Hey, My Comrades.

Hey guys.

So I finally got space and time to write something and I just needed to let you guys know I’m still alive. I probably need to explain my absence though.

On Saturday – Tuesday, I had no internet due to some wiring issues in my house. Also on Monday, something happened to the school where my mother goes/helps out sometimes. I can’t say even say a small summary of what happened because it’s all over in Georgia news and a simple search could reveal a lot of private information… so yeah. Luckily, my mother wasn’t in school, but one of her friends got injured so we helped her make a thing basket of good wishes. Wednesday, I was heavily studying for the rest of the midterms this week. Plus, I’m kind of trying to help a friend of mine who’s going through a really tough time and I’ve been trying to be there for them.

I could not stop thinking about y’all and this blog. So I will be on again, which feels pretty good.

Plus, Aria’s going around with bunny ears (which the school doesn’t care about, but cares about a baseball cap?) and giving jellybeans around. She’s really into Easter, and has a GIGANTIC stash of jellybeans. Like it is SUPER BIG.

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10 thoughts on “Hey, My Comrades.

    1. Oh, this is just a little compared to the hurricane that will be April. April will be a stress tornado. Yeah, it is, I just don’t want to leave this blog hanging though and it’s kind of my stress outlet.

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