Funny Search Terms Tag

Alright, my peoples, I was tagged to do this by emiwee and to see her results click here. And now it is time for, The Funny Search Terms Tag!



  • Take a picture of your blogs search terms from the past 30 days
  • Choose 3-7 of your favorite/funny search terms from ALL TIME! (and comment on them)
  • Nominate 5-7 people

This is my 30 days one…

Not a lot going on.


And then in year’s time..

Still not a lot going on.


So my top three are..

1) think about me yesterday i fallen away 

Okay, so I think person may have been looking for lyrics but I’m sure ‘Falling Away’ is one of my top posts on this blog which is a poem about a romance in which the couple used to be to so joyful and now they are kind of reflecting before the end of it all.


This is a link to a comment thread that included Karla, me, and Lizzie talking about our ex-crush and crush, respectively. That post is actually from late March of 2015 when I went to the, forever etched in my mind, field trip to a 4-H camp called Rock Eagle and this post was part of my adventures at the surprise dance and recreation.

If you still want to read the post click here. You can’t use the above link because I have changed my url address and yeah.

And finally…

3) 345678

Which could only be a suggestion towards the random numbers I use for my forever randomly timed series, “Random Thoughts”.

And… I found it. I posted it Valentine’s Day 2015 XD

Ah, back when I was slightly less random.


Click here to see it.

So I tag you:




Sapphire Fire


(ugh, I have LGPE tomorrow afternoon and I am so stressed even though we had this mega rehearsal today in the morning.)

Float In The Cyber Space!


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