“Yeah, I’m Not Going Anywhere.”

Last night/this morning when I felt better from The Freshman Meeting, Arco and I began talking about our schedules, I think I got lucky.

“So I have Health, then 9th Grade Lit & Comp Gifted, Geometry, Gifted Biology, AP Human Geography, then whatever elective I get for first semester and then Personal Fitness next semester.” He had said after I asked what his schedule was.

“What electives did you go for?”

“Gifted Spanish II and Intermediate Orchestra, of course, but I’m still trying to figure the other three options.”


“So what’s your schedule?”

“I’m taking Health and Personal Fitness over the summer, so I have space for two other electives instead of one. I have 9th Grade Lit & Comp Gifted, AP Biology Gifted, Accelerated Precalculus Gifted, AP Human Geography and, hopefully, Gifted Spanish II and Intermediate Orchestra.”

“All the advanced top classes you can take as a freshman. I’m not surprised; You’re really smart.”

I slightly blushed, “Thanks. So it looks like we have 9th Grade Lit & Comp Gifted together (This was my thought, I didn’t say it: Oh, I hope we don’t do the play.) and AP Human Geography together. I mean if you’re around next school year.”

“What do you mean?” He asked.

I was instantly confused, “What do you mean, ‘What do you mean’?”

“Why did you say if I’m staying?”

“Central City, Colorado. Remember?”

“Did I not tell you?”

I broke into a panic, “Tell me what?”

“My mom had a fall out in Colorado.”



“I’m sorry, I just thought of Fall Out Boy from the words ‘Fall Out’ and had to say something.” I face-palmed myself and internally screamed, WHY DID I HAVE TO BE SO AWKWARD?????!!!!!!

“Oh, okay.”

“Are you being serious about the Colorado thing?”

“Yeah, I’m not going anywhere.”

Is it me or does it seem like if you slapped a darling, either the beginning and omit the ‘yeah’ or at the end, into that sentence, it would sound like it was in a southern based romance?

Either way, imagine a teenage human-giraffe girl with bags under her eyes from being sick and tired, jumping out of her bed and having a mini dance party right before her mother walks in from filling in for someone at work.

“Delia, what are you doing at 12…” she checked her watch, “:48 in the morning?”

“Um..” I tried to find an excuse,”I was stretching… vigorously.”


I told my mom what happened that night and she left. Later she returned with Sprite and Schweppes’s Ginger Ale and told me to drink them slowly.

 The suckish part is that as I learned Arco was staying this morning I found Carnation and Coast were going to the advanced Mathematics and Science school along with Chiuso. We all were mad because of the way we found out.

We were leaving to math class when Mr. Canto says to Carnation, “No wonder you’re getting into (insert school name here).”

We all gasped and then looked at Carnation.

“CARNATION?” Aria asked, mouth agape.

Carnation gritted stiffly, “Thanks, Mr. Canto.”

We all just looked at him on our way out, shaking our heads.

“Sorry.” H e says.

Chiuso started talking about how that was a cruel to find out about it.

“It’s not like this isn’t good, I mean congrats and all, but, AS SOON AS WE FIND OUT CHIUSO IS GONE,YOU LEAVE US TOO???” Aria exclaimed.

“Isn’t Coast leaving too?” Willow pipes over her lipstain application.

“Who cares about Coast, this is Carnation we’re talking about!”

As soon as she said that, Coast walked into Math and staggered and put his hand to his heart like he was offended.

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