The Uno Master

Continuing on with tales of yesterday, we also talked about playing more card games.

“Mr. Firth’s daughter’s pretty good at Uno.” Carnation said while putting down two Aces.

“Really?” I said, intrigued.

“Yep. She’s beaten me, Arch, Turaco, and Arco several times.”

“Hmm.. Just might go against her during dismissal today.”

Poppy was confused and Carnation explained how after 4 pm, Uno becomes a very serious game.

After taking the SS Interim(midterms), which I did pretty well on (92.6) but no one got a 100. I kind of didn’t want to go Spanish considering that people were still presenting and it was kind of boring. I actually wanted to be like Juniper and do what he did yesterday because he finished presenting and Mr. Firth let him stay in Orchestra nothing was actually happening in there. I decided not to, though. Which was kind of ideal because after one girl finished, we had 20 minutes left and Mr. Firth legitimately let us go outside or do whatever. However, he wasn’t in the actual Spanish room and then things got…. interesting.

Some girls were braiding each others hair, Amaryllis was reading fanfics on Wattpad, then you have people from FBLA and Art wandering in out and Aria, Willow and Tombolo messing around with the clothes from the clothes project months ago. I actually told Willow about Tern trying on her shirt and she was like “WTH.” when Tern walked in, helped out with FBLA.

I was also wandering between the inside and the outside. And when I walked back, I heard someone say my name.

“Yeah?” I responded.

Tombolo then winked and shook his head like in one of those over-dramatic perfume commercials.

My first instinct was to run and hide, to be honest.

“I don’t even know how to react to that. That was pretty strange of you.” I said, feeling slightly afraid.

“Nah, I dared him too.” Aria explained.

And that was basically the rest of Spanish messing around with our clothes until the bell rang. Orchestra was pretty chill, we played Kahoot games after playing Remote Control for our playing test on Wednesday.

When Aria and I came in (or more like hopping/skipped in, she did that just to keep up with the Easter spirit.) into Spanish, I had passed by the front table where Carnation, Arch, and Mr. Firth’s daughter were playing some Uno. For the 16th time today, Bight had called Aria an Easter Bear.

“Well, Aria’s an Easter bear.” Turaco accepted.

“Supposedly sweet, but incredibly growly all the time.” Arco called where he was standing by a table.

“Come on guys, she’s an Easter GUMMY bear.” Some guy tried to reason.

“Alright, so a punch in the face for you, you and you.” She pointed.

“Hey, I called you a GUMMY bear.” He pointed out.

“Still a variant of a bear.” She said plainly.

“Why doesn’t anything happen to him?” Arco asked, flipping a page the book he was looking at.

“Because I never do or say anything.” He said as he looked at the ceiling.

“He’s not wrong.” Aria agreed.

“So what’s this book you’re looking at?”I asked, walked over to the same table Arco was at.

“Oh, This book on The Legend Of Zelda.” He replied.


“You know what that is right?”

“Yeah, she’s seen me with a bunch of Zelda stuff.” Aria commented while folding some of the clothes from earlier.

“I don’t know THAT much about it though.” I continued.

“You know a ton of things. But video games aren’t your forte.”

“Yeah, video games aren’t typically in my domain. The closest things I’ve ever played to a video game is like Plants vs Zombies, the second one and Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare. I think the latter is the only actual video game. But I have played Four Swords.” I brought up.

“It’s not as good as the other ones, though.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard around. So maybe you’d like to enlighten me on some of these things.” I said nonchalant.

“Well, you see this guy?”

“Yeah, he kind of reminds me of a miser but a sweet, sad old miser even though misers are hoarders of wealth who are old and miserable.”

“Well then, see here.” He pointed.

I quickly read the captions, “Wow, 2.0.. Who’s that?” I asked, pointing.

“And then she’s… well, she’s kind of a s—.”

“Thought as much with the… outfit.”

“These are Light Spirits, now I actually haven’t encountered them because I haven’t played Twilight Princess…” He began.

I kept listening and I really was but then I began to stare and smile at him rather than the book as he was talking because this genuinely interested him and it made me happy that he was happy and… yeah.(Please stop talking, self.)

“You don’t know real suffering until you play Skyward Swords with a low connection.” He had said, while flipping another page.

He looked at me with a smile of confusion/amusement, “Delia, are you okay?”

And there was that feeling again. The one that I can’t explain precisely but it’s like where my heart like stops, but it’s like a chill of happiness too.

“Oh, just a little shred of paper on your sleeve,” I lied and gently “flicked it off”, “There you go. By the way, what’s up with the red, white, and blue… with sparkles?”

“It’s Lobelia’s lanyard with the house key. After she ‘accidentally lost’ mine in a lake when I let her borrow it and she locked me out of the house in the rain so I had to go Turaco’s house until my mother came home, they gave me her key.”

“I wonder why Aria actually likes your sister.”

“You and me, both.”

Carnation began searching for me, “Alright, where is Delia? Let’s do this.”

“We’ll talk later, kay?” I said, patting his shoulder.


Carnation began to deal the cards and Aria joined Arch, Carnation, Mr. Firth’s daughter, and I. I actually thought it would be an easy game until everytime I had Uno had to end up drawing a card. I was dying in this game,and when Aria first place, we all realized we didn’t call her lack of saying Uno out.

“Well, I guess we saw who proved themselves to be the Uno Master.” I said while placing a reverse.

“We are idiots.” Arch sighed.

Eventually Mr. Firth’s daughter won second place and I won third as soon as my bus was called. Aria’s bus was called as well and as we were going up the stairs, a familiar person was on the stairs.

“Wait, I know you,” Aria stopped, “You’re that guy from LAST YEAR! Right?” She exclaimed.

“Yeah, I totally remember you, how you been?” Turaco asked.

He looked at us like we were the most insane people around yet he still nodded and said he was fine and when down the stairs.

“What was his name again?” Aria asked we were reaching our buses.

“I don’t remember…..” Arco said.

“Yeah, probably,” I agreed, “Bye, you guys.”

And for the 6th time this year, I had fell into my bus seat when the bus started moving before I sat down.

Float In The Cyber Space.


5 thoughts on “The Uno Master

  1. I so wish I could play UNO with her, cause 98% of the time when I play I win and I want to see if she could beat me.

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