Pi Day 2016

National Pi Day is, like, one of my favorite holidays in existence. Call me a weirdo, a math nerd, WHATEVER, I just like me some never ending pie.

All the math teachers were wearing cool Pi shirts but of course Mrs. Calando had to be the only math teacher out on this legendary math holiday. So apparently we’re getting our Pi Day tomorrow.

And of course the lunch ladies forgot us give us on Pie Day unlike the years previous.

And here Willow and I were like: “Ah, ha, ha, ha GIVE ME A PIE, GIVE ME A PIE.” (in the tune of Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees [You’ll get it once once I tell you about Math Night. {ugh, so BEHIND IN BLOGGING!!!}])

You know, it’s thanks to the night that I can name more than 3.14 in Pi now.

I can only go: 3.14159265359 from my head before I lose it all.

Although, we needed Aria because of her wonderful “solo” and she wasn’t here either because she skipped school to see her sister (Never can remember which one) on her last day before she goes back to college.

Top Pi Shirts I want:

Image result for pi t shirts

(Math savage, right here guys. ^^^)


Float In The Mathematical Cyber Space of Pi!


16 thoughts on “Pi Day 2016

      1. That’s good, though! That’s a lot, my 4th grade math FOCUS teacher met a student my age at that time who could recited 90 numbers of Pi…

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