“So, This Is Our ONLY Freshman Book?”

Yesterday, Mr. Simons passed out our high school schedules for next year based off of what classes our teachers recommended us for.

Here’s what mine was like:

Semester 1

1) Health (1 Sem.)

3) 9th Grade Lit & Comp Gifted

5) AP Biology Gifted

7) Accelerated Gifted Precalculus

9) AP Human Geography

11) Electives

  • Semester 2
  • 2) Personal Fitness (1 Sem.)
  • 4) 9th Grade Lit & Comp Gifted
  • 6) AP Biology Gifted
  • 8) Accelerated Gifted Precalculus
  • 10) AP Human Geography
  • 12) Electives









Those academics are the HIGHEST academics you can be inserted in as a Freshman! Since I’m on the Advanced Accelerated track that’s why I’m taking Precalc in 9th Grade. I don’t really know why the numbers were wonky though. There are 31 electives to choose from! There’s things like:

2D/3D Art,

Of course the music classes,

Languages which are: French, Latin, Spanish, & German,



Body Sculpting-Females (Not like literal making a sculpture from a body),

Early Childhood Education,


Food, Nutrition, & Wellness (Basically cooking class),

And many more.

We can have two-three electives, but Seniors, of course, get first pick, and can fill up the other classes pretty quickly.

The state of Georgia or my county (Can never remember which one) requires two years of a foreign language. Since I’m getting Spanish I high school credit from my Spanish class right now, I’m going to go through with Gifted Spanish II and continue to Spanish III in sophomore year and move on to maybe another language or elective.

I’m also going to the High School Orchestra, so that’ll be fun because they go on the coolest field trips out of state, only have to play once, and then they are left to their own devices. Mrs. Anima is actually ditching us for a week to accompany them as a chaperone in Florida. We begged to come with.

The thing about all these AP courses is that I will have homework over the summer which might hinder my ability to be a super blogger during the summer like I usually am. Also, I might be taking Personal and Fitness and Health during summer which will take up my time once again.

I actually don’t know what happens to the time I should be in Personal Fitness & Health when I take it over the summer… Maybe that’s where the third elective comes from?

Also, we were given reminders for the Freshman of the 2016-2017 school year meeting and a Freshman Book.

“This will be the only book you get for ALL FOUR YEARS.” Mr. Canto announced, passing them out.

“So this is our ONLY Freshman book?” Chiuso asked.

Mr. Canto got silent and just shook his head at Chiuso.

“What did he literally just say, Chiuso?” Tern asked and everyone turned around at him.

After everyone got their schedules, we immediately started to compare schedules. We all got the same schedules, except Daffodil who had Honors instead of Gifted/AP classes. The only way she and Lake (because they are in the same boat) can get into the Gifted/AP classes is by passing the Gifted assessments being given to them in like April, I think. So she’s super stressed. (Nice alliteration, self.) Apparently, Arpeggio is going to be in 4 of the 7/8 classes I have.  Yay. .-.

Life’s about to get a lot more complicated, my friends.

Float In The Almost A Freshman But Not Quite Cyber Space!


11 thoughts on ““So, This Is Our ONLY Freshman Book?”

  1. i honestly hate how you’re required to take a foreign language class. i never understood the point for that class. it really annoys me even more that I hate my spanish teacher

    1. My teachers say that taking the foreign language class is actually ideal because in the world’s growing economy and population, there’s more of a diversity of consumers. English is considered to be a universal language but still not everyone speaks English. So being bi/tri/quadri/ whatever number lingual can help communications, help your understanding of more languages after you learn one, and your intelligence apparently. It’s really about America being better than it is right now(not if Trump wins), making the population more educated, and helping the economy. (What’s Trump going to after the Great Wall of Mexico, stop all Spanish learning?)
      There’s a staff for several Spanish teachers at the high school I’m going to next year so I honestly don’t know who I’m getting and whether they are a good teacher or not (The schedule never mentioned teacher’s names so I could double check with people who are like Freshmen now).

  2. Wow, so many gifted classes! Our state already has our classes and they are the basic stuff, and depending on test scores, we get put in the regular classes, AP classes, or Honors. Since I’m in STEM, I am automatically in Honors. You are taking precalculus, wow! I’m taking algebra which is a 9th grade course in Florida’s standards, and I’m taking Geometry next year. But we get to choose our electives, and my top 3 were- Band, Spanish 3 (Even through I am a native speaker I cant still get credit for it so I don’t worry about failing French and not getting my credits) and Drivers Ed semester 2. My 2 alternatives were Journalism and Cosmetology (Mom made me) But you look like you’re off to a great start in high school Delia!

    1. Thanks Karla. It actually means a lot to me that I get my highschool career straight so I can easily plan almost everything for college which is why I really worked hard to get where I am now. 🙂

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