“You Have The Whole Blogger Thing Going On.”

Today in homeroom, Mr. Canto passed out a survey that we had to fill out about our hobbies and future jobs we’d like to obtain. It also asked us to mention our address, which school we were going to next year, our phone numbers, and email addresses which many people began to disagree with like Coast and Aria.

And to quote Coast, “Okay, how about no. This seems too sketch.”

However, Mr. Canto said we must write it down because this will be sent to the high school you happen to go to next year. Then this kid who is always having to redo this grade said, “If I make it to high school next year.” and to that, everyone laughed. I felt sorry for the new kid we got yesterday before the field trip. He went on a field trip on his first day and now has to fill out required surveys…

Nevertheless, I filled out as it said, “As honestly as you can.” It asked for you choose the top 3 jobs and top 3 hobbies out of their list. I put Doctor, Pharmacist, and  Journalism, respectively, as my top 3 jobs and my top 3 hobbies were Blogging, Music, and Arts & Crafts. Why blogging is there is below.

The problem with this is that it didn’t really have ideal hobbies and jobs that have become popular. For example, Poppy and Daffodil both want to do Forensics but it wasn’t on the list and there wasn’t an other option, which actually sucks.

As for me, you might be wondering, “Why would she put blogging as number one? IS SHE TRYING TO GET EXPOSED?” Well, may not that last part but you catch my drift.

Here was my dilemma: I wanted to put Reading and Writing on my hobbies list but guess out of all the possible hobbies what WASN’T there. I was sitting there like, “Are you KIDDING me?”

Even historical reenacting and staining glass windows were there BUT NOT READING AND WRITING.

(no offense to anyone who enjoys historical reenactment and staining glass windows.)

Lily looked at me with a “What are we going to do?” look. I raised my hand and apparently to Mr. Canto, “Blogging is basically just reading and writing, it’s basically the same thing.” 

Not going to lie because I did see blogging and considered putting down but I felt like, “Nah, what someone ACTUALLY gets to these?”

So I reluctantly put down blogging and turned in the survey.

Talking about our survey answers in the hallway and in Math, I told them about my “blogging” thing.

“Really, he said to put that?” Willow asked, capping her lip-gloss.

“Yeah, it’s not like I actually blog.” I scoffed, internally dying.

We all shared a small laugh, “Yeah, you probably don’t blog. It would strange to think you did.” Daffodil commented.

Aria was looking at me, “You know? You DO have the blogger thing going on.”

“Really?” I was trying my hardest not to pale too much and break into a cold sweat.

“Yeah, I can see it.” Willow noted.

“With the glasses and the cardigans…” Poppy faded off.

“Also, with the fact you look like you can just plop down on your bed with tea or coffee beside you and type up blog posts.” Carnation mentioned and Lily nodded along.

“I do?” I said shakily.

“Yeah, sort of. But I doubt you would blog and not tell us, because you trust us.” Daffodil pointed out and they agreed.

I simply felt guilt for not telling them much lately and stared into my water bottle with sweet tea inside.

Float In The Secret Cyber Space.


15 thoughts on ““You Have The Whole Blogger Thing Going On.”

  1. The only person who knows I blog in my reality is me 😀 So don’t feel guilty about it – you’re not the only one! (at times I’ve contemplated telling my friends I blog but then I remember there’s a lot of stuff I’ve written that I don’t really want them to know so)

  2. Aw don’t feel guilty. Being able to be completely anonymous here is great, and if you like it, don’t feel like you have to tell anyone. I told one of my friends after a few months, and I was glad she knew for a while. Then we sort of argued and now I don’t feel like I can say anything on my blog without her reading it and being offended, so it’s kind of awkward. But yeah, blogging IS one of your hobbies, so it’s fine to put it down, even if it means more than your friends think 😉 xx

    1. Thanks. Yeah, I don’t think I feel that guilty anymore because it is nice to be anonymous and it’s kind of… mysterious… XD
      Yeah, I can imagine how that could be really awkward, I think if I was in that situation I’d also feel limited in what I could say and couldn’t say.

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