Dances, Romances, & Happenstances

(I actually really like this title so I’ll just use a variance of this later…)

Just a heads up if you forgot or hadn’t known, my 8th grade dance isn’t until March. Like mid or late March. And you might be wondering to yourself, “Why is she talking about this if it isn’t until late March?”

I would love for you to go ask that question to EVERYONE IN MY GRADE AT MY SCHOOL.

When I got back from Canada, everyone has been talking about the dance. What dress, what shoes, who to go with, etc, and I’m here like, “The dance isn’t until two months (then,now it’s a few weeks away) away, calm down.” Even my friends who usually aren’t caught up in this kind of things were all into it. I just couldn’t relate, I was going to ride the wave and see how it ends up. Or at least I thought. My mother caught wind of this and now is consistently questioning what I was planning to do/need for the trip and such.

I’m not saying its wrong to be well-prepared ahead of time, no. I’m just saying I’m concerned because people are freaking out like either the world is ending or there’s only one hour before the buses leave for Savannah. Everyone is also scrambling for dates and I sit here wondering, “Why?”

But I highly doubt it matters what I think.

Speaking of which, I was flipping through the newspapers we had to review for Language Arts in January when someone tapped me on the back. I hardly looked up and turned around, “Yes?”

“Um, Delia, will you go to the dance with me?” This guy asked.

I could tell he wasn’t being serious by how he was laughing when I quickly looked over.

“No, thank you.” I said sing-songy while still flipped through the newspaper.

“D–n, rejected and didn’t care,” Poppy mentioned, “Respect.”

As for romance..

haha whats that

No but seriously my friends and I are single af. Except Buttercup..

Speaking of which, most of the guys have been asking her to the dance. She’s one of those popular girls who everyone likes but isn’t a jerk. Which is why she’s likable. Plus, she’s really pretty.

We as a group has declared almost every guy at school has had a Buttercup stage. A Buttercup stage is when you like Buttercup, sort of self-explanatory.

She is one of the reasons most girls give up on asking guys because guys typically go to Buttercup first before “the others”. -_-

It’s a real struggle.

it would be super awkward of me ask if arco’s had a buttercup stage

For the happenstance, it kind of isn’t happenstance but more of saying something exactly when I’m not paying attention. But happenstance rhymed and it was close enough.

Lately, particularly last Wednesday, Aria has been catching me off guard. I hear her nevertheless but it just “startles” me for a second. For example, that same Wednesday, I was working on Math homework intensely when she says, “Hey, Delia, how’s that love life going?”



Also, on the same Wednesday, we were working on a freedom collage about what freedom means to you for Language Arts on our laptops. We were just looking up freedom pictures when she started again.

“Hey, Delia?” She asked.

“Yeah?” I replied, squinting at a picture, trying to decipher what was in it.

“How come you and Arco fight all the time?”

“What? We don’t fight at all, it’s just me-” I was going to finish messing around but she interrupted me.

“How come you and Arco always argue?”

“Aria, what do you mean?” I was getting confused at what she was getting at.

“How come you and Arco hate each other?

“Aria, where are you getting this from? We don’t-”

“….Because he loves you.” She said lowly.

Carnation overheard, saw my face, and instantly started dying while cutting out a picture and the scissors just skidded across the desks.

“WHAT?!” I had turned more than 56 shades of red and was internally freaking out.

“Nothing.” She smiled sweetly.

“I hate you.” I said shakily while I grimaced over my blush.

“I love you too, Deals.” She said, continuing to assemble her collage.

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