The Car Ride

Governor’s Mansion: Part 2


I honestly did want to take pictures but of course I’m an idiot and I bring the wrong device with me for the ride. Yay.

Leaving the school, we all just kind of sat in an awkward silence. We were like the 3rd to last car. Within this 5 minute silence, I tried to imagine what was happening in the other cars. There were three other cars other than Cadenza’s mom’s.

Not going to lie, I was a smidge (JUST A SMIDGE, I PROMISE [It’s not like I get jealous easily/often]) jealous that Amaryllis was with Arco but I shoved it away with analyzing the data with my predictions.

Chiuso was probably going into a tangent about something scientific or funny references to some TV show or movie while Ginger was probably regretting not going with someone else, Isthmus was hunched over because of how tall he was and Barchan was just going along with everything. As he usually does.  It was probably awkward in Arco’s dad’s car but then either Amaryllis started a conversation about YouTubers, Arco said something random, or his dad said something to embarrass him. It was highly improbable Anemone would actually say something because of her immense shyness around people she just met and she was probably listening to music. Bugloss was probably updating all of her social media. And then you know how it was in our car.

I busied myself with a game of Super Mario 3D Land, Cadenza was on her phone, Lantana was looking or trying to look out the windows and Arpeggio was fiddling with his thumbs. I noticed that Cadenza’s mom was reaching for the radio but then Cadenza said something about not wanting to be awkward so she didn’t.

Instead she asked, “So Arpeggio, how’s your parents?”

I could see Cadenza silently, yet vigorously face-palming. Lantana looked at me, raising both her eyebrows simultaneously twice at me to which I quietly snickered. Ever since 7th grade’s Spring concert and we found out about Cadenza’s and Arpeggio’s tradition that after EVERY concert to they went Panda Express (God knows, how that happened.) all of us have just been laughing it up even though they weren’t dating.

“Fine, thanks Cadenza’ mother” He replied.

I paused the game to make sure I heard what I just heard. Were those… manners?

“Just call me by my first name. And you and your sisters?”

“We’re all okay, ma’am.” He still responded.

I was over here like, “HOW WAS THIS HAPPENING?! WITCHCRAFT?!!

But I made no expressions, unpaused, and continued to race to find one of the stars. Dang it! I thought I thought but the way the others were looking at me, I guess I had said it out loud.

“Oops.” I said, meekly.

“You good?” Cadenza turned around to look at me since I was behind her.

“Yeah, just I can’t make it time for this dang level in Super Mario 3D Land.”

“Let me see.” Arpeggio out-stretched his hand.

“Um, okay.” I handed it to him. 

It really shouldn’t have been a stretch because our arms were long but somehow it was and I felt bad from Lantana being in the middle of us the whole ride once again. He completed it effortlessly and quickly and handed it back saying, “Here you go.”

“I’m just rusty, I haven’t touched this thing in about a year.” I gave my hand a casual wave.

 It was true. I had completed it before about a year or so ago until my mother made me give it to Swamp. Then Swamp decided he didn’t even want it so he gave it to my mother who gave it to me. However, Arpeggio looked up at me in that way that said, “Oh, did you REALLY.”

“Seriously.” I responded before getting back to it.

“Hey, you know Bight messaged us?” Cadenza asked and gave her phone to me.

“Really?” I was interested.

“So he wishes us good luck…” I read, “But me more… Because I’m going to need it more then you will??!”

Arpeggio snickered a little before saying, “Sorry.”

“Is he still-” I began to ask. (I was going to fully ask: “Is he still asking you out like every day?”)

“You know he just won’t stop.” She sighed in annoyance. I thought it was cute in an “I just might end up killing you if you don’t stop.” type way. But then that makes it sounds slightly gory.

“By the way, what’s up with your Kik name?” She asked as I handed her phone back.

Arpeggio and Lantana began to concur with Cadenza. I change my Kik name pretty often and they kind of tell a story through lyrics. Most of them have been Panic! At The Disco lyrics, including this one which was just simply “Nine In The Afternoon”. 

“Oh,” I grinned, “It’s a part of a lyric from my favorite Panic! At The Disco song called Nine In The Afternoon.”

All of them looked at me like what just came out of my mouth was utter nonsense.

“You guys don’t know Panic! At The Disco?”

“Nope.” Lantana replied.

“Never heard of them,” Arpeggio shrugged, “Can there even be a Nine in the afternoon?”

“That’s the point.” I retorted lightly.

“It sounds vaguely familiar…” Cadenza got lost in thought, “Wait, are they the um, um…”

She began to snap, “If you love me, let me goooooo… guys?”

“Yes.” I nodded.

Then everyone agreed that they knew that song, I simply sighed because it was a struggle. I shut my 3DS; I wasn’t in the mood anymore. Lantana began to show pictures of when her and her family going canoeing but most of them were hilarious pictures of her brothers failing.

“Wait, you have brothers?” Cadenza questioned.

“Yeah, two older ones. And then there’s me.” Gracie replied.

“I actually thought that they were twins for the longest time until I realized that one was older by like a year or so.” I laughed.

Dawn asked a group question, “If your parents didn’t name you what they named you, what would they have named you?”

“My mom said she would have called me Abigail or Elizabeth.” Lantana piped.

“Ooh, that sounds good.” Cadnza pointed out.

“I can see you being an Abigail.” Arpeggio concluded.

“I think you could be more of an Elizabeth.” I mentioned.

“Yeah, but there’s SO MANY of them at this school.” She noted.

“Plus Maria’s.” Cadenza said.

“And Ashley’s.”Arpeggio added.

“Well, my name is Cadenza. Well, you already know that, obviously. But I was named that because of my brother’s name. But if I wasn’t going to be named Cadenza, I would have been called Taylor.” Cadenza informed.

“You don’t look it.” Arpeggio said, tilting his head. Lantana and I agreed.

“How about you, Delia?” Cadenza’s mom asked and everyone seemed genuinely interested.

“Um, well..” I tried to recall what my mother had told me when we had to do a project about ourselves in first grade, “There isn’t many names left for me since I’m the girl with like 5,000 middle names.” I joked.

Everyone laughed.

“But if my first name wasn’t (blank), then it would have been Lassandra,” I shrugged, “But that name ended up going to my sister, and one of my middle names are Cassandra instead.”

Everyone seemed to be analyzing it still.

“I think it fits.” Cadeenza openly thought.

“I think it’s slightly bit prim for someone as awkward as you.” Arpeggio commented.

I glared at him.

“Probably a straight 3rd to (insert first name here).” Lantana said.

“So Arpeggio you’re the only one who hasn’t shared yours.” Cadenza mentioned while tapping away on her phone.

“Um, well,” He was kind of blushing, “If I wasn’t named Arpeggio, my name would be Toby.”

Cadenza repressed a big laugh and simply said,”Oh.”

“Yeah, nope.” I said while looking out the window.

“I can’t see you as a Toby, Arpeggio fits you so much better.” Lantana nodded.

“And if you weren’t named Arpeggio, then none of us would be able to call you-” Cadenza started.

This nickname that we all finished. 

“Well, all of my and my sisters’ names rhyme.” Arpeggio said, We all rhyme except my dad, but most people call him this nickname so I guess he kind of fits it,” He listed.

He showed us a picture of her. She looked like him a little, but Lantana made that comment before I did so I nodded instead.

“I wish I had a sister.” Cadenza and Lantana said.

I shook my head vigorously. I had two of the worst sisters in the world and 0/10 would not recommend, would not go through again.

“Do you have cousins or something that rhyme too?” Lantana inquired.

“Nah, my oldest sister broke it with my niece and nephew.” Arpeggio waved.

“You’re already an uncle?” I was slightly astonished and he nodded.

“What do they even call you? Arpeggio, Arp, Uncle Arpeggio, Uncle Arp, Cool Uncle Arp?” Cadenza also asked.

“No, just Arpeggio.”

“Ah.” She understood.

I think that question sparked a lot of more conversation in us. We started to talk about our favorite past songs, favorite crime shows to watch (Y’ALL ALREADY KNOW CRIMINAL MINDS ALL THE WAY)  and actually hummed/sang them on the way. You know how I said that we were close to the last cars leaving? Somehow we got ahead of them all or we did we…?

“Mom, I don’t see any of the other cars here.” Cadenza pointed out.

“Maybe we just got ahead of them.” Lantana shrugged.

“Yeah but they aren’t anywhere in sight.” Arpeggio looked backwards.

“Huh.” I simply slumped.

With the last 8 minutes in the ride, we tried to guess which of the fancy houses was the Mansion. For example:

“Ooh, is it that one?” Cadenza pointed to a big, white building.

“Cadenza, that’s a church.” Arpeggio corrected.

“Oh…” She realized.

There was this one odd road that took FOREVER to get through and as we all chewed on the gum provided by Cadenza, I noticed that we were becoming restless. Then I noticed the big white sided topped and sided and tan/reddish-brown bricked house with the beautiful fountain and flags.

“Guys, look it’s on the right!” I exclaimed and we all looked in awe.

We were finally there.

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