The Blogger’s Story Tag

Hello, my lovelies, I am back in my dysfunctional abode after my field trip to Savannah two days ago. It was nice but I got practically no sleep and that’s why I didn’t even touch WordPress for like 3 days. But that is a big story for a post soon.

Thanks to Grace for tagging me in this tag!


  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Showcase the award picture
  • Answer the questions
  • Nominate 3+ bloggers and include a link to their blog

A little note here: This tag is awesome and I think it’s pretty great that infinitmagic made it! I hope none of you get irritated with me because most of y’all have heard my blogging story 20 million times.


1a) What is your blog’s name?

It used to be Artist’s Creativity… Any Type Of Art but now it’s An Eccentric Teen’s Point Of View.

1b) Why did you name it that? 

I used to be infatuated with the several arts when I was younger which explains the first name but then I felt it kind of didn’t fit anymore so my new blog name is exactly me. An Eccentric Teenage Girl.

How long have you been blogging?

Roughly 3-4 years.

How many followers do you have?

86, as of a couple days ago. (This is why I get so amazed with bloggers with numbers like 200 and such.)

Who was your first follower?

This really nice blogger who doesn’t blog anymore as far as I know named Juliet.

What got you into blogging?

Seeing my other friends from a site called Dork Diaries from the books start WordPresses made me want to too.

What is your favorite part about blogging?

Being able to reveal your feelings and ramblings and not having to pent it up inside.

If you could improve anything at all about WordPress/blogging, what would it be?

One, the fact that the layouts keep changing, more opportunities for non premium, and fixing the comment glitches especially this one that places some polldaddy link in a lot of comments in my notifications.

Why do you continue to blog?

Blogging is kind of therapeutic to me. It helps me vent and share my feelings so I don’t keep them all pent up. Plus, I’ve met all these lovely people that I can’t see myself leaving any time soon.

I nominate:







Float In The Historical Cyber Space!


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