My 2015 In Songs

Well, what this post is about is basically in the title. I’m going to describe my 2015 in songs with my most relatable lyrics by month since I feel guilty for not sharing any Resolutions and I wanted to be different so let’s dive in, my friends!


January: The Middle Of Starting Over ~ Sabrina Carpenter: Through the hardest part / I’m working towards a happy ending

February: Force Of Nature ~ Bea Miller: I tried to tie my heart down / Board up all the windows /  Oh but it’s too late now / I let you get too close

March: The Only Exception ~ Paramore: And up until now / I had sworn to myself that I’m content / With loneliness / Because none of it ever worth the risk, but / You are the only exception

April: Salty Sweet ~ MS MR: We fear rejection, prize attention, crave affection / Dream, dream, dream of perfection

May: Glory Days ~ Betty Who: These are the glory days / Stuck in a summer haze / And your eyes are so amazing / Don’t you ever say goodbye / Goodbye

June: Sad Dream ~ Sky Ferriera: I can tell you what I wanna tell you / I hope it’s not just a bad dream / Hope it’s not just a sad dream

July: Seven Nation Army ~ Zella Day (originally The White Stripes):  And I’m talkin’ to myself at night / Because I can’t forget / Back and forth through my mind / Behind a cigarette

August: Dream ~ Imagine Dragons: We all are living in a dream / But life ain’t what it seems / Oh everything’s a mess / And all these sorrows I have seen / They lead me to believe / That everything’s a mess /But I wanna dream / I wanna dream / Leave me to dream

September: Hemiplegia ~ HAERTS:  I cannot fight the sleep is droning / Into the motion into the night / Is it the glow that keeps you moving? / Hemiplegia holds me tight

October: Vagabond ~ MisterWives: You’ve been flying so high / Avoiding the road / Pretending to not feel alone / Pretending to not feel alone

November: That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed) ~ Panic! At The Disco: Things are shaping to be pretty odd / Little deaths in musical beds / So it seems I’m someone I never met & Things have changed for me / But that’s okay / I feel the same, and I say / Things Have Changed For Me, but that’s okay

December: New Constellations ~ Ryn Weaver: There’s no walls and no ceilings as far as I know / Just the echoes of scars and the unbeaten road / Trip the gun on cautions that I’ve been sold / Cause it’s hard to believe that it’s wrong to want more / Than the truest of blue and a love like a roar / I will run to wherever I want to go, oh

I was debating with myself to make this a tag or not, but I decided what the hey?

So there’s barely any rules. All there is to it is:

~ List your songs in correlation with the month that you related or felt like the song (Yes, you can have more than one for each month) with the lyrics you most related to or is your favorite.

~ And there’s no minimum and/or maximum of people being tagged.

With that being said..



Yes, you! You’re reading this post, aren’t you?

Float In The Reflective Cyber Space!


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