Veteran’s Day School Celebration

November 10, 2015


Staying after school, I decided to practice Advanced Orchestra pieces during bus call while sitting on a bass stool. While I was doing that, Aria went to the bathroom to change into her outfit for her poem reading performance in the hallways. There were quite a lot of us staying after school to help out with the Veteran’s Day Celebration, most of Beta Club volunteer hours, but until 4:55 I had nothing to do. However, 4:55 came quicker than I thought it would and at that point you could hear people racing up the staircase to Mrs. Angelonia’s room.

After an explanation as to what we should do, most of us got straight to work on things that needed to be worked on. The people who didn’t were either a) the people who came to just hang out, b) were lazy or c) waiting on this one girl to bring the yellow ribbon to place around the Poet-Tree. Speaking of which, I should explain.

During October to the day before this day, we have been focused on the literary topic of poems. We’ve written two poems so far: one on Honor and a second on how we felt the military is treated. Then we got construction paper leaves, copied our poems onto them, and put them up this green thing by hot glue and make a “Poet-Tree”. There were leaves that still needed to be glued so that’s what a lot of us did. Willow went over to another teacher’s room to help out with the pictures of some community veterans and then suddenly Daffodil disappeared.

No one knew where she went even when we went downstairs to take the Poet-Tree and all the donations downstairs. Some of us and I set up the donations table while Mrs. Crow helped others set up where they would be reading their poems because people were actually going to be like talking statues reading their poems. I could never do that though, it’s just so.. frightening because I’m just that attention shy. After finishing to set up everything, we all went back upstairs with about an hour before people were going to start to come in through the doors.

Being upstairs, Mrs. Angelonia’s  husband and dad came in with some more supplies while we all said hi. I volunteered to make the sign for the Poet-tree with this guy. Mrs. Angelonia needed the words (which were printed on this sheet of thick blue cardstock to be cut neatly and put together well organized on the poster with a hot glue gun. I have this thing where I feel I must cut intricately or it’s horrible. However, this dude’s cutting, to be nice, really jagged. I found myself trying desperately to fix it while Aria, Poppy, Carnation began to decorate the poster. In the middle, I went to go ask Mrs. Angelonia to go to the water fountain and heard her father ask about people in here. She talked about me as I got my agenda so she could write a pass saying things like, “Oh, she’s my team’s spelling bee champion. She really insightful and I didn’t hear anything going down the hallway. Coming back, I nearly burned myself with the hot gun but, at last, we were finally done with all the work necessary and Daffodil finally came back.

“Where were you?” We asked.

“Oh, I was helping with Willow.” She said.

“And you didn’t give us a heads-up?” Poppy asked.

“I didn’t think it was a big deal.” Daffodil replied.

Shortly after, Willow looked extremely tired.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Making frames and working with burlap is tiring. Not to mention while helping, Daffodil made that teacher so frustrated that she was cursing under her breath.” She exhaled, pushing her hair back.

“D–n, what did you do to make the teacher curse?” Aria questioned.

Daffodil shrugged as we all were confused. That teacher is one of those people who speak really quiet and calmly in this kind of monotone voice but it’s all REALLY sweet and such who never gets mad at anyone for anything, well disproven today. And that gets on people’s nerves.

We decided to play Bullsh-t while we still had 30 minutes until opening time.

“You know, Arco’s coming here today.” Aria said while dealing the cards.

“Why?” And then I mentally face-palmed myself while Aria gave this, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” look.

“Sorry, sorry, I forgot his father was a veteran for, like, two seconds.” I reasoned while reaching for a set of cards.

It was an interesting game where I actually won first this time which is pretty lucky for me. Finally, it was opening time and we all rushed down to get into our places. I actually liked how Mrs. Crow managed to set up the profiles on different veterans, the stars in memory or in honor of all veterans in the community we were aware of, and different Veteran’s Day projects people did.

I didn’t have much to do but to walk around and listen to different poems and help people use the technology to see some videos on Veteran’s Day. Eventually, I caught wind of Chiuso and a 7th grader trying to set up for the part of Advanced Orchestra who signed up to play American Anthems as chamber music as part of the event.

I didn’t get to sign up because that Wednesday was the Wednesday I didn’t go to school because I was feeling horribly sick. (Click here and here to see more on that.)

So I helped out setting up and such and as it turns out, Mrs. Anima ACTUALLY let Chiuso conduct to the chagrin of Arpeggio and the other 7th graders. 

After getting dinner from the Food Truck called “The Pickle” (which didn’t serve anything with pickles..?) and talking with a few friends, I decided to stand outside the gym to see what the hullabaloo was about that had been in front of the gym for about 30 minutes now.

And on the contrary to what Mrs. Anima said, EVERYONE had stopped to watch the small part of Advanced Orchestra play the American Anthems in the hallway. Artemisia, my honorary sister (I’ve known her since her mother died when she was in kindergarten and we kind of adopted each other. Plus, she’s not a jerk like my actual siblings.), came up to me and we stuck around to listen to the music.

Arco startled me by saying, “So Mrs. Anima was wrong about the attendees.”

“Haha, yeah, all these people to watch Chiuso conduct and the others play.” I pointed out.

“He’s actually not doing so bad after all.”

“I feel sorry for Arpeggio for once, he’s the only 8th grader actually playing.”

Artemisia was just watching us talk the whole time silently and while looking at Arco with a questionable look.

“So now, I’m going to go p-ss Aria off since two days ago. (Aria had ambushed him with water balloons and bucket of water [they live near each other] while he was getting the mail when he said she wouldn’t dare ambush someone when it was in the lower to mid 40’s in November. Lesson? Don’t mess with Aria and water balloons.)”

“How?” I was slightly interested.

“Going to walk by her over and over and over because everytime a person walks by she HAS to read her poem until she can’t take it anymore. Revenge is best served while the window of opportunity is still wide open.”

“So that’s it?” I asked. It didn’t seem enough to amount to what she did.

“Nope. It’s only it for tonight. It’s not like I can do anything else while Stonewall Jackson practically put us all on shut-down after Lobelia tampered with the electricity so most of it went to her room because ‘we didn’t do anything to stop it from happening.'” He said, referring to his dad, clearly annoyed.

He REALLY didn’t like his dad, and his dad just kind of scares me. But I wouldn’t actually say that. (Not until the Governor’s Mansion anyways which I’m writing posts on as I type)

“Have fun then.” I smiled.

“Yep.” And he went to go walk Aria which would only be once out of about 46 times that night.

Artemisia suddenly gasped. “Wait, was that? What’s his face?” She snapped repeatedly while trying to remember his name.

I stayed silent and played my green bracelet which matched the green army button up jacket I was wearing over my white t-shirt.

“It is, isn’t it? Oh, my gosh. WAIT, WAIT, COME BACK, DE-” I quickly cupped my hands over Artemisia’s mouth before she really embarrassed me by saying the rest of what I knew she was going say which was, “WAIT, WAIT, COME BACK DELIA HAS A MASSIVE CRUSH ON YOU!!”

I would have just died.

Eventually, Artemisia went to work on her Student Council duties and I decided to have a looksee on the Annoy Aria Campaign.

“How’s it going here?”

“Pretty good. I’ve walked past her about 35 times.”

“Wow, you’re quick.” I then turned to Aria who was looking at me with a “Please help me.” look on her face. She couldn’t say anything other than her poem unless she needed like a bathroom break or water yet I knew she took seriously and wasn’t going to quit that easily. I only simply shrugged and gave her a bottle of water before patting her shoulder.

After maybe 15 minutes, all teachers began rushed everyone into the cafeteria to have a seat. All the main seats were occupied so we all went to the diagonally arranged seats which felt weird. Reef was behind us being annoying as always but we ignored him anyways. Then Yarrow’s mom walked up to the podium and it suddenly dawned on me what had happened. We ALL just got sucked into a PTSA (Parent, Teacher, Student Association) meeting. Gosh, they were SO boring and wasted SO MUCH TIME. I simply scrolled through WordPress discreetly during the whole 56 minute meeting.

The Veteran’s Day Ceremony in the Cafeteria was nice after we did the Pledge of Allegiance. The honor’s chorus performed God Bless America, America The Beautiful, the National Anthem, and My Country Tis Of Thee. During the performance (I can’t say I didn’t see this coming), Mrs. Angelonia came over to our side of the cafeteria to scold Reef because all he was doing during the whole thing was being super obnoxious and disrespectful towards the veterans.

We then had the ROTC’s from the local high school perform the Flag and Rifle routine (I don’t actually know what it’s called…) The Student Council each individually spoke about how their interviews with veteran’s which were up in the hallways went and how they’ve become inspired. Also, they had a little ceremony where they mentioned veterans in our community and thanked them for their service. When it became to Mrs. Angelonia’s father and husband, you could hear one guy going going, “WHOOOO, WHOOOOOO.”

It was quite hilarious. However, I had been laughing almost all the way through this whole thing. You know how I have that problem where I laugh at anything for no good reason? Yeah, I’ve been laughing trying to keep it myself ever since I found myself being able to pick out one of my friend’s deep voice among the rest of the Honor’s chorus.

I honestly don’t know why I started laughing because of that.

After that the event was over so we all rushed to Mrs. Angelonia’s room to get our things and then go home. I was extremely tired on the drive home and after taking a shower and changed into my pajamas, I watched some Criminal Minds episodes and then fell asleep. Only the next morning did I realize I forgot to ask Mrs. Angelonia to sign my hour sheet.


Remember how I had Juvenation January? Well, I had actually typed up some posts in Microsoft Word but forgot about them until now, so now you have even more backstories…

I kind of hate leaving you guys out of things. 🙂

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