Only The Best People To Be With During Two Weeks Of Testing

So since I’m taking two high school courses (Accelerated Geometry & Physical Science) I don’t have have to take the Milestones (state standardized tests) nor the EOCT (End Of Course Tests) for those classes. So that means skipping out on two days of testing.

My math class was hoping that we could be lazy and actually fun while everyone else tested. My math teacher even said we couldn’t if the administration allowed in the meeting yesterday.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work this way and instead of just leaving us be, they did something that actually takes more work. They took every student in 8th grade and assigned them to different 8th grade teachers for testing. Which is honestly pretty dumb because it caused pandemonium in the hallways through out. 

Mr. Canto gave us stickers in our agenda for each teacher we’re going to. Most of the people in our Math class got put into one teacher’s room. Aria and I thought we were the only ones in our class who didn’t get that teacher and instead got someone else which caused us to question if we had done anything wrong.

Our principal gave us a dry run today to go to our testing class. The hallways were a disaster and I felt like I was being squished to death. In the line outside the door, she discovered that we also got Aster, Hosta, Ginger, Allegro and Arpeggio in our testing class. Walking into the room and picking a seat, I noticed that most of the people in there weren’t even from our team, causing Torie and I to look back at each other in concern. 

During rolecall though, I finally figured that others from our classes were “hiding”.

It was actually comedic during the testing review.

One of them even even asked, “Do we get snacks at the end?”

“From who?” The teacher asked asked.


“I mean, you can bring your own snacks.”


“He’s the one who likes to eat all day, every day.” Aria tipped.

“Wow, you just sold him out.” Aster chuckled.

We also found out that for the days we don’t tests we get..


Isn’t that such a step-up from a party?

Well, at least the people on my teacher’s team. Us Accelerated kids get whatever Mrs. Calando gives us.

Which could be anything since Mrs. Dacus wasn’t here today to tell us what we get.


The party seemed more rational.

When we all returned to first period everyone was raving about how their teacher class was going to be so cool. 

“Guess who was also in my classroom?” Willow called.

“Who?” I replied.


I sighed, knowing that if we were in the same testing environment we’d would be close because of our last names.

We had to cram study for a Science test, work on a Social Studies project and do Math work in only 50 minutes. I think I did well on the Science test though and I finished the Social Studies last minute.

Teachers giving us stuff before 2 weeks of teaching. .-.

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