St. Patrick’s Day 2016

Top of the morning, y’all! Well, actually it’s more like Top of Nine(In The Afternoon) o’clock and it’s nearing the 18th. But regardless, HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!

I bet Patrick is feeling pretty blessed.



Today gave me an excuse to finally wear these mint green Keds I’ve had forever and never known how to wear it. That being said, I own practically nothing green except for those shoes, so it took me forever to pick out my outfit and consult several references. I ended up wearing a white blouse, light blue pants and those Keds. Artemisia warned me that no one will look down and pinch me thinking I wasn’t wearing green. I was going to the wrong day with her being wrong until dismissal when River accidentally pinched me. I knew I was going to get an I-told-you-so. Even though she was wearing a green highlighter hanging from her jacket.A lot of people didn’t actually care this year and when Coast was asked why he wasn’t wearing green, he said gray was a complementary color. .-.

Torie refused to wear green today because it was Ridge’s birthday. Aka her stalker and refused to have anything to do with the celebration of it. 

Mrs. Angelonia’s is Irish and before her week-long absence so far, she told us about how Irish also used to be slaves way back then, not as long as African Americans but were still treated as worthless. The board in Language Arts read “Erin Go Bragh” which after looking it up found out it meant “Ireland Forever.”

For the Spring concert, since we’re playing the song, “Final Countdown” by Europe (IT’S THE FI-NAL COUNT-DOWN D-DUN, DUN, DUNNN, D-DUN, DUN, DUN, DUNNN) Mrs. Anima brought her electric five-string in today. Problem was the cord had gone mysteriously missing and she can’t find it as now. All the violas want it because one of us might actually get to play it since Mrs. Anima can’t play herself: She’d be conducting. Aria especially wants it even though she knows that Amaryllia might end up being the top candidate. She insists, however, that Amaryllis doesn’t have the personality to play anything electric. I know I might be super clumsy and do something wrong so I kind of don’t want it.


15 minutes later, when Aria and I were studying for the Science test tomorrow, Arco scared me from behind and this happened:

“WHAT THE- Oh my gosh, I’M EXTREMELY TICKLISH!” I roared in laughter as I began to register what was happening while Aria was rather staring us with her Science binder than doing anything. That’s friendship goals right there.

“And that is my revenge for last year.” He declared.

I love how Mr. Firth doesn’t notice any crap during/after Spanish 8B.

“What happened last year?” Aria asked, looking bewildered while smiling.

“In homeroom, I practically attacked him for not wearing green until I noticed the shirt under his hoodie. And his bracelet. Oops.”

In return, she sarcastically clapped, “You are just amazing, you know that? Getting yourself into these things.”

Would you look at that, it’s like 10 now.

Float In The Greenie Cyber Space.


8 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day 2016

    1. Oh, sorry.
      Yeah, I’m sure. In fact, Torie noticed I was looking at that person and explained that they had been feeling depressed and began cutting like a week ago, just 2 minutes ago so that question not even relevant anymore. It has stressed me out majorly now. Probably should omit it though because it might trigger someone.

      1. It really is and to be frank, ever since this month has started things have been going downhill for a lot of people. I’m trying to reach out them but for all I know they could be sleeping, it’s like 10:35pm.

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