The Freshman Meeting

I regret going to the Freshman meeting tonight. I really should not have gone but I didn’t want to leave my father to his own devices because something was bound to go wrong in that direction.

I started to feel really drained and tired in Social Studies after he gave us new assigned seats. Lily said I’d become pale but I thought nothing by it. By Spanish, my stomach started to ache and I felt not at peace with myself. I actually groaned once and then a girl looked at me.

“No, it was my stomach.” I explained.

“Are you okay?” She asked while opening her Spanish quiz.

“I’m fine, I’m fine.” I slouched in my seat.

Willow threw a suspecting glance my way; she knew I was lying.

Halfway sight-reading, “Final Countdown” for our Spring/Summer Pops Concert, I began to feel like I was dying. I could hardly focus on the rhythms, key signature, or notes because the pain was bothering me the most. When I asked Aria if she felt drained,she said she did too but it was because out all the pieces we sight-read, “Final Countdown” and “All Star”, we didn’t have the melodies once.

The day in the life of a viola.

When I got home, I felt as sick as back in like October where I was WAY too sick to go to school and I stayed home instead and even though I didn’t ask him to, he told Aria what happened at school so she could tell Mr. Canto and vouched for me in Adv.and Regular Orchestra and Spanish. Pretty sweet.

Anyways, I slightly threw up in my bathroom, so I took some Ibuprofen while drinking some tea. It was almost 5:30 now and I thought that my dad was probably go to the high school on his way back from work since I lived really close to the high school. He came home, however, and I had originally said that I couldn’t go because I felt bad. But then I thought about leaving my dad figure things out and I knew it wouldn’t end well. So I sighed and told my dad to wait up and let me go with him.

He asked if I was sure I could go and I waved it off and said to go. It takes like a minute or two to get to the high school from my house so the drive was quick. The parking lots were full and I mean fuller than they were at LGPE. So my dad just parked on the side of a lot.

Walking into the high school, there were students next to boxes with letter – letter signs. I thought I heard that they were for schedules, but I thought I may have heard wrong and asked directions to the gifted lecture. It was a VERY long walk to of going straight and only then did I realize how big my high school was. Once we got to the lecture hall, it was already extremely full and so some people were hanging by the doors, trying see and hear the teacher who was talking.

I couldn’t stand for long before I felt too weak and I sat at a couch instead while my dad stood by the door. While the lecture was still going on, there was an announcement over the intercom about the schedules. My dad was still listening to the lecture so I figured I could go get the schedule and then rush back. However, by the time I got back to the main building, got a schedule and began walking back, the lecture was over and people were pouring out and people were saying hi to me while I was trying to fight the strong current. Eventually I found my dad who said he was looking for it.

The schedule said we should go to Personal Fitness & Health first so we went to the Gym (which was BIG) and got a flyer, from what I could assume, a coach. The coach at the bottom making the lecture kind of looked strict. The lecture he gave only validated that. In a moment of losing attention, I looked to the other side of the gym and saw Arco with his mom.  I instantly decided that I HAD to take Personal Fitness and Health online over the summer. There was no way in heck I was going to take it at school and risking hurting myself or someone else with my extreme clumsiness and embarrass myself more than I usually do in front of him. I mean, if he doesn’t move to Colorado. Even if our schedules had Personal Fitness & Health flip-flopped, I just couldn’t do it. And it was actually happenstance that as I was thinking about that, the coach started to talk about the online registration starting at March 14th if you didn’t want to take it at school for the sake of privacy or other reasons.

The coach was cut short by the intercom announcing that we had to go to our next session, which for me was 9th Grade Lit & Comp Gifted. So we all migrated to the LA hallway and I slowly went into the Gifted room. My dad actually called me by my nick name for my middle name that most people call me at home when he asked where we should sit and I cringed as Lake and others looked at me. No one knew that name until now.

I took a seat in the second row, almost slouching. Arco walked in and also took a seat in the second row and then I internally began to get nervous but on the outside, I had a blank stare. It suddenly dawned on me that these groups were rotating were by last names which could explain why I was in a group with some of my friends which I wouldn’t be grouped with otherwise. I also realized that Arco was going to be in a 9th Grade Lit & Comp Gifted class. I think there are 2 teachers who teach this course so I was internally praying he’d be in a class with me. About 5 minutes into the session, he leaned over in his chair, smiled and waved at me. I tried to have a big smile but it turned out to be really small because of my stomach pain; I waved as enthusiastically as I could. There were some interesting books we’re going to read in this class like Great Expectations, and The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. I paled/blushed, it seemed like I was my normal shade, even more when the teacher said he was going into great detail and depth with Romeo and Juliet and may even do a class play to display how the play brings it more to life. Maybe I didn’t want a class with Arco or if I did, don’t do anything for the play.

The session ended and everyone began to migrate into the next session. I started feel like something was coming up. I looked at my dad and he whisper-suggested I should go to the bathroom across the hall. I started to rush then I threw up on my way to the bathroom. I couldn’t find a student one so I rushed into the faculty one instead. I hoped they wouldn’t be mad but I kept vomiting in the toilet. I heard the intercom about the next session and started to panic while I was washing my hands.

The assistant principal and this other guy looked at me in concern and said hope you feel better as I staggered out the bathroom. I told my dad that we should stick it out to the math one then leave because the math one was going to be the most important one.My dad ended up asking a lot of questions that I almost wanted to duck even though there were only two other families in the room.

When I got home, I threw up more and anything I tried to eat just came back out. It was really concerning and my dad was acting pretty awkward while I was being a zombie.

Float In The Cyber Space.


4 thoughts on “The Freshman Meeting

    1. Thanks, I’m alright now. 🙂
      I’ve planning to reading for a while but I could never find a copy available in any library, but thanks for the heads up. I’m really looking forward to it.

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