Random Thoughts #21416

A.K.A. Random Thoughts: Valentine’s Day Edition!

I ought to have done this, but y’all found out more about my school life with the other posts, so yeah.

Single ladies, this is probably you.


Ugh, love.

Time to dissolve into a world of romance movies or binge-watch TV shows.

Can you take your Public Displays of Affection and make them more private? In more than one way, not only do we not want to see this occurring period, we also would not like to see any body parts flashed. Please, thank you.

Prepared to have an intimate time with my guys…. Ben & Jerry.

Aww, that’s cute.

Oh, how wonderful! Chocolates! that i bought myself

Time to evaluate celebrity couples and see how goals they are.

It’s not my fault I’m single, I’m just too awesome for people. not

Is anything on Valentine’s Day original anymore?

Wait, let’s think about those couples (because we know they exist) who date up until the day after Valentine’s Day so they aren’t lonely. Weak excuse to stay in a relationship.

Ships, ships, and more ships….With potato chips.

Valentine’s Day has a different meaning to single and people in a relationship.

We should have a singles party.

See, why have a real boyfriend when you can have a fictional one? Or more, how ever you want.

Butter Pecan or Cookies ‘N’ Cream?

Alright, how does My Candy Love work again?

What even is love?

Florists must make a fortune out of today.

Is it me or does the desperateness for people on online games get too real today?

I think I’d rather be happy with myself than miserable with someone else just for the sake of it.

This bed fort shows how self-reliant I am.

*scrolls through Instagram and only sees romantic posts* What is life?

The dance is getting too close for emotional comfort.

At some people are happy today.

Drowning myself in a pool of depressing love songs.

Time to get a discount on practically all necessities. Which are food.

Let’s which apps won’t remind me constantly of what day it is.

Valentine’s Day is just a way for businesses to make money of our emotions. They’re doing pretty well with their lives.

You know what, I am single and I’m proud. I’M SINGLE AND I’M PROUD.

Float In the Forever Alone Cyber Space!


5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts #21416

  1. Valentine’s Day is just an excuse for greeting card, candy, and teddy bear companies to get more business.
    And we shouldn’t just tell our loved ones we love them on one day…

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