Let’s Review The Facts

So today is Valentine’s Day. The day of love and such.

And most of my friends hate each other right about now.


Guess who’s stuck in the middle as always?

Me. Yay.

Aria got mad at Daffodil because Daffodil said, “Okay, well, Aria when you stop thinking that you are better than everyone else because you are more well known and that I’m wrong then let me know.”

Then Daffodil got mad at Aria for saying, “Just because you say speak fluent Spanish doesn’t mean you can just show off and think you’re better than anyone else, because NEWSFLASH, most if not all of us are in Spanish and we hate it.”

Then Willow’s mad at Aria and said, “There’s nothing wrong with knowing a second language.”

Daffodil then complained that Vietnamese and Spanish aren’t the same and that Willow doesn’t even comprehend the beginning which really insulted her. Then started to say that she knew things that we all thought we were hiding. Aria then called her out for the fact she’s been hiding things from everyone and has deliberately lied to some us.

Carnation got irritated over the fact that the beginning of this was pathetic and that knowing languages had absolutely nothing to do superiority and cut out with the shaming of minorities.

I was saying nothing but trying to control the heat but it kept burning down anyways.

Then Poppy proclaimed that she was getting tired of ALL of us: Willow with her covering up how she feels inside with her makeup thing, Carnation with I just don’t care attitude, Me with the fact that I’ve just been cynical to everyone and everything for the past two weeks, Aria with her i’m “secretly” depressed but act like I’m not and instead just goes around f–ks about pretending she isn’t hurting, and Daffodil with her sense she’s always right and the fact that she’s embarrassing.

That when no one wanted to say anything because Daffodil’s “embarrassment” is really all about her ADHD….

“Well, d–n.” Aria said.

“You know what, if you think I’m embarrassing or always right or treat people like I’m better than them, why are y’all my friends. Screw it. GOOD. NIGHT.” Daffodil replied.

And this all got started because Poppy had simply mentioned she was getting new neighbors who were having a party for their moving in.

And of course Lily is in the middle too, except she doesn’t know she is.

The only thing I’m not surprised about is Aria and Daffodil fought. They are ALWAYS fighting now and half the time we don’t know what over.

I now feel like legit crying because these are the last three months we might ever have together and we are just spending at each other’s throats.

So much for love.

Float In The Cyber Space.


One thought on “Let’s Review The Facts

  1. Your friendship seems to be in a tight spot right now, but I’m sure if you try to bring everyone together and make them realize the last months are going by, then everyone will at least try to tolerate each other. I feel so bad for you, but just hope that this is a little bump in your friendship. 🙂

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