Cookies & The Deals

Governor’s Mansion: Part 5


The room was very large, it reminded me of a ballroom. It had a white tile floor with walls and ceilings that matched plus a chandelier and big, black speakers that were playing Christmas tunes. There were other musical groups like a choir and the orchestra that performed prior to us all socializing and looking as if they were having a great time.

Cadenza was in the mood for a lot of pictures. She was all over the place, taking pictures and videos of practically everyone and everything. She’s lucky her phone has so much space. You guys know me, I don’t like taking selfies or being in pictures period due to, not only am I non-photogenic, I really hate pictures of myself. I just do. But for today, I figured,”What the hey?”

I did want to remember the fact I went to the Governor’s Mansion by seeing myself in the picture. There was a giant Christmas tree where we took more pictures than was really necessary, I think but it was really fun with all of us.

About every 5 or so minutes, there were people coming around with freshly baked different types of cookies courtesy of the Deals. I love all the cookies but I think my favorite cookies were the chocolate cookies with chocolate chunks. Just got to love chocolate.

Cadenza’s mom wanted to get a picture with Mrs. Deal and look around more and Lantana, Anemone, and I followed. So we went upstairs where the Deals were standing around almost like they were waiting or something. Cadenza’s mom started to get really excited and Cadenza had to get her to relax. Usually it’s the opposite with Cadenza screaming about band merchandise or cheerleading things or Starbucks or sales.

Cadenza’s mom nervously asked for a picture to which The First Lady of Georgia gladly agreed. In fact, everyone wanted a picture so I took pictures for everyone. 

“Come onto the picture!” Cadenza hissed.


“Yes.” She nodded.

“I can take the picture for you.” Mrs. Deal’s daughter offered.

“Oh, thank you.” I ran into the picture making quick fixtures with my look before taking the picture.

Mrs. Deal actually struck up a conversation with us.

“How young are you girls?”

“We’re all roughly 14.” Anemone answered.

“Oh, but you all look older.” She smiled.

We all spoke our polite thank yous.

“So you’re all musicians. What do you play?”

“Violin.” Cadenza, Lantana, and Anemone said in unison.

“Viola.” I said meekly, being the only one out of us there.

“You know my daughter, Katie,” She nodded towards her daughter, the same one who had helped me with the picture, “She’s also a musician as well, she plays guitar.”

We all nodded, listening intensely.

“She’s married but she goes by her maiden name as a performer. If you want to check out her music, it’s at” She said proudly.

We again said thank you for her time and we were about to go down the stairs, me going first when Mrs. Deal gave us a farewell and everyone stopped, turned around and were replying. However, I was now awkwardly standing with one foot on a step and the other foot still on the level floor because I had almost tripped and didn’t know how get back up. Anemone saw me and was trying very hard to stifle her laugh while Cadenza and her mom were still talking with Mrs. Deal. It was getting painful when Cadenza finally came over to help and we started going downstairs. She was grumbling in frustration the whole way down.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Ugh, I’m trying to upload some pictures to Snapchat but it’s being SO difficult right now. Like this panorama of the ballroom, as you can see I captioned it ‘This is my now, what’s yours?’, but it won’t work. And as bad as this sounds, I really want to show off to everyone I’m having a better time than them in school.” She explained.

“Are you using data?”

“Yep.” She confirmed.

“Maybe it’s just interference or something.”

“Maybe.” She continued to furiously tap at her phone.

We all walked back into the ballroom nonchalantly when Barchan pointed us out while he was with everyone else who seemed to be looking for someone. They came towards us.

Mrs. Anima sighed, “I had just thought I lost about half the group!”


I know this was a short section but I know the next section will be better off without this being in the length.

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