The Library Before LGPE

Aria, Aster, and I decided to meet up at the library the morning before LGPE to work on this project. Aster knew everything about it and Aria and I were tagging along, trying to comprehend it all.

I ended upcoming in early by an hour  because I wanted to surround myself with books and the library’s environment before getting to work. I took the time to schedule more WordPress posts and go through my Reader while listening to 1989 and also getting some homework done.

Before I knew it, Aria was walking up the path with her black dress for LGPE and whispered, “I found you, book addict.”

“Hola, friend.” I waved and switched to my Word document for my LA Essay. I was personally wearing a black button-up blouse and black dress pants with black flats.

“So what are you doing right now?” She asked, settling into the opposite side of me of the booth and trying decide where to put her viola.

“Basically schoolwork so I can get out of the way of my month of continuous stress.”

“Same though.” She agreed.

We continue to make conversation like that until we began to wonder Aster was.

“So where is Aster?” I asked, sitting criss-crossed in the booth seat.

“She said that she’s sorry if she’slate because she lives further from the library than most people.”

“I’m going to do a round about of the library just to make sure she isn’t, like, hiding.”

“Alright, you do that, I’ll look more into this thing Aster wants us to help with.”

I made a sweep of the library practically everywhere but didn’t see anything but teens and adults working. 

“Wow, it’s like when you left, I lost connection but once you came back, it came back.” She pointed out, noting my re-arrival and my shake of my head towards Aster’s appearance.

“I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a library router in my breakfast this morning. Or was there…?” I joked.

She had a small laugh then looked out the window at our booth. There was a smaller road on this side and the library’s mailbox which we saw as the mailtruck stopped by. Torie then told me a story about how Willow, Lake, Shelf, and she hung out at the library. Well, before Shelf turned out to be an insane stalker after Aria but that’s a story for another day/post.

She was hanging with them at the library and they were all chilling even after a librarian told them they were too loud. That wasn’t a shocker. The skies didn’t look bad; It was summer and the air was thick. And so Willow and Shelf went out the back exit to get something for everyone from Waffle House. Then it was suddenly beating down, practically buckets of water, rain and they couldn’t open the back door. Of course Aria and Lake didn’t notice this until they were soaking for around 6 minutes. They both started laughing and Aria went out the front and went all the way around to get them come to the next reasonable entrance. Then she explained that the back exit never reopens from the outside and they locked the door. That did sound like a Willow thing; She’s always used to locking her doors.

We both laughed at the ridiculousness and continued to share little misadventure stories until Aster showed up.

“Hello, friends.”Aster greeted, setting her stuff down.

“Morning, boss,” Aria saluted, “What’s the agenda for today?”

“First, we go to this website.” She showed us the url on a slip of paper.

My laptop began to lag for mysterious reasons but Aria and I made an account on the website she wanted us to use.

“Team Firebirds?” Aster raised an eyebrow.

“Well, I didn’t have anything catchier, ” Aster explained, “And it’s related to what we’re doing.”

There were all these steps, Aster and Aria were breezing through them while I was sitting here with my computer lagging through the video instructions. I figured it was something about all the computers at the library being used plus ours on one network.

My dad actually came back to the library. I was typing then I looked up and saw my dad walking towards us in a robe but jeans and a t-shirt.. I didn’t get it. I meekly waved while Aster and Aria simply watched. Apparently,my mother gave me money so I didn’t starve. Thanks mom.

Anyways, I eventually caught up while Aria went to get a snack from the vending machine.

“So it says that we should throw ideas around.” I read.

“Yeah, you got anything right now?” Aster asked.

I was searching my brain when I heard a clatter as Aria actually hopped over Aster to get into her side of the booth with her bag of goldfish.

“Whoopsies,” She said, slightly sheepishly, “But the goldfish made it and I’m pretty sure that’s the best part, right?”

“AYYYY.” We whisper-shouted before continuing with our work.

“Ideas, we are coming up with,” Aria Yoda-ed, “What about an app?”

“Ooh that’s good, add it to the list.”Aster ushered.

They began throwing around ideas about the app while I did research on how long it took to make an app without a base because this had to be all us. I squinted at 18 weeks. We didn’t have 18 weeks.

“Hey guys?” I interrupted, “I hate to be that person but we don’t have 18 weeks.”

“What’s 18 weeks?”

“The average amount of time it takes to make an app.”

“Oh… Yeah, we don’t have 18 weeks.” Aster repeated.

“Maybe a website instead?” Aria suggested.

“Maybe even a blog?” Aster continued.

I tried my best not to make a reaction to the blog thing, “That sounds good.”

I began to hum the song ‘Dumb Ways To Die’ when it hit me.


“Ooh…. I want to try that.” Aria replied.

“Alright, alright. Dumb ways to burn, so many dumb ways to burn, dumb ways to buh-uh-uh, RNNNN. So many dumb ways to burn. Be safe around fires, a message The National Fire Protection Association.” I tried and they clapped.

“The song should play at the homepage.” Aster mentioned.

“Oh my gosh, yes.” Aria agreed.

“Let’s look at blog/website providers.” Aster started typing up.

I had my fingers crossed that WordPress wouldn’t appeal to them.

“Ooh, I like this.” Aria pointed.

“What?” I asked, rather quickly.

“It starts with a w.” Aster said, squinting at the screen.

I was panicking.

“W-w-wix? Wix?” Aria stuttered.

“Yeah.” Aster confirmed.

I let out a breath of relief as we looked at templates. Oh when there were templates that were actually desirable to all of us they cost money. I was getting hungrier and hungrier. So was Aster apparently, so Aria and I got up to get some food while Aster gave me a dollar to surprise her.

I probably should have mentioned it takes quite while for me to make decisions concerning food. I stood there staring at the vending machine when Aria interrupted my train of thought.

“You know, she likes Cheez-Its right? You should probably get those.”

“Oh, right.” I got Cheez-Its for Aster but, still felt like I could sit at that vending machines forever. Eventually, I picked out hot Cheeto Fries after swapping my dollar for a straighter one with Aria. She wanted a Crush soda, put in the money and waited. She began to think that it was brought down quietly so she stuck her hand in and RIGHT when she did, the soda came, quite loudly, tumbling down and nearly struck her hand. I’m pretty sure it scarred her for the rest of the day after the way her hand was shaking all the way back to the booth.

“Maybe we can go into coding it instead.” Aster came up when we returned and I tossed the Cheez-Its right her way.

After 5 minutes of me and Aster reminiscing trying coding on codecademy, we all squinted at Aster’s computer screen. None of us understood what it was asking and in about 2 minutes, I had come up with a simple solution. I just pressed, “I understand.”

“Wait, but we don’t!” Aria exclaimed while chortling.

“Exactly.” I nodded, trying to look as serous as possible.

Aster and Aria just started to laugh even more.

“You know our name sounds like a Pokemon.” Aria said.

“It does.” I agreed,while looking more into coding.

“I’m going to make a team Pokemon.” 

“You have fun with that.” I called before sticking a couple fries into my mouth.

“We also need a group email and if we’re going to make a video,  YouTube Channel.” Aster also mentioned.

“Okay, I’ll just be getting back into coding.” I responded.

It actually felt nice to go back to trying coding even if I was confused for the longest time. Aria ended up going through 6 Pokemon quizzes before she found that gave your own Pokemon. Along the way, all these quizzes had interesting with even more interesting answers that we would declare ourselves to. We ended up with a water type which was chill to all of us. However, Aster had difficulties finding a good profile picture of the YouTube Channel.

“Why is it so difficult to have a fitting profile picture? All of these are too small.” Aster complained.

“You’re kidding.” Aria said, looking over at the most recent one she tried.

“Nope.” Aster replied, beginning to scroll through more possible profile pictures.

“Stop, stop stop!” Aria said, when something caught her eye.

“What?” Aster asked.

“Let me take a pic for that real quick.” Aria leaned over with her phone and snapped a pic.

I went over to their side of the booth and started with the rest of them who were laughing it up about this one picture: A Rainbow Nazi Flag.

“What is this even supposed to represent?” I asked.

“Um, let’s see..” Aster thought, “Gay Nazis?”

“Or Gay Jewish Nazis.” Aria said, instead.

“But wait, didn’t-” I was going to mention how Jews and Nazi could never go together, when Aria interrupted me.

“That’s what makes it beautifully ironic.” Aria concluded.

We all snickered while continued to going back to business which gradually became being lazy and doing pretty nothing. We started asking each other random questions during the descent into laziness. For example: Aster asked us what our favorite crime dramas were. We both said Criminal Minds and nodded because we basically fan-girled over that show all day, every day. We began looking at more scholarship stuff and this website Aster goes on and as it turns out, YOU CAN GET SCHOLARSHIPS FOR PRACTICALLY ANYTHING. There was this one scholarship application program where you literally had to have top 10 mainly humorous reasons why you wanted the scholarship. THAT WAS IT. And to be honest, the entries were hilarious.

We were lounging around now, constantly getting up and being bored. Aria began to scroll through Hot Topic; Aster through Fashion Mia. I asked that they were shopping for and they responded, “Pretty much everything.”

I noticed how they were also looking for orchestra concert dresses and compared my own outfits to theirs. They were both wearing dresses compared to my blouse and dress pants. In fact, I think I’m the only 8th grade girl in Orchestra who wears dress pants instead of a skirt or dress..

Aria began to poke at the decorations hanging from the ceiling, particularly this curved surface with a shimmer net. Within the shimmer net, there were stars made from shimmery pipe-cleaners.

“Would they notice if I stole one of these?” She asked, inspecting the stars.

“Don’t do it.” I warned from looking up html things.

“It’s made from one, no two pipe-cleaners.” She noted.

Aster and I observed as well, but I told she could do it at home with all the pipe-cleaners she has hanging around.

“So all in all, we got nothing done.” I concluded while skimming some books on the Teen Fiction shelves.

“Hey, we didn’t get NOTHING done. We basically planned most things, we have a group Pokemon, YouTube channel, and Gmail. ” Aster defended, slightly laughing.

“Plus, we got started on our weekend/orchestra/dance shopping.” Aria included and she and Aster nodded.

I sighed after laughing along and messing around with some books while Aster texted her mother about being ready to go and Aria was off spinning about between the shelves.

We began to pack up after Aster said it was 12:50 and I mentioned the high school was about 10 minutes away because I practically lived next to it, and started to look for Aster’s mom in the library and mid-search my tablet went off with an extremely loud alert noise. I flipped it open and noticed I got a new message.

“Cale thinks we’re going to bomb out on LGPE.” I read while asking why before sticking it back into my laptop bag.

“Well, he might not be wrong.” Aria shrugged.

“We just have to hope for that unexpected talent like the Pre-LGPE  concert.” Aster noted.

We were just wandering in several places until Aster said her mom would meet her outside and that we should go. Aria and I grabbed our violas and we headed out.

We were just being idle for the most part, talking about our LGPE jitters. Until this familiar car drove up and when the driver rolled down their window, I felt relieved it was someone I knew but then I got suspicious of something when I noticed the rest of the car..

“Hiya, my wonderful daughters!” Daffodil’s mom greeted.

You see, that’s what I like about Daffodil’s mom. She treats her daughter’s friends like they’re her own daughters.

“Hey, mom!” We smiled.

“What are you doing here?” Daffodil smiled, trying to cover her suspicion that I could detect.

“Oh,” She pulled something out and flipping back and forth “I just needed to return this audiobook thing.”

We nodded with understanding.

“Aria, can you return this for me?

“No problem.” She lightly grasped it and walked towards the return, shooting a quick, sweeping glance at the car and me. I knew she was suspicious.

“Thanks.” Daffodil’s mom smiled. She drove in an U-turn and we waved to the way back.

Aria and I looked each other unimpressed. Aster glanced at us, “Is there something I’m missing here?”

Aria sighed and was about to say something when Aster’s mom and her brother came through the sliding doors.

“Hey guys, let’s go.” Aster’s mom said and we followed her walking to the car.

During following her, Aria made us hang back quite a bit.

“That b-tch.” She muttered.

“Aria, is that term necessary?” I tried to reason.

“What are you guys talking about?”

Aria stopped, “Daffodil skipped out on LGPE because of ‘family time’. But as you can obviously tell, Daffodil’s mom just drove up and the d-mn car was empty.”

“Maybe the family time was later?” I questioned.

“Nah, you know Daffodil’s mom. She would have been dressed up and ready to go even if it was hours away. She was in sweatpants and it’s only 9 minutes until LGPE.” Aria retorted while checking her phone.

“Well, I’m sure she has a reasonable explanation.” I responded confidently,as we continued to walk and Aria and I put our stuff in Aster’s mom’s car. (She really didn’t.)

“I’m probably going to speak a lot in the car ride.” Aria warned Aster’s mom.

“Oh, wow. Someone more talkative than Aster for change.” She joked as we packed into the car.

Aster’s brother was emptying water from his soup can while we were driving so he could eat it. Aster’s mom offered us a ton of things to eat to get out our jitters which ended up going to Astrer’s brother but Aster and I had tangerines while Aria said she wanted nothing.

Then we pulled up to the high school and I was more nervous than ever.

To be continued, my friends…

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