Cliques At My School Tag

Thanks to sally duck  for tagging me in this tag!


  1. List AT LEAST 5 cliques from your school and the girls in it.
  2. Tag AT LEAST 5 people
  3. Thank your nominator

Just girls? Alright.

Just a heads-up, this will be brutally honest and have maybe slightly offensive labels.. It’s kind of what they call themselves with the opinion of myself/ the school. Let’s be honest, my school loves racist/political jokes and we insult each other all the time but it’s only chill because “no one takes it seriously.” Only explanation? We’re the south.


The Touchy Bisexuals/Lesbians:

Disclaimer: The terms used are not used as an insult towards anybody.

They kind of make other people uncomfortable. I can’t speak for everyone but why I feel comfortable isn’t about sexuality. It’s the fact that they like to touch people. A lot. It’s basically harassment and the thing is that they will blame on it on guys, trying to make them come off as pervs.

For example, in the hallways to Orchestra one day, I saw one of them lean over and squeeze Aria’s bottom.

“Who in the f–king world just touched my a–.” She gritted.

I was going to say what I saw but then she butted in, “Tern did it.” and walked away.

She slowly turned and began to huff and stomp into Tern’s direction. This wasn’t going to end well.

“TERN, WHAT THE ACTUAL f-.” She began to start with her long list obscenities while he looked at her confused and wide eyed.

“Just because you’re a fucking football player doesn’t mean you can just-“

I had to pull her back,”HEEL, HEEL. A girl did it blamed it on him.” I explained.

“Oh,” she relaxed, “Have a great day.” Aria smiled and waved.

I’m sorry, I mouthed as I pushed her to Orchestra.

“Is it still illegal for me to want to hack off all of that girl’s limbs?” She asked, grabbing her viola.

“Yes, it is.” I replied.

I’ve never had to experience this because a) none of them know me, b) I’m invisible, c) no values of attractiveness anywhere.

And they use their sexuality as an excuse for SO many things.

They get scolded/punished/anything else as a result of incorrect behavior: “This is discrimination! You are only punishing me because of my sexuality, isn’t it? Homophobe.”

Why people tell them to stop being touchy: “Oh, are you afraid of me because of my sexuality? Homophobe.”

There’s no more space at their of a lunch table: “Y’all are discriminating and don’t want people aren’t straight to stick together. Homophobes.”

These are not exaggerations. (They REALLY happened.)

The Multi-Linguals:

The Hipsters:

People who believe that they are SO diverse.

Now this group has SEVERAL sub-sections so I’m counting it as two. Such as:

The Flower Children

The “I Loved Anime First.”

The “The World Is Stupid.”

I could go on forever.

The Diverse:

Unlike The Hipsters, they actually are diverse and open.

Aka my group of friends.

And I think y’all know how we are.

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