The Simplicity Of Running “Errands”

Governor’s Mansion: Part 4


I was growing incredibly fidgety in the instrument drop-off room. Tapping my toes rapidly, asking people questions about the performance (including Amaryllis about whose music we use), anything really to distract myself. Even Cleveland and Jackson seemed to peering at me instead being in their paintings.

“Okay, you’re more jittery than a june-bug.” Cadenza stopped my jackrabbit-like foot.

“I’m sorry, I’m just nervous.” I apologized.

“He’s fine, he’s not an idiot. Well, not that much of an idiot.” She reassured.

“You wouldn’t happen to talking about Arco, are you?” Arpeggio asked.

“I don’t know, Arpeggio. Out of all of us, who has been missing  for more than 5 minutes?” Irritation was already evident in my voice.

“Oh, I sent him to get our stuff.” Arpeggio said, picking at something on his fingers.

“What stuff could you need other than your instrument and the music?” Lantana wondered.

“Rock stops, rosin, tuners, mutes, cleaning cloths..” He listed.

“We don’t even need our mutes, and Mrs. Anima can tune, there’s only 12 of us, not 48.” I tried to lightly put but bitterness was radiating off of me.

“We’re not playing long enough to need cleaning cloths, are we?”  Isthmus inquired.

“No, Isthmus, we’re not.” I assured, turning to properly close a lock on my viola and it was only 1 minute before this happened:

“Okay, so I’ve got the rock stops and some rosin,” Mrs. Anima mentioned, reaching in her bag and displaying the items, “Let’s head out.”

“I honestly did not know that Mrs. Anima had the rock stops the whole time.” He held up his hands in innocence.

I narrowed my eyes at him the whole way to the chamber area where Ginger, Bugloss, and Anemone already set us up. We were all checking our music and I made sure that Bugloss was good since she was the only viola in the back.

Mrs. Anima was about to start with Winter Wonderland but then her eyes flickered to an empty chair right by me, “Where is my second cello?”

“Yes, Arpeggio, where is said person?” I asked, sweetly.

“Well, you see, he’s actually-” He began to explain but was interrupted.

“Right here, I’m right here.” Arco walked in, holding up his music folder as if it was a long worked for trophy.

He set down the music on the stand and looked as if he wanted to say something else but shut his mouth instead and waited for Mrs. Anima conducting while quickly tuning… without a tuner.

I would say we did pretty well playing all the songs: Winter Wonderland, Eine Kleine Bell Musik (A mix of Jingle Bells and Eine Kleine Nachtmusik), Santa Plays The Viola, Deck The Hall, Carol Of The Bells, Let It Snow, & Jingle Bell Rock and repeating it. And by we, I’m probably not included. Why? Because I ended up stuck in a tight space in between Amaryllis and Arco and somehow I kept getting hit and they both were constantly saying sorry while playing, but I can’t speak while playing, it messes me up. I was playing in short bows so I didn’t hit them either but it was just incredibly difficult. As we were playing, I found it so adorable how children were pointing at us in awe and amazement, even humming and/or singing along to the songs we were playing. So even though I was trapped in a bow prison, I had a big smile on my face. During one of the songs, the chamber prior came looking for a stand or two they may have left but we couldn’t distinguish which was which because there’s were like 3 stands without our school name on it and Mrs. Anima was 100% percent positive she brought those in. Plus, they were the same brand and model so that didn’t help.

Once what we thought was the last group came, we all bent out of posture and took a long breather while reviewing our performance. However, one last group was coming up and instead of the usual Christmas music, Mrs. Anima let us change it up by playing a part from William Tell Overture in which the children were delighted. Bugloss, however, was super confused she wasn’t here when we got and played William Tell in class. After we were absolutely sure that was the last group, we kind of let loose and were just talking. Randomly, Arpeggio and Chiuso nodded at each other and began to play this song. Pretty but random and then Mrs. Anima decided pull our her own viola she brought with her and played along.

The rest of us were like, “What is happening?”

Arco was listening and then snapped his fingers, “They’re playing Canon In D.”

“What?” Amaryllis asked.

“It’s like the main song you typically hear at weddings.” I explained.

“Oh.” She said, understanding.

We all kind of sat there until it was time to get up and then repacked our instruments and placed them in the instrument dropoff again. Then we headed to an area we passed on the tour that I didn’t even know had stairs and elevator until we went by it again.

“So you deliberately let me go search all over for the rock stops and the other things which we didn’t really need, thinking, ‘Oh god, what I actually left them?’ only to find that Mrs. Anima had them the whole time.” Arco said irritably while walking down the stairs. 

“For the second time, I didn’t know she had our things.” Arpeggio defended while holding the rails right before the end.

“Wow, what is this place?” Lantana gasped, already ahead.

“Guys, this is the Celebratory Hall,” Mrs. Anima introduced then gave some thought,”I think.”

(By The Way, I’ve got big new to tell you tomorrow! I can’t really explain now because this was kind of a scheduled post and I’m kind of busy at the moment and I’m just tacking this on before it actually posts but since there’s no school tomorrow as it marks the beginning of my SPRING BREAK, WHOOOO! I’ll explain. 🙂 )

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