It struck me couple days ago that I read a ton of books. What good are books if you don’t spread their goodness to other people so they can feel that goodness too?

So today I’ve started a Goodreads account so you can track me and my books that I read. Who knows? Maybe I’ll start doing book reviews here and not only for the Power Of 20 assignment.

You can check me out at PrimetimeMemories or the link:

I know it isn’t much as of now but I actually use Goodreads to find new books for my library, so you’ll be see more of me there after the Power Of 20.

I think you can make widget for your blogs with this; I’ll check it out.

But it is a nice tool to find new books from prior books.

Float In The Book-ish Cyber Space!


2 thoughts on “Goodreads

  1. Cool! I have a good reads account too, although I barely use it at all. And yeah, I usually forget a lot of the books I read, since I am a big reader. I added you as a friend! I’m Crystal.

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