Canada: A Summary

I left Georgia on December 17th on the route to New York. From New York, we had to go on a flight BACK TO ATLANTA (It was literally so dumb, don’t even get me started.) and then head to Canada. On the 18th of December last year, the last day of school I was already up to like Maryland when school started. I kind of didn’t tell anybody I was leaving that night so people thought I died. On the planes were nice and on the international flight, I FINALLY got around to watching Pitch Perfect 2 which was HILARIOUS. I may or may not have watched it 4 times after the first time.

We stayed in this long bungalow type house near my uncle that’s older than my dad and his new wife’s big house where people stayed for lodging and such. And no, it didn’t have WiFi. I wish, I would have blogged if there was. The house we stayed in ran on a very dysfunctional generator while my uncle and aunt were having fun in their well-electrified place. Why they didn’t just let us stay there will be a mystery to me. My aunt Bess who lived near the area had her youngest daughter who was 13 compared to my 14 named Ophelia stay with us for a couple days. I feel sorry for her because she got a huge taste of how dysfunctional (even more than the generator) my family.

She went home for a couple days and then came back with the rest of her family: Barden (oldest {LOL, LIKE THE BARDEN BELLAS} everyone [some of my friends + Begonia] thinks he’s so attractive and I’m here like, “He’s my cousin…”), Allison & Daniel (yes, THAT Daniel). To be honest, Daniel kind of kept his distance from me except for the times he was JUST SOOO MUCH BETTER THAN ME IN EVERYTHING CANADIAN. He wasn’t the main one to tick me off though.

My cousin Flynn, son of the lodge owners, REALLY got on my last nerves. He is by your stereotypical definition, an obnoxious “bad boy” with his aggravating friends who were just as obnoxious. I swear, if we weren’t family, I would have murdered him a LONG, LONG TIME AGO. He was always messing around with some of the lodge girls by this little lake that was frozen over. My mother wanted me to go out and have fun but a) I didn’t have skates, b) if I did, I would have sliced him with it, c) I didn’t sign up to watch some 17 year old guys kiss some girls.


So all I did was watch Ophelia skate and ignored Flynn.

I guess I should feel sorry that he ended up in the hospital in January after one of his friends were reckless with skates and a motorcycle. Don’t even ask.

I said, I GUESS I should. Sometimes, I wish I could be that mean.

Not to mention that Begonia was all over his friends.

Super gross.

His brother, Adam, and sister Felicity weren’t so bad actually.

And also his mother, which was the 7th woman my uncle has married, also annoyed me. She is one of those people who did something wrong and when she did, she blamed it all on someone. THAT SOMEONE BEING ME. It was just like Begonia, Azalea, and Swamp  but in a 45 year old woman’s body. But I could never say such things without everyone thinking I was horribly rude so I took the blame for EVERYTHING.

I also had an interesting 3 year old second cousin who came over from the lodge house everyday named Opal but everyone called her Opi. Strange because I have another cousin who’s 13 also called Opal which also goes by Opi on my father’s side of the family. The 13 year old Opal had an 11 year old sister named Ingrid and they were better than me in EVERYTHING. Not that they were trying to be, but it’s a struggle. Anyways, The 3 year old Opi was always saying random things in French that I never understood no matter how hard I tried. Plus, she was kind of abusive. She liked pulling on hair, scratching at my back, clawing at my face and pulling down her own and other peoples clothes. Only during our last days did her mother come and she mellowed out.

We had a lot of visitors during our stay. Most of them were family who also came here as sort of a “family reunion” but some were old friends of my mom and dad. Just clearify anything, My parents actually aren’t Canadian: My mother lived in Canada for about 5 years when she was like 8 and my dad’s side of the family only went up to Canada with a vacational house there during 28 winters and/or summers. Or so, my dad says he doesn’t really remember anymore.

We also had a little grouping at their old vacational home because not everyone (including our family) didn’t attend my grandfather’s funeral from when he died in December of 2013. This grouping occurred on the 23rd because that’s when he died. Just 2 days before Christmas. He almost made it to 2014. And now I’m crying, great.

Exploring around was kind of nice, too. We didn’t really go to a restaurant but we had some catering at the events we went to. Also, I got some injuries when Felicity, Ophelia, and I were relaxing on this really small hill and then I kind of rolled down slightly down the hill. It mainly caused scars on my arms which my mother told me that for the first week or so, I had to wear long-sleeves to cover them up.

Don’t know why though.

I called it a “family reunion” because all it really did was reopen a lot of arguments that were all over my family both mother’s and father’s side. In fact, for pretty much all of January and some of February all my parents were doing were arguing and arguing and arguing.

And Harper has the audacity to say what they are arguing about isn’t more important than her. -_- I don’t know what to say to her anymore. I honestly don’t.

I ended up going with less things than I brought because my mom made me give things to others including my clothes, my laptop,. and my jump rope. Luckily, dad fixed up my old one which is what I using to write right now!

I wanted to take pictures of cities overhead but my mother put me next to Swamp who continuously tried to keep me from taking pictures until my mother told him to cut it out. Also, on the plane, they gave out sandwiches with a chocolate bar while Swamp was sleeping and I went to the bathroom. However, it turns out Swamp either lost his while sleeping or didn’t get one. When he woke up, he gave me heck, accusing me of eating his food and being “fat.” I did what I usually did when my siblings were awful towards me.

I didn’t say a word to defend myself. I just let it happen.

Float In The Cyber Space.


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