My Past Romantic Endeavors

So apparently after I returned from Canada, all my repressed past memories of anything romantic hit me more like a bus than puberty ever will.

So let’s go through all the embarrassing lovey stuff this Valentine’s Day which managed to blank from my mind during 7th grade. (I wonder why)

1 Marsh the Buttercup Dater (1st grade — 5th/6th grade)

Longest crush to date. But I think after 4th grade it was a less of a crush and more of “Okay, I think you’re really cool and I want you to be being one of my close friends.” type thing.

Of course, on the last day of school in 5th grade, someone had finally figured it out since I shot down immediately . It was kind of about time after least 4 years!

And now, we’re just kind of chill. I mean he’s dating one of my best friends so…

But like we talk, always recalling when we were closer friends.

He’s just a chill person.

2 Gully the Buttercup Liker (4th grade — Was never really sure)

And I guess we can say he is why this post is even being written. Oops. Over the past three weeks, people (specifically guys) who used to go to my old elementary school and moved away are now all suddenly returning.

But Aria asked an interesting question last week in Spanish:

“Why all these random dudes from (insert elementary school name) randomly coming back but GULLY (insert last name here).”

Funny she’s the one who asked, considering Wednesday she got stuck at Kroger in the rain and saw him again.

“He grew up HOT.” She said during LA.

“What do you mean?”

“I saw him yesterday at Kroger.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. THIS Kroger?”

“No, the one near Five and Below and that crap.”


“Yep. “

And now for the story of re-meeting Gully from Aria’s point of view.

I was walking out of Kroger and passed by him on the way while he was hanging by the doors.

I had simply said, “Hey, Gully.” without paying attention.

He actually responded with a hey back. My eyes grew wide and I backtracked to the doors.

“Gully? GULLY FREAKING (insert middle and last name here) OH MY GOD, IS THAT YOU?!”

( “Did you say OH. MY. GOD. like Janice?” Willow asked.)

(“You know what, I think it would be hilarious if I did.” She responded)

“I think I’m me,” He responded, “You’re Aria, right?”


And we actually hugged in the rain. It was perfect because you know, it was the rain and the spotlight from the doors were hitting me wonderfully. And ahhh….

*End of story*

We then bombarded her with questions.

“Where is he going to school now and Does he still wear glasses?” Buttercup asked, leaning over in her chair.

“Does he live near?” Carnation inquired while eating a Cheez-It.

“Is he going to go to (insert high school here)?”  I questioned while flipping through my Mentor Text.

“IS HE GOING TO (insert rival middle school)?” Willow asked while shuffling through her purse, and “How’s his hair?” 

And when Aria says she forgot to ask any questions…


I was still comparing the story of Lizzie Borden to the case of O.J. Simpson in the Venn Diagram when something Aria had cut through the clouds of thought.

“You know, he asked about you.”

I was slightly startled. “Me?”

“Yeah, it went like:

“Willow’s just been more makeup oriented.” I mentioned.

( “Hey!” she intervened.)

(“Tell me I’m wrong.” Aria retorted.)

“Oh, so how’s Delia?” He asked, non-chalantly.

“Delia?” I asked.

“Yeah, I still remember Ocean used to tease her by calling her Wikipedia and really liked simplifying numbers.” He kind of chuckled to himself and sighed.

*End of second tale*

You know, he was always nice to me for reasons I can’t discern. I was always the strange girl who liked doing math and simplify numbers even it wasn’t necessary and made vague references to things others never understood. 

“Well, if you just simplify 14+16+98+32+12 by adding the numbers by the side and you can get the answer.” I mentioned while working on a math assignment.

“Or we could use a calculator.” Ocean reminded.

“But, Ocean we can’t use a calculator, remember?”

“But simplifying takes EFFORT.”

“Ocean, Delia just is using another way to get the job done. Maybe we should use considering we only have 3 minutes left before Language Arts.” He gave me a warm smile before getting to work.



“Fine, Wikipedia, we’ll have it your way.”

Why do I still remember still this explicitly…

The reason he is deemed the title above was because in 4th grade, he really liked Buttercup (what guy hasn’t) and my old FOCUS teacher would match them all time and to Buttercup it was embarrassing but he wasn’t like overboard, It was just cute. Ans now looking back at it now, we all think he was cute..I mean he moved away in the 5th grade but you know, still..

Of course now we’re in 8th grade and Buttercup regrets never giving him a chance. That is how the perfect Buttercup made a not so perfect mistake.

Now Gully’s hot and…

Guess who missed out?

I feel sorry for my friend, things aren’t going well other than her relationship right now.

3 Coast the Cynic (early 6th grade — early 6th grade)

How did this even happen? I don’t even understand..

Reality was Coast was too much of a cynic then. But I mean we’re still chill.

But like why self?


4 Dune the OTHER one(6th grade — 6th grade)

He was cute in an I’m sort of naive type of way. I always thought it was sad that his twin brother always over shadowed him. Everyone STILL treats him like the OTHER one. Sad thing is now I even talk to his brother more than him.

5 Pond the Confused “Emo”(6th grade — 6th grade)

Also another


He’s not bad (he doesn’t even act emo, why does everyone think he is…), in fact we’re friends and all, but WHAT WAS WITH MY MIND IN 6TH GRADE, geez.

And then we have…

6 Arco (7th grade — Now)

And y’all know about him because you were actually here for most of it.

An interesting one indeed.

And I just found a trend between all of these guys.

Light or just Brown hair, brown and/or hazel eyes.

Guess I might have a type after all.

Dang, this was too much to not remember. What happened for me forget these ever happened? (oh, you WONDER why. Yeah, you WONDER alright, internally you know why)

So I’m going to posting all about my romantic experiences today, so I don’t feel as lonely as I actually am. cries

Float In The Lonely Cyber Space!


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