“Nothing Really Changed.”

I should have gotten back to Georgia, showered,  changed, and packed my bags before first period. I was planning it all in my mind during the flight. I would be standing in the hallway before walking into homeroom. I would walk slowly through while everyone talking amongst themselves.

“I really missed this place.” I would say softly.

“DELIAAAAAA!” My friends would scream and attack me, nearly making me fall over and then talk about what happened when I was gone and ask about Canada until Mr. Canto will ask them to be quieter while saying Welcome Back to me as well. Then we would be quieter but still fuss.

That’s not even close to what happened.

Our flight back to Georgia was delayed, and so we sat the airport with nothing to do. Of course. eventually we got on the plane and took our flight back to Georgia. Georgia is really pretty from above at 7:59 am in the morning. And surprisingly enough after getting through Airport Security, Hartsfield-Jackson was COLDER THAN CANADA. I noticed something. WHY WOULD YOU HAVE AIR CONDITIONING ON COLD WHEN IT’S FREEZING. I wasn’t even wearing my heavy cold artillery because I thought it would be warmer here. And everytime someone came in or out the wind blasted in. I could feel my feet getting number by the second.

And of course I was the one who had to stay behind to sit in the freezing airport for ANOTHER hour and 12 minutes with all our luggage with my dad while my aunt took my mother and my siblings home. The airport’s an hour or so away so I sat there with nothing to do. But you know the airport had free wifi so it was chill. I began to review the messages I had never gotten to respond while in Canada. I realized on the flight to Canada that I never told anyone that I wasn’t going to be in Georgia that Friday.

So I got concerned messages from everyone especially because I wasn’t back during the first days school resumed. I decided not to respond as my coming back was a surprise. But then I felt bad because people were actually legit scared for me.

Soon enough my uncle finally came with his giant van and my dad and I were basically running out of the airport recklessly with our bags. Since his van only had two seats in the front, I had to sit on the luggage in the back. However, I could feel my feet getting number and number.

When we entered my small town, I turned pale not because it was below freezing but because things had changed since. The old house I always loved seeing on the way to Kroger was being torn down, there was a senior center being built, there were new signs and such and it kind of felt strange..

“Dad, are you noticing these changes?” I asked.

“Um, I don’t think so.” He replied.

When we got home, Swamp was drinking warm water since we emptied the fridge to not have anything rot in there. I rushed upstairs and flipped my light switch cautiously. I let out a sigh of relief to see that it was pretty much the only that wouldn’t change on me. When I removed my sneakers, the carpet was very cold, considering we cut off everything, and my feet had no feeling. I started to freak out and in a frenzy, I raced everywhere to find my shower materials and toothbrushes in the luggage. My sisters had already went to school so there was no drama to deal with there.

Walking the bathroom, the tiles felt like bone-chilling ice and my feet felt like they were going to freeze onto it. Luckily, the water from the shower got very hot, very quickly. I may or may not have spent 15 minutes sticking my feet into a bucket of scalding water trying to massage them back to life.

I threw on a tanktop, sweater, jeans, boots, a coat, gloves and scarf before hurrying out the house with Swamp into my dad’s car. My hair was kind of curly-ish but it kept pestering me. Getting to school was a struggle because a main road was closed so we had to go the LONG way. When we got to school, my dad checked us in and I slowly went up the 8th grade stairs. The hallways were vacant; Everyone was probably in 2nd period. Before going to 2nd period though, I had to give my slip to Mr. Canto. So I took a breather and walked in. People had scattered welcome backs towards including Mr. Canto as I gave him my slip and left.

I was now standing out my science class door. My heart was beating out of its chest as a turned the door knob and walked in.

“Hi.” I whispered.

“WELC-” My friends started before the teacher told them to quiet down some while saying welcome back to me, “-ome Back, friend.”

Aria pretended to sharpen her pencil and gave me a hug. As I settled into my seat, I heard Lake ask, “So how was it in Maple Country?”

“It was fine.” I responded.

“Did you get attacked by any mooses?” Someone continued.

“I’m pretty sure it’s just moose.” Coast corrected.

“Whatever, did you?”

“Nope.” I opened my science textbook.

“Aye, Does everyone talk, aye, like this, aye? And aye, eat pancakes with syrup?” Machair joked.

“Not really.”

“Guys, leave the poor girl alone.” Aria said.

Going to LA, I was nervous because I still wasn’t able to turn in my book projects on time even when I was in Canada. So before lunch, I talked it over with Mrs. Angelonia and thank god, I was able to turn it in later. (It’s the same book project I haven’t turned in since… Oops)

The lunch room seemed emptier even though it was filled just the same. It was my first day back and the cafeteria food actually seems welcoming. I actually dominated them all in BS which usually never happens. Midway through our team’s lunch time since I had nothing to do,  they asked me if I could get them some condiments. I shrugged as I got up to get them what they wanted and in the process got tangled up in the team who was just leaving lunch (aka the same obnoxious team that cost us our valuable lunch).

Then Arco walked up to our regular table and said something, appearing to be a question. The girls simply looked at each other and shook their heads except Lily who just kept reading. He nodded his head and walked off.

“What was that about?” I asked, with the ketchup and mustard for them.

“Hmm?” Aria replied.

“What was Arco saying?”

“Oh, just asking about you.” Daffodil calmly dipped a chicken finger into the ketchup.

“What about me?”

“When you were coming back… If you were coming back.”

“You know he asked about EVERYDAY you were gone.” Poppy mentioned after sipping her milk.

“But then why did you shake your heads?”

“Just to kill him.” Aria poked at her salad.

“Why didn’t you just tell I was back?”

“Because where’s the fun in that?” Poppy waved her fork.

I narrowed my eyes at them.

“Hey, now it’s more of a surprise.” Poppy rationalized.

“So have you noticed the changes here?” I questioned.

“Nothing really changed.” Aria said.

“Just some construction, that’s all.” Daffodil continued.

I sighed and dug into my fruit cup.

Throughout the rest of the day, all I got were, “Hey”‘s and “Welcome Backs”‘s which were nice, I guess. However, I found myself very behind in all my classes. Also, I MISSED THE GEOGRAPHY BEE THIS YEAR. I was looking forward to it and then as it turns out it was the Friday before I came back. .-. 

My life is a struggle.

After Spanish, I slinked through the crowd before getting behind Arco. Daffodil had noticed me but I put a finger to my lips so she knew not to say anything and lightly poked him in the arm.

“Hola,.” I smiled.

“Hey, you’re back!”

“And slightly numb.”

He gave me a questionable look.

“It feels like freaking Antarctica here!” I defended.

“Alright, Deals, it’s nice to see you  again.” He waved while going into Spanish.

“Thanks.” I replied while opening the door to orchestra. 

We had an orchestra sub that day apparently because Mrs. Anima’s Father In-Law was in the hospital. We ended up practicing the LGPE songs. 

I was pretty tired when I got home and after about 45 minutes on the laptop, I was knocked out.

Float In The Cyber Space!


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