A Business Park Field Trip

February 16, 2016


My team went on a field trip to a high school for entrepreneurs today. In the school they had this business park which was basically like a simulation about business and budgets. We were required to wearing fancy, proper clothes to said field trip. People who had gone before our team said wearing the fancy clothes was kind of pointless but since our team is always so “above and beyond” if we don’t wear fancy clothes we were going to get our agenda signed.


Instead of wearing a dress like most girls, I wore a suit. Yes, a business suit. The blazer had shoulder pads. I actually had it in my closet for a while and I figured why not and was going to go with just the blazer until my mother stopped me at the door and made put on the dress pants as well. It wasn’t like I really minded, it just seemed odd to me.

Nevertheless, I left home early because on the same day we had a Beta Club officers thing to do. Being dropped off at school, I could see some of my orchestra friends by one of the pillars.

“Hey, Delia! What are you doing here?” Hyacinth asked.

“Are you going the business trip today?” Ginger looked at my outfit.

“I have something to do for Beta Club and yeah. The suit feels nice. How do you feel about sectionals?” I inquired since it was 2nd violin sectionals before LGPE.

“I hope nothing goes awry.” Pond spoke into air as the school doors opened.

Willow came out out of nowhere and scared me slightly, “I thought you were just going to wear the blazer today.”

“Yeah, but my mom made wear the both of them.”

“Ah. Looks nice.” She commented as we went up the stairs.

“I feel powerful. I exude power. By the way, this blazer has shoulder pads.”

“Same.” She responded as she opened the door.

Mound was already in there but Daffodil wasn’t because she couldn’t come in early today. Our task was to write names on the invitations to the inductees of next year’s Beta Club members then staple a school Beta Club letter and pamphlet of information . You would think that was VERY easy but considering the amount of times we ended nearly screwing something but you would there was something wrong with us. Granted, we were talking while working but I mean the silence would have been really uncomfortable. Mr. Canto left the room for 15 minutes and we had ran out of letters.

“What now?” Mound asked.

“Who knows, he’s been gone three times the amount of minutes he said he’d be back in.” Willow calculated.

“I guess we wait then.” I proposed, needing my hand to rest from writing so much.

Mr. Canto returned with a new kid, “This is our new student. Give him a nice (insert school name) welcome.”

“Hey.” We called from the table after receiving more letter copies.

“I feel sorry for him.” I commented.

“Why?” Mound asked, stapling a set.

“Because he’ll be corrupted of any good in about 2 minutes.”

“True.” Mr. Canto called from his desk.

We ended up working through out the rest of the morning until the announcements over because we were going to be departing on our trip soon after then and Mound wasn’t on our team. However, Buttercup, Daisy, and Aria all gave a hand. Daffodil came in school quite later than usual but its not like that mattered because we were taking forever to get a move on.

I found it interesting how the new kid just arrived and suddenly he’s accompanying us on a field trip. That’s kind of a cool way to start a new school to be honest.

We figured we would be bored on the bus ride so we got Nicole to bring her cards with her so we could play a card game on the bus. It couldn’t be BS though because that would get too loud, too quick. Instead we played Blackjack and Go Fish while talking about life. The bus ride was maybe about 45 minutes long but it was near the advanced high school with the lottery that Nyla, Ben, and Chase got in. 

The teachers lined up us before the auditorium and handed some people including me a red lanyard.

“What’s that for?” Cara asked.

I shrugged not really knowing as we put our purses on these hooks the teachers told us to them on before sitting in the theater. We listened to speakers  and watched a pretty silly video demonstrating how the business park was going to work. Behind the screen was the gate doors to the business park and they picked two people (I didn’t know who they were) to go and open the gate doors. Once they opened the gate doors, everyone gasped in awe. It looked pretty cool.

They began to count us off and group us accordingly with our numbers. Because none of my friends and I had n’t thought ahead for this I don’t think any of us got into the same group. All the groups were then sent to different business sectors. Each business sectors were prominent Georgian/Southern companies like Belk and Chick-Fil-A. 

I was put into a group with Davis, Derrick, Deja and then Juan. That’s actually pretty funny. Anyways, we were assigned the business of Georgia Power. We were accompanied by a chaperone, Chase the Redhead’s mom, and someone had to assume the position of peer leader. Or more descriptive, basically the boss of everyone. Everyone voted on me unanimously to be the peer leader since I “looked smart and responsible enough”.

On these black tablets, we signed in with these numbers on the card on these blue lanyards they gave us. Then we took a quiz about our future life choices which led to us getting a career related to the business you were assigned to. I got an electrical engineer but made only 65, 250 dollars per year and had JUST A HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA. Also, it gave us family info as part as the simulation. I was single, 30 years old with a girl who was 3 years old. Isn’t that just peachy?

We had lunch in Chick-Fil-A and talked about our jobs. Thuy-Nhi was a Chef at Chick-Fil-A, Torie was a Tire Replacer with Kaufman Tires, Nyla was an athlete with the Braves, Cara was a flight attendant at Delta, Sarah was a grocer at Publix, and Nicole was an Customer Service at Belk. Thuy-Nhi and Nyla were also Peer Leaders. Nicole was the only one of us who was actually married; the rest of us were single with or without children. I was the only one the lowest measure of education which was really unexpected among them.

“Well, at least you weren’t a dropout.” Torie said eating a waffle chip after getting Thuy-Nhi her purse.

“I don’t think that was a position though…” Nicole said and stopped when Torie stared at her.

“Um, Torie? This isn’t my purse.” Thuy-Nhi commented when she opened up the purse.

“What do you mean, it looks exactly like it.” She replied.

“Well, unless I began to go by the name Kennedy (insert last name here), this purse isn’t mine. Can you please get mine from the racks?”

“Here’s the thing. It’s not there.” Torie responded.


“Well, I waited until the pandemonium was gone and then grabbed the last purse there which looked like yours.”

“So now I don’t know where my purse is.”

“Just find this Kennedy chick.” Cara bit into her sandwich.

“But I DON’T KNOW WHO THAT IS.” Thuy-Nhi gritted.

“Delia knows who everyone is, she could tell you.” Cara reasoned while I was shaking my head no.

Thuy-Nhi raced to find her purse and was late to the rest of the instructions.

Throughout the whole simulation we learned about budgets, how to manage and stick to them. We even ended up going “shopping”  around the business park for our parts of our budgets. Torie, Thuy-Nhi, Nicole and I shopped as a group and came to the conclusion that when we all grow up we should go on vacation away from the responsibilities and just talk about our lives the whole time.

Time actually whizzed by fast and by the time we all knew it, we were grabbing our bags and jumping back on the buses to go back to school. We did the same thing we did when we came: playing card games while being conversational.

In homeroom, people tried to stall going down to Connections so they only had to deal with Connection B. Most of these people were in my Spanish class not wanting to deal with Mr. DeJesus. But what they probably didn’t realize is that we still had 15 minutes left until Connection B and getting down there was inevitable. We actually got to school WAY later than we should have.

I was one of the first ones from our team to walk into Spanish and the room was pretty much a ghost town except for Mr. DeJesus and a few students. They were all doing nothing,there were sheets in front of them but most were on their phones and looked like Mr. DeJesus couldn’t care less anymore. So it was basically a free class until the bell rang for Connection B.

When we went into orchestra, Ashley complimented on the suit. We were about to have a group rehearsal but that didn’t last long because Henoc’s sister, Ketsia, from the high school most of  us are going was actually taking the violas into a group study of the LGPE music. It was actually fun with just violas and I think we really improved on pieces like Momentum. But of course Fletcher didn’t leave the instrument for me so I ended up having to practice these skills on a viola that wasn’t my own and that I’d end up forgetting without it.

I noticed Cale walked into the room and I skipped on over.

“Hey weirdo, like the suit?” I twirled.

“Yeah, it’s nice. What job did you end up getting?”He responded.

“I was an electrical engineer. I exude power, by the way.” I responded.

“Ah, I can what you did there. Is it because of the suit?”

“It is.  Plus the blazer has shoulder pads because I’ve always wanted to know how its like to have broader shoulders. Maybe now I can actually throw something and not have it completely miss the target. Or kill someone. And apparently shoulder pads made you seem manlier so I also exude superiority. What did you get?”

“I’m going tomorrow, actually.” 

“Ooh, you’re going to be all fancy shmancy.”

“I’ll probably just be in concert black.”

“Ah. Okay, so I kind of had a bad life because I ended up having just a high school-” I was being pulled by Torie into the Bass room for something and so I waved bye while being dragged away.

“What?” I asked.

“Apparently, it’s not weird to have 20 packets of ketchup and a sandwich in your jacket pocket,” Torie said, sarcastically, “And I need someone with rationality to tell them they’re wrong.”

“Well, who had the food?” I asked.


“Well then, I’m not surprised.”


“I mean, Michael’s concerningly strange so it doesn’t faze me,” I heard my bus call, “Adios, amigo.”

Tonight in my pajamas I looked at the suit. It did make me feel pretty cool.


I thought this had posted but apparently not. :/ That’s happening more and more often and I can’t tell if I’m forgetting or it’s on WordPress.

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