“This Is Legitimate Proof He Doesn’t Know Who I Am.”

So yesterday I finally presented my Spanish project about Mi Rutina Diaria or My Daily Routine. So you can get a sense of how many people didn’t do too well: Some people said “Diaria”, Diarrhea. It’s pronounced Di-Ah-Ri-Ah.

I was kind of avoiding it because I’m very bad at presenting because of my stage fright. Not as bad as Lily though and the day before was painful. She was presenting but she sounded like she was going to cry and was quieter than usual. Wilow, Aria, and I were legitimately about to cry FOR HER. It was so sad. She ended up getting a 98 though. As for my presentation, I stuttered a lot and had a couple spasms yet still got a 100.

In fact, Aria also presented the same day I did. On the reflexive form of Ir (to go) and Volver (to return) from school of her presentation, she had pictures of her on the bus with Arco and Turaco in the background because they sit in the seat or so behind her. While she was talking about the present, past, and present tense, I guess I was staring because Willow snapped her fingers in my face and told me I was paying attention to the wrong thing at the wrong time.

“Oh and by the way, don’t tell…” Aria began to snap because she couldn’t remember.

“Arco & Turaco.” Willow and I hissed.

“Right, Arco and Turaco. Don’t tell them they were in my photos.” She told Mr. Firth.

So imagine me walking into Spanish after the dismissal bell and Carnation telling me, “So I heard about you and your photos of Arco.”

“What in the-” I thought I heard her wrong but lost my focus as Landen picked up a tiny feminine shirt (which happened to be Willow’s) and asked if it looks lovely, “Beautiful, Tern, beautiful.”

Today at lunch, over a chill game of BS, we were discussing how our Spanish projects went. And once again Carnation had mentioned how had had pictures of Arco in my presentation. However, this time I know I didn’t mishear her and nearly choked on a banana pepper while hiccuping. Willow was dying, Daffodil and Poppy were confused while Poppy put down a four and Aria was like, “What is even happening.”

“That wasn’t me with those pictures, it was Aria!” I defended.

“What?” She asked while texting someone.

“You had pictures of Arco and Turaco in your presentation.” I explained.

“Yeah and?”

“Mr. Firth said it was me with those pictures.”

And she began to began to die of laughter  s well.

“How wonderful. This is legitimate proof he doesn’t know who I am.” I said with a fed-up face.

Aria nodded as she continued to laugh and the bunny ears on her head almost fell off.

“In fact, Mr. Firth thinks something’s going on between you and Arco.” Carnation continued, flicking something off her card.

Aria and Willow began to run out of breath, laughing. I turned red and had a sip of milk. Then it tasted somewhat rotten and I began to spit it into a napkin.

School lunches. Always there for you. 

Even my Spanish teacher has an opinion about my love life.

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