Math Night / Science Fair

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


People were staying after for the School Science Fair tonight.  The night of the School Science Fair, Aria and I were also staying after school. We hadn’t gotten into the science fair but instead we were volunteering to help with Math Night. I know, we’re such weirdos but we needed the Community Service hours for Junior Beta Club. A lot people actually wanted to help but most of those people were actually in Science Fair like Daffodil, Willow, and Aster. So we were all alone in helping the teachers set up. Lucky for us, our 7th grade and 8th grade teachers were running pretty much the whole thing so we felt slightly comfortable.

Climbing up the stairs from staying in Orchestra, we were chatting about how interesting tonight would be. Most of our friends were already setting up in the gym where the judging would take place. When we entered Mrs. Crow’s room (My old 7th grade teacher), we were somewhat amazed at how it still looked somewhat the same even though the location had been changed and now Mrs. Attacca had Mrs. Crow’s old room and now Mrs. Crow’s room was next to Mr. Grouse’s. 

The first task was pretty easy all we had to do was separate some calculators from some bins. While traveling around to the bins, I noticed something interesting.

“What’s this?” I asked, pointing to a jar on a cabinet.

“Phone.. Jail?” Aria read, questioningly.

“Oh yes, that’s something new this year. Since there’s been more phone freedom at lunch, well lack because of fights among them, people have been using their devices in class. I mean I know there’s understandable reasons but if it’s simply just playing around, I tell them to put it into the phone jail.”

“Well then Chiuso’s phone would be a recurring visitor.” I pointed out and Aria laughed.

Mrs. Crow looked slightly confused so Aria explained how Chiuso always has his phone out looking stuff up and the teachers don’t notice until it’s too late.

When we were about halfway done with the calculator stuff, a girl popped in.

“Hey Delia, can you watch the computer lab? I need to go to the media center.” She asked.

“Sure.” I began to stand outside the door.

Then it sank in that all I knew was her name.

“How did she know my name?” I asked.

“Don’t know, isn’t she friends with Arco or something?” Aria answered, organizing more calculators.

“Hmm.” Is all I responded with.

While watching the lab, I began to dance about in the hallway. That’s how I discovered that Mr. Grouse and his son were in his classroom.

“Hi, Mr. Grouse!” I waved inside.

“Oh, hi there Delia. How are you?”

“Pretty good, Mr. Grouse.” I also waved to his son who was playing the computer like he always does.

“So, guess what I heard?”


“That you were still in Canada when they had the Geography Bee!”

“Oh, yeah…”, I remembered, replaying the day I came back from Canada.

Apparently, they had the Geography Bee again but I wasn’t there for it. So another dude won it by my homeroom. My friends were comforting me about that because I won last year and made it to State but I was hoping I could do it again before I was 15.

“Okay, but I actually wanted to come back before school started again. I had no idea it happened until I came back.”

“I was even wondering if I could put you as a write-in because you could blow them straight out the water.”

“Thanks, I really wish I was there though. It would have been nice,” I said, “Nice seeing you again, Mr. Grouse.”

He waved and I began to loiter in the hallways once again waiting on the girl.

“Is she still not back?” Aria asked, lugging around a container.


“Are you sure you don’t want to come back in?”

“I may want to, but I do have to keep my word so later.” And right when I stated that, Madison blew back through again and thanked me.

Mrs. Crow was searching throughout her room and in turn, Aria asked, “Whatcha looking for?”

“I bought this jellybeans as rewards for one of the games at Math Night but I can’t find them.” She answered, searching through her desk.

“If we find it, can we have some?” Aria asked.

“Sure.” She responded.

And that’s when we tore through everything. We were looking in every crook and nanny with speed yet meticulousness. However, we couldn’t find it then and it was time to take the props downstairs.

I carried several boxes while Aria and Mrs. Crow carried a basketball stand with a hoop attached cautiously down the stairs. Aria ran back upstairs while I looked for the jelly beans inside in the bins and boxes but they weren’t there. So I began to place them against the wall while I was waiting.

“Did you find it?” Aria asked, returning from the 7th grade hallway.

“Nope.” I got up.

“Oh, okay. Come on, we have to carry those tables over there to where the stations are going to be.” She pointed to the tables near the entrance of the gym where Mrs. Crow was already waiting.

We passed by the gym doors, saw someone in there, walked backwards, realized who it was and then rushed back.

“Arco’s in the science fair?” I asked.

“Yeah, he and River actually worked together on it.” Aria answered.

“What was it on?”

“Something about liquids and their dependency on shear rate..?”

“Non-Newtonian fluids?”

“I think.”


“Okay, girls. I think we should remove these tables off the tables very carefully.”

“That means Delia probably shouldn’t do it.”

“She’s not wrong.” I said, unoffended.

A janitor was rolling out of the cafeteria and watched Aria for a second before clucking her tongue. She showed us to get the tables level with the floor with her dolly. We decided that I would be holding the back end,telling her where to go to not crash into something and Aria would be leading, moving the table forward. Even with the both of us, it was still kind of heavy but we continued. The Janitor would set down the table everytime we back. About our 5th time back, Arco’s eyes quickly flickered to the door. He paused and then shook his head like he didn’t believe we were there. After grabbing the table and placing it somewhere, we stopped near the gym door and hissed for him.

“What are you guys doing here?” He asked, curious.

“You know typical stuff at school like carrying tables and searching for bags of jellybeans. You?” Aria replied, sarcastically.

“We’re volunteering to help with Math Night and Science Fair happened to be the same day, oddly enough. It should be a subject a day,” I honestly explained and thought out loud, “Good luck!”

There were 2 tables left, but by the time we were all done, we were breathing heavily. 

“That was harder than I thought.” I sighed.

“I’m done with my exercise for today.” Aria groaned. 

We then received less heavy work like hanging signs and setting up. When I put up the sign for the Pi Walk, I think I got a paper cut because my finger began to sting afterwards. Putting up more supplies, I was asked to help a 6th grade teacher  with setting her Paper Airplane Toss up in the Connections hallway which was just cleaned. As I walked down the hallway, I heard Hosta playing the piano in the Chorus room. I recognized the song immediately as “Say Something” by A Great Big World Featuring Christina Aguilera. I wanted to say hi, but a) the Chorus room was locked and b) I decided not to bother her.

My job was easy enough; I was to mark tape at every 5 feet starting from Mrs. Anima’s room. The square tiles in the hallway were 12 inches each so it was a piece of cake. After I found the tape and a sharpie from Mrs. Crow, I got to work.

“What’re you doing?” I heard behind me.

“Hi, Hosta! I’m just laying down these pieces of tape by 5 feet.”

“Can I help?”

“Um, sure. Just stand at the next 5 square tiles before I lay tape there.”

The tape was slightly folded in some places but it was fine. I then began to write the measurements on the pieces of tape when I heard commotion in the hallway. Since Math Night hadn’t begun yet, the only ones who could be roaming the halls like that had to be Science Fair people. I wondered where they were going while Hosta and I were removing paper from multi-colored paper pads which would be used to fold into paper airplanes. Mrs. Crow came down our hallway to check out our progress and complimented her piano playing she had heard prior. That’s when Hosta revealed that her mother was also a science fair judge.

I actually forgot Coast and Lake were also at school but they were helping with some tech workshop with parents who didn’t quite understand our new BYOD for learning at school thing. BYOD is Bring Your Own Device. So imagine my surprise when Hosta and I walked into the health room to help set up another station.

Coast, why are you here?” I asked after starting to push the desks to the right side of the room.

“The tech workshop. I’m assisting with Lake.” He answered.

“Yeah, and the adults don’t hate him yet.” Aria added while stacking a stair.

“Hey, I can not be argumentative and irritating for a day.”

“Right…” We agreed sarcastically in unison.

After dragging the stacks of chairs into an empty room and having some chairs almost fall on me, we were done. But then I looked down at my sweater and sighed in aggravation.

“What?” Aria asked, setting the board with holes for the beanbag toss up.

“One of the chairs took my sweater with them.” I groaned, showing the newly formed hole to them.I quickly zipped my jacket I had on me to cover it up.

“I hope I get to man this booth, it would be fun.” Aria smiled, adjusting it one last time.

“There’ s nothing to really man though.” Coast replied, throwing a beanbag at the board and having go straight in.

“Exactly.” Aria said, also throwing one and having it make it.

“Ooh, I’m going to try,” And I knocked the setup down, it slid and pushed two things off the the desks, “Oops.”

“Can’t say I didn’t see that coming.”Coast said and Hosta and Aria agreed as they fixed it up again.

I was needed to hang another sign for the Pi Walk by the 6th grade hallway. I was quietly singing  “House of Memories” by Panic! At The Disco while applying tape to the back of the sign when I heard someone coming behind me.

“Are you okay?” Arco asked.

“Huh? Yeah, yeah, I’m okay. Dandy. Why wouldn’t I be?” 

“You were kneeling on the ground and it sounded like you were talking to yourself in this sad, quiet tone. So I just wanted to ask if you were okay.”

“Oh, I was working on this sign. And I was s-humming.” I was going to say singing but as far as he knows and as far as he’s going to know (Or so I thought), I don’t sing.

“Oh, okay. Glad you’re okay.”

“Yeah, thanks. Good luck, again. Even though I said before. But you can say good luck anytime. So good luck.”

He nodded and went off to the gym again and after I could be out of sight, I continuously hit my head with the sign.

“What’re you doing?” Willow inquired.

“Hoping to forget how embarrassing I am. Where are you guys coming from?

“Mrs. Allegrezza’s room. It was just more and more Science Fair stuff. Good luck with the forgetting thing.” She waved.

I hit my head again but this time I got the tape stuck to my face.

“Joy.” I grimaced, slowly peeling it off my face.

“Nice look, Deals. The tape compliments your eyes.” Aria called.

“Where have you been?” I asked.

“Everywhere and anywhere, friend.” She replied, adjusting another table.

Some high schoolers came in to help as well and then we didn’t have much to do anymore.

“Hey, let’s see how Arco’s doing.” Aria suggested.

“Are you sure? I’d hate to distract him while he’s presenting just because I got curious–” I started.

“Come on,Coast and Hosta are coming too. And what are they going to do, suspend all of us?” She questioned.

“I mean, they might remove points from their pr–” I tried to reason.

“Let’s go.” And I was dragged into the gym.

It felt less stuffy than it usually did and people looked as if they were attending a rich cocktail party instead of a school science fair in a gym.

“Nice display, proper stance. Give your neatness 5/5 for sure.” I mocked a prim judge.

“Thanks, judge. Now if only your judgement had value.” River replied sarcastically.

“Ha, ha, ha.” I laughed coldly as I began peering at the tri-fold.

“Hey Arco, how you think you’re doing?” Aria hopped over.

“Well.” He simply put.

“Is that all you have? A ‘Well’. I THOUGHT I MEANT MORE TO YOU THAN THAT.” Aria fake sobbed.

“I find your project intriguing.” I finalized after reading all the data and charts.

“What was yours on?” Arco asked.

“How music effects the growth of plants.” I responded.

“That sounds more interesting than ours though.”

“Well, if I’m going to be honest, I was quite lazy about it. I did the bare minimum of entries and didn’t make my presentation until three days before it was due. I just wasn’t feeling this year’s Science Fair.” I shrugged.

I had received a 98 on that project so at least I know it didn’t suck for my unusual procrastination. We all just stood around talking more until someone came up to us.

“Okay guys, if you are done being judged you should be on the bleachers.” An assistant principal pointed out.

Coast, Aria and I just stared at each other and then we all basically ran.

“Good luck again!” I called.

“Geez, Delia. At this point, you’re giving him bad luck.” Aria teased.

“Wait,” Coast paused, “Did we legit just leave Hosta?”

“Nah, she’s in the stands with Daffodil and Willow,” Aria breathed and turned on her phone as we walked, “It’s almost time for Math Night, guys.”

There was a Math Darts station that we shot at during half of the minutes we had before the doors opened.

“I call this station.” Coast declared.

“Just don’t rage and take someone out.” Aria warned.

“I’m going to help at the Pi Walk. Aren’t you helping at the Beanbag Toss?” I asked.

“Yeah well, two teachers got it so I’ll just tag along with you since nothing else captures my eye.” She shrugged.

“Alright, I’m sure she won’t mind the both of us.”

Mrs. Calando was really grateful for the both of us being there. She had several bags of mini pies of different flavors: Chocolate Moon Pies, Vanilla Moon Pies, Oatmeal Creme Pies and Chocolate Chip Creme Pies. Aria put one of each on display while I arranged the chairs in a circle (because Pi) since it was kind of like musical chairs. We did run into an issue with music though. One of the gym teachers was supposed to bring CDs but she wasn’t around. Aria suggested that we get an auxiliary cord and Mrs. Calando went to her car searching for one. So the doors were 3 minutes from opening and we were two teen girls waiting on the booth’s supervisor. I was just hoping the same assistant principal didn’t notice us.

Luckily, just as the doors opened Mrs. Calando returned with two CDs.

“Okay, I could not find an auxiliary cord. But I have two CDs, one of country, the other of The Bee Gees, which one?”

Aria and I looked at each other. We knew people would probably end up hating Country. Which is actually kind of funny since we’re like Deep South.

“The Bee Gees.” We finalized and she popped in the CD.

Staying Alive started playing and we gasped. Aria began disco dancing while I started to advertise for our station. I also gave out activity sheets to pass to people as they arrived. At the beginning, a lot people didn’t come to our station.  Instead, most people went to either the Darts or Beanbag Toss. 

“What’s good, Pi Walk?” Coast called from his bustling station.

“Get jabbed by a dart,” Aria retorted, “Just you wait. This station will be buzzing with people.”

Her prediction came faster than expected. A lot of high school volunteers that had finished their work had grown bored and tried our station to try and relieve this boredom. Business was finally rolling in. Aria was singing and helped with the pies while I was picking number cards in correlation with the seats to determine who wins a pie and stopping/starting the music. Soon, the people from the science fair came out again. 

“What’s this?” Poppy asked.

“The Pi Walk, where its like a musical chairs and if you’re lucky your chair will earn one of the four pies.” I said in one of those commercial voices.

“I’m going to watch for now.” She decided.

I let Carnation take the activities papers from me and pass them out instead, making my job easier. Willow and I were both doing the pies instead, Daffodil and Aster also watched along Poppy. I didn’t see Arco around though. When Carnation finished with the activity papers, she jumped in whenever we needed more people. In fact, we all ended up played at least twice to fill in for other people. But soon enough, we didn’t have that issue because some many people were in line. We even came up with a mini parody to Staying Alive. People were dancing and it was super fun.

“AH, HA, HA, HA, GIVE ME A PIE, GIVE ME A PIE. AH, HA, HA, HA, GIVE ME A PIEEEEEEEEEE.” Aria and I sang, until I cut off at the second “Give Me a Pie” when I realized Arco and River had reached down to us; I was kind of embarrassed. Aria, however, continued on with what would become known as her solo.

“So this is the station you’re manning.” Arco realized, amused.

I was pushing the hairs out of my face and trying to control my fluster, “Yeah, pretty much. We’re interesting here.”

For there, I began to explain everything to him.

“I think I’ll just watch.” He said.

“Why?” I asked.

“I don’t dance and I kind of think it would be best if I hung back.”

“I promise you, you’ll have fun. Even Cadenza and I did it.”


“I will make you do it before this night ends,” I laughed, “I promise I’m being serious.”

“Deals, we need more Chocolate Moon pies.” Willow searched for the boxes.

“I’m on it.” And I gave a not so serious stare at Willow.

Eventually, we drained the audience from other stations and still wanted more people. Like Lily was going home because Geranium was doing some after school and we tried to get her in but she had to walk Geranium home before nightfall. I was noticed even the most unexpected people were doing this and winning.

“This is wonderful,” I exclaimed.

And as I raised my hands to pump them in excitement, I hit my right hand on something hard.

“Ouch,” I examined my hand and it turned out I had hit my hand on Aster’s braces.

“Sorry about that.” She responded.

“No, you’re good, it was my fault.”

“You need a band-aid?” Mrs. Calando asked.

“No, I’m good.” I nodded, it stung though.

“Hope your orthodontist doesn’t find skin in your braces. That would be an interesting conversation.” Poppy joked.

“Alright, Arco. I promise it won’t suck.” I pleaded.

“I mean, maybe I-” He started.

“Arco, I choose you.” Aria cheered.

“What?” He was caught off guard.

“I’m making you, come on. Mrs. Calando even approved.” Aria finalized.

And as I saw him walking around with his arms around himself, I realized why this may have been wrong of me. A) He hates dancing. Period. B) He was already a ball of anxiety and the fact that he had 6 girls pushing him to do something he honestly didn’t want to do probably wasn’t the best. C) He was reminding me of myself. And no one should be unfortunate to feel like me. Even for one moment.

“I’m taking him out after this.” I frowned at my conclusion.

“Why? You were so excited.” Poppy asked, not understanding.

“It reminds me of the misery I live in consistently.” I turned around and leaned against a wall.

Interestingly, at the end was when he was letting go. Even more, he won.

Math Night was coming to a close as the Administration began to usher students to the cafeteria.

“I hope we don’t have to.” Aria leaned on the wall, watching people go.

“Girls, I think you do. They’re asking for all student’s attendance here.” Mrs. Calando said while packing up.

“Do you need help with packing up?” I asked.

“No, thank you. I think you guys may be interested in what’s going to happen, though.” 

“Can we earn pies for our efforts?” Aria sweetly plugged for our benefit.

“Why not?” Mrs. Calando shrugged.

We gladly picked a pie and headed to the cafeteria with everyone else. On the way, Aster’s mom stopped me to tell Aster that she would be at the technology workshop and that when we’re done, she should wait there. Aria was asking me where I was as we took a seat. Willow, I, Aria, Arco, Aster, Poppy, Carnation, Daffodil, and Forest all sat in a row in that other order, respectively.

I could already tell we were being sucked into a PTSA (Parent, Teacher, Student Association) meeting and everyone knows how much fun those are. But they said something that confused me. They were talking about how the 8th grade dance would be sometime in May. Aria looked at me with a “WTF?” face. I mean, we all knew the 8th grade dance would be in March during the field trip. But we said nothing as they continued to ramble on.

We had an interesting demonstration. It was a Science demonstrator who introduced science experiments in the form of “Super Powers.” They were interactive with audience participation and they were pretty funny and enjoyable. Also, they announced the winners of the school level Science Fair. There were only 2 winners from our grade: Allegro and Dove. Everyone else was pretty chill though.

At the end, I thought it was a ton of fun. When I got home, I took a shower, changed into my pajamas, placed the sweater in a hamper I labeled, “To Fix Or Scrap.” and then basically dropped dead tired, hanging on my bed. Until I woke at like 4 AM unable to go back to sleep.

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