This Isn’t Love

I wrote this poem in, I think, November. I forgot to date the poem but, due to to the tone, I can assume it was a November poem.

I’ve been told that this poem is depressing in a lot of ways. I think I’m a WAY bolder person in my poems than in actual life. I was inspired to write this poem after watching the #That’sNotLove videos.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about here are the links, the first one is the one that actually inspired but the second one I recently discovered.

But instead of this poem being about relationship abuse, my mindset was more towards verbal domestic abuse.

However, this poem can be up to interpretation as to what abuse this was. Share which abuse you thought it was in the comments below.

I know people with issues with this and looking into this so my mother could do a psychological study, it just really messed with me.

So without further ado…


Because you love me,
My creativity has turned as dull as an overworked crayon,
Thanks to you.

Because you love me,
You hand insults to me like clockwork.

Because you love me,
You treat me as if I have the knowledge and ability,
Of a newborn.

Because you love me,
Your “guidance” contains a handbook of 101 hateful terms.

Because you love me,
When I make an effort,
You never do.

Because you love me,
You threaten my heart,
And all who inhibit it.


But if that is love,
Why does it drag me down stronger than the forces of gravity?

If this is love,
Why does my body,
Stream with the rivers of eternal misery?

If this is love,
Why does it make my heart bleed,
Instead of making my heart feel,
Like it swells in joy?

Because your hand,
Shouldn’t fit like a glove,
Of over-whelming pain.

Your eyes,
Shouldn’t burn,
With a consistent fire,
Of hate.

Your mouth,
Shouldn’t be filled to the brim with bees,
Waiting to leave a stinging, numbing mark,
On my heart.

This is not care,
This is not hugs,
This isn’t kisses,
This isn’t love.


Would you guys want to hear more poems from me?

I have a lot and have no idea what to do with them.

Float In The Cyber Space.


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