Random Haiku

Lantana gave this random haiku a while back:

Haikus are maybe,

Sometimes very random,


That’s kind of funny right there and it kind of cheered me up on the bus when I kind of down on the way home. I wish she still rode my bus.

(Note: I didn’t remember that is haiku was missing a syllable until it was brought my attention by mangos, oops. I think it was supposed to be “Sometimes are random…”not “Sometimes random…” :p )

Here’s a random one of mine from 7th grade:


What an odd name for a thing,

Something that is mine.

Anyways, this was for anyone who just needed something silly to cheer them up during a downing or long day. 🙂

Gosh, I’m worn out from today and this is PRETTY short by my post standards.

Just hanging on until Spring Break and I get A WELL-DESERVED BREAK.

From drama and school in general.

Can’t we all just get along? There’s only like TWO MONTHS LEFT. And to be honest, this school year ran right under me.

Float In The Cyber Space!



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