Kindness Is A Treasure

Hey, guys.

I’ve been in a rough patch in the week, especially with the whole Freshman meeting thing. By the way, thank you for your kind words, I’m feeling much better since then. If I’m honest, I’ve just been feeling kind of empty and lacking in energy for anything. Thursday was also pretty downing especially more towards the end of the day. We had an interesting discussion in Spanish: Aria, Daffodil, Buttercup, Daisy, and I. But that’s not my focus right now.

I couldn’t find the math notes from the previous day and instead of being teased, Machair actually let me use his notes instead. When I asked why, he said, “Well, it always seems like everyone’s always teasing each other because that’s just how we work because we’ve all known each other for at least 3 years now. And you’re always nice to me so what the h-ll?” I blinked as I copied the notes and did the classwork.

I dropped my books as my book bag ripped open down the stairs on the way to Spanish class. Venture helped me take them to Spanish on her way also to Spanish. We haven’t spoken much this year, but she said it was because I was nice to her when a lot of people made Mexican jokes towards her because she didn’t know English during 7th grade and I always told her (with translation) to ignore them because Mexico is pretty.

My brother snapped my C string in Orchestra. Without my C-string, I wouldn’t be able to do my Melodic, Harmonic, Natural Minor Playing Test that day. And I didn’t have more replacement strings because we had to use them all on Swamp’s constant damage to my viola. But instead of sitting here having to take my test in a morning, Aria gave me her replacement C-string.I hugged her and gave a million thank yous. She simply replied that since I was always nice to her even when she was insane and just a kind person in general, it was the least she could do.

It rained that afternoon and on my way to the buses, I got soaking wet even though I used my hard viola case to cover me. I had to wring out my blouse on the extremely loud ride home. Before I got off the bus, my bus driver offered me an umbrella I could borrow.I smiled but said no thanks and lifted my case instead.

The main moral here is that you really should be nice and kind to people as much as you can because you never know what they have up their sleeves and whether consciously or subconsciously people can and will pay you back. And even though I can be all, “I hate humans as a general public.” I try to be as nice to as I can because honestly I am about good vibes.

Also, I’m stressed because the field trip is actually 4 days from now and I haven’t shopped for a dance dress or packed anything period. 


Float In The Spreading Kindness Cyber Space.



5 thoughts on “Kindness Is A Treasure

  1. AWWW! So true! Kindness also does loads for us, i mean if u chose anger or sth youll most likely end up with a really crappy mood so KINDNESS AND HAPPINESS ALL AROUND! 🙂

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