From Who?

So on Friday, the members of FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America organization) were passing out candy grams. Basically, candy grams are candy or a pack of candy that you can buy for someone. It’s usually attached with a note or card with a message and/or To: and From:. They were on sale since that Tuesday and I looked at the table and how many people were crowding the way to the stairs. I was internally rolling my eyes at how big of deal this had become.

The FBLA members were rushing about during homeroom to deliver these because apparently, there was an influx of 8th grade candy grams. Ola came into deliver candy grams to Willow, Daffodil, Poppy, and some other people. Taking a seat on one of the yellow yoga balls Mr. Canto had placed for people who were hyper  active or stressed out to sit in, I said pretty much nothing.

I wasn’t surprised, I never got a candy gram not even in elementary school.

Willow and Daffodil got their candy grams from Hosta, apparently. But you know Hosta is pretty chill and is always nice to people. Poppy actually bought candy grams for herself to be less lonely, which is actually clever. But she only got one of the ones she sent herself.

Even after homeroom, the FBLA’s were still struggling to pass candy grams to people walking by. That’s where Poppy got her second candy gram she sent herself. The hallways were making me sick.

Girls were holding teddy bears of various sizes and chocolates with the biggest grins on the faces and looking adoringly to their s/o. Guys were less perverse and actually more shy and giving hugs and kisses. Not to mention the hallways smelled of a weird mix of chocolate, fudge, Axe spray, oranges, lemonade, cherries and some other stuff.

It was emotionally and physically suffocating me.

I wanted today be done and opening my math folder immediately to focus on numbers and not at the secret ache I was feeling but refused to show. However, all anyone was talking about was who got what, how big were the presents and other stuff. Mrs. Calando was trying to get us focused on biased and non-biased samples and I was full on agreeing. About 15 minutes into the lesson, a girl walks in talking about left over candy grams. She gave some to Mrs. Calando to people who were in her homeroom and said something I never thought would be said.

“Is, um,” She paused to read it, “Delia in here? There’s a candy gram for you.”

My eyes went wide. I began to sheepishly wave my hand covered slightly by the pink sweater I had worn that day. Unfortunately, she didn’t see my hand until everyone pointed at me.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Here you go! Happy school day before Valentine’s Day!” She handed it to me and looked at the other ones she had in her hand as she left.

I read the card and smiled:

Dear Delia,
You’re a good friend. Hope this makes you feel better!
~ Hosta

Good ol’ Hosta.

“Who’s it from?” Poppy asked.

“Oh, Hosta.” I replied.

“Hosta’s so nice.” Lily commented.

I nodded. She really came through for me. At last, everyone shut up for like 12 minutes before Math class became debate class. There were two questions in the homework that the room was split on and everyone was trying to explain why their answer choice was better. This basically went on all class and when someone finally asked why Mrs. Calando was just letting this happen, she simply replied, “I’m only allowing debative conversation.”

Through out science, there were candy grams being passed out STILL. It was really taking them a while. Going to lunch in the middle of the Language Arts, the hallways were still plastered with the unforgiving scent of Valentine gifts. In fact, I think it got stronger..

So we were in the middle of playing another game of BS and Poppy had put down her 2 6’s when another girl came up to me with a box and tapped me on the shoulder. 

“Yes?” I turned around and crossed my right leg over my left.

“Um, you’re Delia. Right?” She asked.

“Um, yeah, why?” I asked. I could hear Daffodil telling to just go and then continue. I put a finger up as to say wait.

“Oh, because…” She shuffled about in her box.

“Delia, what about your sevens?” Willow asked.

“Hold on.”

“Where did I put it?” She began to look at separate candy grams.

I still hadn’t look at my deck.

“Oh, here it is. Here’s a-” She started.

“I can put the sevens down for you.” Lily offered.

“4 SEVENS.” I quickly looked at my deck and put them down because I started to laugh and hair got in my face. 

Poppy, not trusting me after I burst into laughter, looked at the cards on top on the now big pile. 

“God d-mn it.” She cursed at me.

I pushed the hair from my face and laughed before turning back to the girl, “You were saying?”

“Here’s a candy gram for you! Somehow it got intercepted by someone. Happy school day before Valentine’s Day.”

“Thank you very much.” I plucked it from her hands.

She nodded and went off.

“Who’s it from?” Aria asked.

“Is it from Hosta?” Willow asked.

“Nah, I already got one from her.” I answered.

I looked around for a name but all there was was a typed up “Anonymous”.

“Happy Valentine’s Day. Don’t feel too lonely.

~Anonymous” Is what it said.

“I… don’t know who it’s from. It just says Anonymous.” I said quizzically.

“Maybe the handwriting will give it away?” Willow tried.

“Nope. It’s typed. Plain Arial. No, wait, Verdana.” I identified.

“How do you even know that?” Carnation asked.

“In the fourth grade, my mother made me do typing activities and know common fonts.” I replied.

“Huh.” She said while putting down her cards which Daisy called an immediate BS on.

“Ooh, time to get all Nancy Drew in this place.” Aria joked.

Sophie was walking by and as we did our hand shake I thanked her for the candy gram. Suddenly, Willow was calculating something.

“What are you doing?” Buttercup asked over some Greek yogurt.

“Calculating something… DONE.” She said, pushing hair from my eyes.

“What?” Aria asked.

“There’s about a 3 to 4/7ths chance that this could be a prank.” Willow with her voice not even sounding like she was paying attention.

Everyone turned to her.

“Why would you tell me that?!” I cried.

“Wait, did I..? Oops.”

“How’d you even get that statistic?” Poppy stabbed at her salad.

” There’s roughly 300 eighth graders at this school and about 156 of them are males or .52 of the population. I then had to subtract boys are in relationships as of now so it makes sense. So I started to really pay attention to the population remaining who were prankers, jokers, or football players.” Willow breathed.

“Why football players?” Daffodil interrupted.

“Because I overheard them one day about some Valentine’s day prank thing. Anyways, taking these numbers into a fraction, I calculated the probability of the chances you were the one who were the butt of a joke. Thus, 3 to 4/7ths of a chance of it being a prank.” Willow finished.

“Whether it’s a prank or not, shouldn’t we figure out from who?” Willow asked.

Float In The Mystery Admirer? Cyber Space.


4 thoughts on “From Who?

  1. Aw. I don’t think someone would do that as a prank though! If you’re someone who usually doesn’t get these candy grams, they probably would’ve pranked someone else. I think it’s real. 🙂 maybe Cale?

  2. Is that a thing your school does? Our school doesn’t do anything like that. I’m sure some people get gifts from someone they’re with, but they don’t go around in the hallways with them.
    A lot of girls give their friends candy, though. And one girl in our school went around to all of her classes with a big bag of candy and gave them to everyone. Lool.

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