“What An Interesting Place.”

Governor’s Mansion: Part Three


So Cadenza’s mom accidentally pulled into the back gate instead of the front. We all dove into a big chatter about how we thought what the others had done in their cars in which I shared my guesses as well. Getting near the front gate, Cadenza’s mom began to call Mrs. Anima while we sat quietly. Apparently, we were the first ones there, (like we had thought), somewhat early, and that the other cars would need about 10-15 minutes to meet us there. 

Upon getting entry through the gates which had a sign about weapons as Cadenza pointed out, we also noticed two police officers with GIANT German Shepards who were intensely yet swiftly sniffing around every single car as the officers questioned the drivers. Cadenza was noticeably getting nervous.

“You don’t think the dogs will smell our instruments and think that they’re weapons, do you?” Cadenza asked.

“Nah, they have to have been precisely trained or why would they be put into service?” Arpeggio reasoned.

I opened the poem book I was reading from (This was not a magical book, I had forgot to mention that I brought and read from it in the Last post in the series) previously.

“Delia, did you seriously bring a book with you?” Arpeggio teased.

“Oh, she did not,” Cadenza whipped around, “Give me the book.”

“What’s wrong with a book?” I nestled my book close to my chest.

“You bring books everywhere.” She stressed and tried to gingerly pry it from my hands.

“Books give me a sense of protection.” I clutched it tighter.

“Don’t you want to do some other than read all day?” She asked while she tried to grab it.

“I am, we’re going to play our instruments at the governor’s mansion.” I pulled towards me.

“That’s still reading, it’s just reading music and notes rather than words.” She pulled towards her.

One of the officers was starting to walk our ways so in a panic, I let go of the book so I didn’t look suspicious and waved an awkward wave.

“Ah-ha! Wait, Love Poems For Real Life?” Cadenza asked and I got red.

“I just like reading and writing poems.” I shrugged.

She looked Arpeggio waiting until he looked out the.window and mouthed while cracking up, For Arco?

Lantana spotted it and was going to laugh but covered her mouth as if to be like,”Oh. No.”

I put my hands over my face and shook no once while wanting to face-palm so hard. I knew I should brought Ninth Ward instead. Is there a shade deeper than crimson because that was what I was this point. Cadenza’s mom actually asked me if it was too hot in the car or if I was having a allergic reaction and Arpeggio looked confused when Cadenza was dying and I was staring intensely at the shrubs.

She opened the book and flipped a few pages,”You, my friend, are not getting this back until Chick-Fil-A.”


“You need to experience things. Not just read about them.” She commanded.

I sighed as Cadenza’s mom verified who we were and the dogs smelled the car. They hung around me and Cadenza’s side a bit long that Cadenza began to fear that they thought we had weapons but the officer said to go ahead and park near the front.

The fountain was breath-taking. It was a very nice day in a Georgia’s December: The sun was shining brightly, and the flowers and grass were vivid. Lantana and Cadenza were taking pictures for me while I hung around the fountain. There was still like 4 minutes until the rest would arrive so I went wandering, looking at things.

However, 4 minutes went quicker than I thought and sooner or later, our time of chilling was cut short by the arrival of four other cars. Arpeggio went off to Mrs. Anima’s car to get his cello and Cadenza and I opened her mom’s trunk where her and Lantana’s violins and my viola lay. Gripping my viola, I quickly joined everyone who was standing on the stairs.

“Hey, everyone.” I greeted while hopping up the stairs, trying readjust one of my pant leg.

The First Lady of Georgia or Mrs. Deal greeted us kindly with someone with her as we walked in. However, she used the wrong school name for us but I suppose everyone was too nice or just didn’t want to correct her. Well, until Mrs. Anima corrected her while being kind of red. The First Lady of Georgia then called after us apologizing and announcing our arrival as the right school group. It made me feel important to be honest. Not that this wasn’t already important; We were the only group of 8th graders that will go on behalf of my school (oops, almost put my school name) for the next three years.

As we were walking to the instrument drop-off, we all gaped at the bathroom. The door was left open but you could see the whole thing.

“Are you kidding? A bathroom with a beautiful view of the garden from a bay window?” Bugloss said, shocked as she began to take a quick pic.

Couldn’t blame her, it was very aesthetically pleasing.

“This bathroom is large than my room!” Chiuso exclaimed and we all laughed as we entered our instrument drop-off.

I let out a huge gasp where I saw the room.

“Oh no.” Cadenza muttered.

It was a small library with bookshelves up to the high ceilings. The atmosphere was so.. homey, I loved it. There was also a glistening chandelier and a cart with a dust cover on it. The room had three paintings, one by the left wall, one on the right and one on the side of one of the bookshelves.

“So many books in one place.” I smiled, as I set my viola down.

“You’re not going to keel over, are you?” Arco asked, jokingly concerned.

I flew my hands to my collarbone, let out a huge gasp, and gave a shrugged maybe. Isthmus asked about the painting on the right side of the room to which I replied it was President Andrew Jackson. But then Chiuso wanted to question me and say it was Zachary Taylor. Have you ever known that irritation when you know the answer to something and you KNOW it like in it is engraved in your head and then someone wanted to be like “Nope, you’re wrong.”? This was me literally trying not to hurt Chiuso. But you know, I let it go. Next, Ginger asked who was in the picture to left. I answered Grover Cleveland, Chiuso answered William Taft.

“Nah, Deals was right on both.” Arco concluded after looking it up on his phone. 

I suppressed a Kermit sipping tea face. Here’s a lesson: Never try and fight me with portraits of U.S. Presidents.

Once we left the room, we began our walking tour. We passed the dining room, the kitchen, main room where there was a bust of a man before the room where the chambers performed.

“Nice that they have a bust of Benjamin Franklin.” I pointed out.

Lantana nodded along as she concurred, saying, “What an interesting place.”

Then Chiuso wanted to say that it was a bust of the man my county named after. Of course, he was proven wrong by a tour guide, but it still felt good to be right. There was another school chamber playing nice Christmas tunes when we walked into the chamber and also where there were Christmas trees with book pages open describing those Christmases of the First Families since the beginning of the governor position in Georgia, I believe. Cadenza was taking a lot pictures on her phone and recording a bunch. However, I quickly began notice that someone had disappeared while I was talking about the bust.

“Guys, where’s Arco?” I asked.

“I thought he was up there with his dad..” Amaryllis mentioned.

“Nope, checked.” I dismissed.

He didn’t seem to around anywhere for the rest of like the 7 minutes in the tour. Even if he was around, he wouldn’t be around his dad given his clear disdain for him. I tried to relax myself, I really did, and tried to force all my energy into my fascination of the Deal’s Christmas Tree. But as forementioned, the tour came to an end and we went back to the instrument drop-off. It was time to get our performance on and he was nowhere to seen.

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2 thoughts on ““What An Interesting Place.”

  1. December weather like that?! Man, it’s pouring freezing rain here and you’ve got amazing weather. ;-;
    LOL, I don’t know how people can blush like that so badly. XD I only get red in the face when I do lots of exercising.
    But where did Cale go? 😕

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