Tween/Teen Tag

I was tagged by BruhIt’sAmber from For Tweens & Teens, thanks!


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1) Favorite color?


2) Hair color?

Light-ish brown.

3) Eye color?

Plain Brown.

4) Favorite store to shop at?

It’s either Macy’s or Target.

5) Celebrity crush?

I have three main lovelies: Brendon Urie, Patrick Stump, & Matthew Gray Gubler.

6) Favorite band?

Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Paramore, and Broods are tied.

7) Favorite Viner/Youtuber/Social Media(er)?

The Fine Bros. (I have yet to figure what React World and the whole trademark thing was about though…)

8) Pet peeve (something that really bothers you)?

When there’s movie adaptations of books and they aren’t at least 3/4ths accurate with the books.

9) Shoe size?

Size 11 1/2 (Yes, I know my feet are big.)

10) Most used emoji (click here for all emoji’s)?

I tag:







Moonshine Zodiac


Float In The Cyber Space!


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