in the audience and Mrs. Anima told him where to find a brand new bass bow among the land of broken bows which hadn’t grown until this year’s 6th graders.

And so Mrs. Anima was stuck up there with pretty much nothing else to say. So then she started to talk about the pieces instead. Meanwhile, everyone was dying of boredom waiting.

“How f–king long does it take to get a bow?” Aria hissed.

“I have no clue.” I replied, twiddling my fingers, trying to look busy.

Eventually, Mrs. Anima left the cafeteria to see what was happening in the orchestra room and this assistant principal started making announcement about 8th grade events as if we were sucked into yet ANOTHER PTA meeting. I’ve already been sucked into two when I went to go to school for volunteering and fun and I didn’t need a third.

Then she ALSO ran out of things to say so then now we had absolutely nothing to do.

“I mean, one of us could talk.” Arco said.

“But not you.” I quickly dismissed.

“Why not?”

“I don’t entirely trust you not something somewhat odd.”


We were so tired for like 7 more minutes until FINALLY they came back. And at last we could finally start.

During Declarations, I think we were alright for the most part just random slowing down from the cellos and out of tune E’s from the violins. I thought I heard something clatter during the beginning but I had dismissed it as a chair probably shifting. Amaryllis also had auto of tune F#’s during our melody but I worked not to make any facial expressions while playing. After the end, she apologized for the reason she was just so nervous. As she should be because Fantasia was next. The judges needed time to judge, so we had time to relax, roll back our shoulders, and whisper for a while.

“Okay, you guys I need a pep talk.” Amaryllis said, jittering around.

“You’ll do fine.” I kindly put.

“You’re least likely to completely fail than doing relatively well.” Arco deducted.

We both looked at him.


“We need more of some optimist than realist.” I pointed out.

“But no seriously, you’ll be fine.” He affirmed.

And so Fantasia began. Amaryllis’s playing seemed lacking confidence. But that was reasonable. Considering she got the solo.

So let me backtrack. There’s a viola solo in Fantasia for the first 8 measures. Couple weeks ago in January, we got to audition for the solo. Apparently no only one viola in the A class wanted a solo and then changed their minds the day of auditioning. So who was remaining who wanted a solo was me, Aria, Amaryllis, and Bugloss. Bugloss ended up not being here the day of auditions but sent hers in instead.

So Mrs. Anima began recording each one of our auditions of the solo portion of the song and then sent it to three random teachers that she knew to judge us and deliberate on who should get the solo. Those were one of the most stressful group of weeks I’ve ever experienced.

I thought I did pretty well, and most violas thought I had done well as well. I accidentally slightly affected Aria’s solo audition because I hadn’t realized that my bow was covering a note. She said it was chill and that if she didn’t get the solo because of that it would be fine. And Amaryllis’s audition was interesting. I had noticed things wrong but I didn’t do anything. I didn’t say a word.

Aria, on the other hand, commented about it at the end of class.  “She probably won’t get the solo.”

“Why do you say that?” I said, acting as if I didn’t see anything wrong in her audition.

“You can’t tell me you didn’t hear anything wrong with it. She was going faster than Andante and played F#’s instead of naturals not to mention she was rushing. You did better.”

“Um, thanks. But I’m pretty sure Amaryllis will get it nevertheless.”

“Hmmph.” She put her viola away with slight force.

I told Amaryllis she did good in good sportsmanship.

In my weeks of never-ending nerve, Daffodil kept saying, “You deserve the solo. You really worked hard.”

The thing was she kept repeating it and I know she meant well but she was really starting to tick off other people.

I was basically confessing my fears in my capability play my viola well to Arco over the, I think, 3 weeks. He assured me that I’d worked hard and could get the solo. And even if I didn’t get this solo, there would be more solos to come in my lifetime and he was sure.

That of course boosted my extremely low levels of self-esteem. Only to be dragged down again the day Mrs. Anima announced Amaryllis got the solo. Nevertheless, I politely clapped, gave her a thumbs up and fake smiled as I was feeling down. Aria, on the other hand, looked like she was about yell something like, “I OBJECT.” She was smiling but it was tight-lipped and you could see she was thinking anything but congratulations.

“Are you good?” I asked, nervously.

“I’m fine.” Aria said through her extremely noticeable fake smile.

“You sure?”

“I’m simply going to be professional about this.”

Amaryllis turned around and gave Aria a smile and Aria smiled back. And you would have thought it was friendly unless you heard them say under their breaths as they turned away and went their separate ways, “B–ch.”

Back to now, Amaryllis was making the same mistakes she made then. She was rushing and the C and F naturals were out. During her solo, I realized something and wondered if this was intentional. If we were considering things like first chair, I was sitting in it and Haley was in second.

Why would she do that? I asked myself.

As for the rest of the piece, I feel like the cellos and second violins weren’t together like they should have been and our rhythms were off as violas. At the end of the song, Amaryllis’s neck was a crimson red.

“You did great and the intonation was okay!” I whisper-shouted. I was lying through my teeth and Arco could detect it because he gave me this look that said, “I can tell you’re lying and you’re not doing well right now.”

The last piece was Momentum and I felt like this piece would give me stress hives. This piece had been wishy-washy because it just sounded, “Eh.”

I’m going to say this as one of my moments of brutal honesty, “It is all the cellos in my class minus two of them and the violins in both classes’ faults.” They have horrible timing, the violins had awful intonation before, and cellos were problematic of their Soli (a solo for a whole group of instrument). Not to mention the INFERNAL early entrances into the final measures. EVERY SINGLE TIME I HEAR AN EARLY ENTRANCE IN THOSE MEASURES, I JUST WANT TO STOP. I give up on life when I hear that and I just want to just SNAP SOMETHING. It is so irritating and once we had to spend the WHOLE class trying to fix it. 45 minutes of, “Don’t do this.”

“Come in on time.”

“You’re too early.” IT. IS. AGGRAVATING.

Yet, somehow. Someway. We actually sounded legit decent. Not perfect. But decent. At the end, there were NO early entrances. I wanted to sing out loud. Mrs. Anima had a big smile on her face and gave us a big thumbs up.

We all rose from our seats and bowed as we had a big applause. Then we all sat down as Amaryllis was applauded for her solo. If there’s a shade darker than crimson then her neck was it.

Grabbing a stand to put away in the orchestra room, Aria notified me of something. “I dropped my bow in the first measure of Declarations.”


“What if the judges noticed it and deducted a level from us?”

“I’m sure they didn’t.”

“You don’t know that.”

Mrs. Anima was moving the piano back to the Orchestra room with Hosta and took the opportunity to ask how she wanted Aria and I to stay after to volunteer for Violapalooza set up tomorrow.

Walking back into the orchestra room, Aria and Aster were discussing something.

“What’s happening?”

“I can’t believe Momentum didn’t suck.” Aster nearly whispered in shock.

“MOMENTUM DIDN’T SUCK!” Aria yelled and we high-fived.

I put my viola, bow and shoulder rest in my case and grabbed my music binder.

Arpeggio was at the piano, playing something that sounded familiar.

“What are you doing?’

“Playing a piano.”

“I know that,” I commented, hotly, “I mean, what are you trying to play?”

“The Barber Of Seville.” He paused before continuing.

Arco walked up and I put a finger to my lips and slightly smiled. He looked at me for a second and smiled a big grin back at me. let’s pretend my heart wasn’t dying right about now  As Arpeggio was playing, we both simultaneously pressed one piano key on the opposite sides of the piano. Arpeggio crashed his fingers into the middle keys of the piano and sighed, “You two are just one and the same, aren’t you?”

We looked at each other, smiled and then simply shrugged. He sighed and pressed his head against the piano.

I looked at the clock and was in the middle of leaving when I noticed Hosta and Arpeggio playing the piano together. I smiled to myself as I closed the door, left the room and there were Cadenza’s mom and I’m guessing her dad in the hallway.

“Hi, Delia! See this is the friend of Cadenza’s I was talking about. She’s going to win a Nobel Peace Prize one day.” Cadenza’s mom complimented.

The male companion nodded, “Good, good. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Thanks, Mrs. Nice you too, sir!” I said, kindly.

I walked up to Willow’s family and Aria’s mom while looking around for my own mother. I saw the twins, Daffodil’s brothers (Which I can never differentiate)  sitting on the wall. I finally found the solution to my  problem.

“Hello, twins!” I said, waving.

They both waved at the same time.

“Is that just what you’re going to do now?” Daffodil asked.

“Hey, what else is there?” I whispered.

“Learning the difference?”

“But they are BASICALLY EXACTLY THE SAME, except one made the good viola choice and the other chose cello.”

Aria sauntered up, was extremely red in the face, and looked as if she was going to cry.

“Whoa, whoa, what happened?” I asked, concerned.

“She drop-” Daffodil began.


She had told me about the bow thing earlier but I guess she just found about the judges seeing.

Arco was about to come up to us before Aria mentioned her blunder.

He mouthed to me, “I’m going to get my music then going to go.”

“Okay, see you tomorrow.” I mouthed.

“Who was that?” Aria asked, seeing mouth the word tomorrow.

“Um..” I didn’t want to say anything because I knew she might after his cello. She turned around and saw him though, and then she chased after the cello. We all kind of for a minute or two before resuming conversation.

“That girl needs to learn to chill out sometimes. She’s always so jittery and happy but all the same sad and too hard on herself.” Her mom commented.

“It’s just about the academics,” Daffodil mentioned.

“I know, honey but she’s applying way to much pressure on herself to be perfect when she can’t be. No one’s perfect.”

She came back out of breath again and was resting on her mother’s shoulders.

“You good?” Daffodil asked like Coast would.

She just simply nodded.

“If it makes you feel better, I messed up some bowing in Fantasia for  no good reason.” I mentioned.

“Oh, yeah we saw that.” Aria’s mom said really seriously.

“Wait, really?” I took it seriously and then a smile grew on her smile until her mother was straight laughing.

“Oh, Delia, I was just kidding, you knew that right?”

“Kind of..” I laughed along.

“Well, we should really head on home. Bye, Delia, it was nice seeing you again.” Aria’s mom said as they left and then Daffodil’s family followed suit.

I sighed to myself, I didn’t know where Tessa or my mom was and I was alone. I went back down to the Connection hallway to check again and no dice. And I so I was kind of lost. So I decided to walk out the doors and stay and wait. God, it was cold.

I decided to walk the distance past the lanes and into the parking lot. Pond and I basically talked the whole way about the errors in the concert after I nearly tripped on the curb.

“Yeah, the violins did suck.” He finished.

“Definitely.” I agreed.

“Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“I’m usually always here.”



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