Needs & Wants

So yesterday before our 1st 8th grade field trip to JA BizTown, we had to cover budgets with Mrs. Oates in our workbook. In fact, every teacher now has worked with us in this Finance book but Mr. Simons..

Anywho, she told us as part of the lesson she wanted us write a chart of our needs and wants now and our needs and wants when we are about 25 years old.

I listed the basic needs: Food, Shelter, Transportation, Hygienic Materials and some wants like a new case for my tablet, a sketch book, concert tickets, and an actual bed.

However, people got… interesting.

Since I was sitting behind Tern and Chiuso, I should hear their ideas. Then you hear them talk about putting a girlfriend in the wants category and I started to sigh.

Mrs. Angelonia started to call on people who had their hands to share.

One girl wanted a castle house, a guy wanted a robot who fed him pancakes every other day, someone else wanted cosplay stuff and another dude wanted a shape shifting lizard cat that peed soda.


I braced myself when she called on Chiuso.

“A girlfriend.” Chiuso said non-chalantly, and as he did, Mrs. Angelonia slowly turned around to the Smart Board and face-boarding herself as the whole room as just dying. Aria actually fell in her seat laughing.

Then Chiuso snorted, laughed and said, “Or a boyfriend.” And as most of the room continued to laugh, I got silent quickly and so did the class in 5 minutes when they saw the look on Mrs. Angelonia’s face.

She looked like she was trying to contain her cool and spoke in that quiet tone that lets you know that that person is mad.

“I know Chiuso may have meant it as a joke,” She paused, “But seriously don’t be close minded. This may be the South where things are ‘set in stone’ and traditional but be more open.” She then called on Willow and hardly anyone said a word.

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