Governor’s Mansion: The Rushed Morning

Also splitting this up into parts. I’m just going to take these two weeks finally finishing up these posts about school life.

That morning, I was all over the place. I had a Beta Club meeting I had to leave almost immediately after I got there but the only reasons I went as because a) I’m in a seat of authority and b) Willow forced me to as President so I could at least note the opening of the meeting and that she didn’t want to be alone since Daffodil was probably not going and Mound was always late. It was more of the second part of the second part. I woke up early to practice the Winter pieces,  ironed my black blouse and buttoned it up as I put on my black dress pants and flats. My hair was slightly curly but I decided it looked kind of nice so I lightly brushed it and left with my instrument, purse with money for Chick-Fil-A, music and bookbag towards school.

This meeting was the Winter meeting which meant we were going to basically doing nothing but eat doughnuts, drink juice and watch a movie. This is why I didn’t want to come in the first place because nothing productive would be happening. I helped set up the tables with doughnuts and such while keeping a watchful eye on the clock. I actually wanted to be set free at this point. Soon the meeting was motioned to begin and it was time.

“Arpeggio, let’s go.” I ushered as the seconds were ticking by because I had already rounded up Ginger and Lantana but Arpeggio was being slow.

“Wait, one second.” He said as he began to put everything back into his bookbag and finishing the sign-in. The part that irritated me was why he would take out everything from his bookbag if he knew we were only staying for 4 minutes.

“It’s not like we check it anyways, let’s go.You know they can’t afford to waste time waiting for us, now let’s get a move on.” I pressed, kind of confused as to why I felt so provoked so easily.

“Well, I guess we all know who can be a b–ch in the mornings.” Aria commented before I glared at her.

He was finally ready when it was time for the Meeting Minutes. Aka my job. I tried to make signals towards Willow to just go on without but she didn’t detect them. So imagine the embarrassment trying to readjust a zipper on a cello case when everyone turns to stare at you struggling, practically suffering trying fix a pesky zipper.

“What are you doing?” She mouthed, concerned.

“Leaving. Go on, I’m sorry.” I mouthed back apologetically and she sighed as she continued and Daffodil walked in.

We all rushed to Mrs. Anima’s room where there were already people waiting such as Bugloss, Cadenza, and Amaryllis.

“There you guys are!” Amaryllis greeted.

I smiled at her and  noticed bookbags in the back, deciding to place mine there as well. Cadenza’s mom hugged me and when I told Cadenza how chill I thought her mother was, she raised an eyebrow at me. More people began to come in and then I began to be concerned.

“Wasn’t Justice in the cafeteria?” I asked Ginger.

Ginger shrugged and then I made a tiny announcement.

“Alright, I think I might have left Isthmus in the Beta Club meeting by accident so I’m going to get him. Tell Mrs. Anima that’s where I am if she comes in and asks.” I noted.

“Ooh, can I come with?” Amaryllis asked.

“Same.” Cadenza said.

I was slightly surprised that anyone actually wanted to come with me for a quick check of the Beta Club but I let them come anyways. After peeking in the windows in a totally inconspicuous way, “Welp, he’s not in there.” Amaryllis deducted.

I nodded and then got frightened as I heard a voice, “Who’s not in there?”

Cadenza was equally startled, “Gee whiz, Isthmus, we were looking for you.”

“Oh.” He realized.

So we all trekked back to the orchestra room where there were more people in there including Mrs. Anima who had suggested we put our backpacks in her office instead so any 7th or 6th graders wouldn’t take anything from us which was a pretty smart idea. I smiled at the board when I saw what we all had wrote that Monday early evening after the rehearsal was done. Nothing too sentimental, just silly notes like: “Amaryllis’s the best. (written by Amaryllis but wrote Ginger’s name at the bottom)” or “Let’s blow the Governor’s Mansion away.” from Anemone only to be followed by, “If we blow the Governor’s Mansion away, where will he live?” from Ginger, “At the Lieutenant Governor’s Mansion?” from me, “Does the Lieutenant Governor even have a mansion?” from Arpeggio, “Who knows?” Amaryllis finished.

I was still looking for Arco but then passing the open cello and bass room, I saw someone sitting down. I slowly walked backwards, looked at him and smiled for 1.5 seconds before lightly knocking the side of the door.

He looked up and cracked a smile, “Hey there, weirdo.”

I think this is where it began.

Where what began?

When I began to feel… different. Not a bad different, I think it’s a good different.

I kind of got this, I can’t really explain it, heavy chill/heart stopping/blushing phenomenon going on when he smiled at me. That explanation doesn’t even feel like half of it.

“Hey.” I responded, kind of shakily after feeling that feeling.

“How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough to finally to register that it was you in here and not Ginger or Barchan.”  I joked and we shared a small laugh.

I sat down beside him staring ahead, almost quietly until I asked, “So what are you doing in here?”

“Just thinking.”

“Of what?”

“Life,” He paused, “You know I don’t ever remember signing up it.”

“Well, life’s like most things, our parents signed us up and we got no say.” I nodded.

“That’s an interesting way to put it.”

I turned to him, “I’m an interesting person.”

He looked at me, “That you are.”

We smiled and sat in silence, a nice silence, until something sunk in.

“We should probably resurface and be where the wild things are before Mrs. Anima begins to wonder where we are and then having to explain ourselves.” I suggested.

“Right.” He agreed.

Ginger was playing paddle ball, and everyone else looked bored as he began to pass it around.

“What’s happening?” I asked Cadenza.

“We’re still waiting on Chiuso and his mother.” She sighed, laying on two orchestra chairs.

“You’re kidding.” Arco said.

“Nope.” Barchan responded as he was beginning to start paddle ball.

Then the orchestra room door was opened dramatically as Chiuso wheezes, “I’m here.”

His mom walked in nonchalantly and said, “The truck’s ready.”

We shot up, happy that we were finally going. Barchan and Arpeggio were quickly rolling out the 12 stands we needed with the stand rack while the rest of us kind of hung back.

“I’m tired.” I muttered.


“I woke up at 5 to practice.”

“Why so early?”

“Well, a) I thought I needed last minute practice and b) I had to get for the Beta Club meeting and such and knew I had to be pretty punctual.”

“The only time I woke up that early was to catch a flight to California.”

“California.. California..” I repeated. For some reason I got stuck on the idea of California.

“Yeah,what about California?”

“Nothing, I just kind got fixated on it.”

“That reminds me; On the drive here, Lauren’s Katy Perry CD was in and all the way all you could hear is California Girls because it was stuck on repeat.” He groaned.

Ginger looked at Arco strangely as to ask, “Why?”

“Why didn’t your dad turn it off?” I asked

“Because he ended up singing along.”


“Well, at least it wasn’t Taylor Swift. Her name is the unspeakable in my house.”


“If you even say Taylor S-, you expect Lobelia begin screeching about how she loves Taylor Swift, sings like Taylor Swift, could look like Taylor Swift and sing several of her several songs over and over and over again. It drives us all insane. It’s not even like I hate Taylor Swift, I hate Lobelia talking about Taylor Swift.”

“Sounds like a struggle,” I noted as I opened the doors and looked at my watch, “Welp, see you in about an hour or so.”

“See you.” And he started towards Mrs. Anima’s car where she was keeping Arpeggio and Arco’s cellos for the ride.

As I was watching the other groups get ready, I noticed that Chiuso had tripped on the curb, rolled on the road and then got up kneeling and giving jazz hands. Even though we all wanted to laugh at the fail, we clapped while laughing because that was a pretty nice save. Then Amaryllis’s viola came tumbling down from Arco’s dad’s car and Arpeggio somehow caught it, which earned some applause. I guess we were all chilling in the parking lot, making sure nothing else would go wrong before go time.

I leaned against the car when Arpeggio asked, “So when do you plan on getting in?”

“God forbid!” I exclaimed, out of startlement.

The sitting took place like this: Cadenza was sitting in the front with her mom, Arpeggio was on the left, I was in the middle and Lantana was at the end. We ultimately decided this was not going to work and instead I switched places with Lantana. 

“I kind of feel like an elf.” Lantanamentioned sheepishly.

I could see where she was coming from: Arpeggio  and I were both pretty tall people, she was in the center and she’s… vertically challenged.

Crap, I thought,  I left my tablet in my bookbag which is in Duncan’s room. So I sighed, pulled out my 3DS and prepared for the ride towards the mansion.

Float In The Cyber Space.


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    1. Haha, yeah…
      Welp is kind of a word me and my friends made up after I messed up saying the word Well while talking. Welp means more of “Oh, well, that’s no matter.”

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