Current Tales Of Awkwardness

I was considering to use: Internal Panic, & Indirect Kisses, Among Other Things, but that seemed like a stretch and I didn’t want y’all to panic or something.

As much as I need to tell you about my past life, I decided to fill you in on my present life.

One thing, Mrs. Angelonia is moving to Maine this summer! ;-; She’s been my favorite teacher other than like ALL of them this year. We learned this on the Savannah Trip and we were super sad. So my friends and I are grouping together to make several going away gifts!

Our school got a salad bar at the beginning of this month and my friends love it SO MUCH. It’s so much better than the pre-arranged salads we usually got. My favorite salad is Spinach leaves with mushrooms, broccoli, banana peppers, carrots, and olives. 

Aria has an issue with biting things now. No one knows why… Also, she tried the tiniest bit of White-Out with a Starburst Jellybean in Science when I sat with her for an experiment. I probably should have stopped her, and I did try, but I was kind of curious too. Apparently, it tastes like chalk. And according to my science teacher, there’s Acetone in White-Out so technically she had fingernail polish remover with a jellybean. For the rest of the day, even the air tasted like White-Out and we were laughing the whole day through.

And so today, I was leaving scienceclass where we did an eggs-periment (haha I’m so not funny) with eggs, paper towel rolls, water, and pie tins to test inertia. I was walking out of his class while talking to Aria and on my way passing the doorway, the side of my face rammed right into someone else’s.

“Where’s your glasses, man?” My teacher asked.

“I left them at home, sorry by the way.” He said.

I nodded, said it was okay, and rubbed my face.

“Hey,” A girl teased, “Were you trying to get a kiss?”

And that’s when I ran into 3rd period.

“Hey, Deals, that’s closest thing to action you’ve gotten!” Aria congratulated.

“What do you mean?” Willow asked from our table.

After the re-explanation, they teased me as well. A Day In The Life.

Also, we’re not getting the current high school orchestra direct as our orchestra director next year! We’re getting someone Mrs. Anima used to know instead but he was SUPER CHILL AF when he visited us. Aster, Aria, and I noticed after Mrs. Anima’s email was accidentally on display. Aster actually legitimately asked for chips to keep our silence and after laughing really hard, she agreed. We weren’t going to say anything regardless, but hey, FREE CHIPS!

This girl came back to our school from 6th grade on Monday. We used to sit with her in 6th grade when we all had my 6th grade Social Studies class. But then she disappeared without a trace and then Poppy came along so in a way, she kind of replaced her? Oh my gosh, that’s horrible for me to even say. I noticed her yesterday at lunch while I walking through the lunch line, sitting at next to Arco. I thought I was seeing things, but I rubbed my glasses and realized I was not hallucinating. I wondered if I should say something but decided not to so I didn’t offend Poppy. That afternoon when Aria and I went Spanish for dismissal, Carnation told us that she was back.

“Yeah, I know I saw her when I was looking for…” I was about say Arco but he was legit right there and listening because it was a conversation between Carnation, Aria, Turaco, Arco and I so I replaced it with the salad bar.

“Looking for what?” Turaco asked.

“The salad bar. You know, I love me some salad.” I replied. 

“Smooth.” Aria and Carnation whispered and we three way high-fived.

“But isn’t the salad bar literally right next to the drink place every time?” Turaco questioned.

“Maybe they might have moved it for one day, you never know.” Aria weakly defended but I appreciated it.

“So go through the story of when Arco found out that she was his new stand partner:

Mrs. Anima was introducing her to the orchestra room and began to assign her a stand partner. She asked to Arco raise his hand and he did while he was more busy paying attention to his cello.

(“I was tired and bored, okay?” He defended.)

Anyways, so she made her way hop, skip, and jumping, legitimately, over to the cello side of the room and then she basically went, “HI!” very loudly.

(He began to shake his head into his hands.)

So he sharply turns around, wielding his bow like a sword, and yells, “AH!” out of surpri-i-ise!

Carnation was dying as she said surprise like the rest of us at this point.

“The way she said hi made think she was Impatiens.” He rubbed his neck out of embarrassment.

“Highlight of my day.” She finished.

“Wait, how do you know this?” Arco asked.

“I was rosining my bow right next you. You know. Where the rosin drawer is?” Carnation nodded.

“Let’s be honest, Impatiens would probably creep her fingers on your shoulders and be like, ‘Hi, ARCO DEAREST.'” Aria demonstrated on me and I nearly fell off the Spanish Table. XD

Oh, and speaking of which, let’s rewind two weeks before the field trip:

I was leaving Spanish that seemingly peacefully Tuesday when I confronted by Impatiens.

“So you think you can just do what you want, huh? Well, congrats. You messed with the wrong person.” She pushed and I staggered back into the classroom where Aria caught me.

“Got cha, friend.” She patted my shoulder and went to the line waiting to get into Spanish.

“Why is Impatiens on an angry rampage, what did YOU do?!” Aria stabbed at Arco’s chest.

“It was too stressful and was killing me inside. She was too much, gave me so many headaches and panicking.” He said lowly.

“What do you mean?” I asked, confused.

“I. Dumped. Impatiens. Last. Night,” He simply put, “It gave me too much pressure and stress and I was just done.” 

“YOU DID WHAT?” Aria screamed, and I was pulling her back and dragging her away as she wanted to kill him and waved bye. As much as she was probably planning murder, I was kind of proud from the standing up and being done.

“D-mn him. That S.O.B. actually did it.” Aria muttered as I let go of her and we walked into Orchestra.


“THERE IS GOING TO BE A H-LL HURRICANE, DO YOU NOT REALIZE THIS.” She shook me as it finally set in. 

And my viola was missing. It took forever to find it in one of the messed up cabinets that refuse open or close properly in the cello/bass room. With a note that said, “I’d watch myself carefully and back off if I were you.” I knew it had to be Impatiens.

“What did your brother do this time?” Swamp asked.

“Oh, no. Not Swamp. IMPATIENS.” I sighed as I sat down.

“Beware in March, my friend, BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH.” Aria warned.

Let’s fast forward to dismissal that same day. He casually walked into Orchestra during dismissal and Torie dragged him all the way over the bass stools where we usually hung out.

“What the f–k is wrong with you?” She asked, looking around and gritting her words.

“It’s completely fine, it’s all going to be okay and I’ve never felt less stressed in my life.” He replied and then he put his hand by his mouth and whispered towards me, “I’m f–king scared.” (When did love become so violent?{If you get that, I adore you.})

Aria got a call, “Hello?”and after that followed Poppy yelling about Impatiens glaring at her while sharpening her scissors. Arco’s eyes grew wide.

“Congrats, everyone. We are all targets now.” She thumbed up and then ran herself into the wall several times.

“I thought she wasn’t scared of Impatiens.” Arcv=o recalled.

“She’s not. She doesn’t want to be the protective one and having to defend us EVERY SINGLE TIME and deal with her insanity.” I explained as we continued to watch run herself into the wall more and more until Arpeggio stopped her.

I’ve been very cautious since.

(This color looks like Grape Nerds… XD)

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6 thoughts on “Current Tales Of Awkwardness

      1. oh my god, kale is the most majestic vegetable EVER, GO AND EAT SOME. its like on avacados level so U GET THE IDEA ASJN

    1. I know right? XD
      You see, the problem is that:
      I’m a huge idiot and threw immediately along with a lot of other Lizzy crap into my honorary sister’s shredder when I went over that day and she legit emptied that evening because we shredded A TON OF THINGS and never considered using anything of evidence and now it’s far too late. .-.

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