The Day Of “Let’s Just All Hold Hands.”

Apologies for my absence over the last week. I was studying avidly and practicing for my next Orchestra performances in May. I’m pretty excited for 8th grade day which I finally paid for on last Friday at 11:57 pm.

Thumbs up for procrastination. Keeping of which, working on a birthday present that should have been done by tomorrow will take about a week now due to testing and more of my procrastination.

Anyways, time to explain what the title means.

Yesterday, in Science class, we were split into groups by columns to demonstrate series and parallel circuits using just our bodies. So of course, I get stuck in a group of primarily guys. Because as you can tell already, my life is very caring towards me. 

I was trying to think of all good things while being a series circuit with me holding Col Pugno’s hand on my right and Poppy’s on my left. To think this was the first time I held a guy’s hand other than my father or my brother. It’s pretty disappointing. I was trying to remove my focus on how stiff his hand felt. I was internally dying because of how awkward this was. And to think I was almost going to be in Buttercup, Daisy, Aria, Willow, and Piper’s group. Lucky. Oh and plus Plover. He must be feeling really lucky now as all the guys were whistling and such.

Then came the parallel circuit. We were all standing back, intertwining hands except for Tern and I. 

“Where’s the power source?” I asked.

“Why don’t you two the be power source?” Daffodil asked, innocently before Poppy and I stared at her like “You shouldn’t have said that.”

And of course Swift gripped this opportunity more complicated and awkward, “She’s right, ” He ushered us, “Back to back, and DON’T BE AFRAID TO INTERTWINE YOUR HANDS TO CONNECT.”

I wanted to crawl into a hole and die as everyone began to stare.

“Well, this super awkward.” Tern said, reading my mind.

“You’re telling me.” I replied, hoping Dr. Arioso would see us soon enough so we could disband.

And then we all had to hold hands in a circle.

“Why don’t we all just sit in a circle and sing Kumbaya?” I asked sarcastically to which people started laughing and singing.

We then had to make a parallel circuit. People could not get the parallel circuit right and even the simple motion of moving their shoulders to show energy moving was a struggle, apparently.

At the end of the day, I spent my dismissal in Spanish trying get a cellist to hold up a viola with good posture, bow hands, and understanding the notes.

“Come on Arco, you’ve got to hold the instrument up level to the ground.” I lifted his arm higher.

“To be honest, this is kind of uncomfortable.” He commented as he held the bow about to start playing.

“Okay, the bow needs to move further down to the space in between the bridge and the fingerboard.” Turaco criticized.

“Alright well, this feels weird already.” Arco responded, putting it down and rolling his shoulders.

“It could be that it’s too small for you. I honestly need to go from a 15 1/2 to at least a 16.” I brought up.

“Like my viola.” Aria suggested.

“What note is this?” He put it back into playing position and put his finger on the C-string.

“That’s a low F natural,” I answered. “Also, no pancake hands.” And I held his hand as I corrected the hand.

Carnation whispered “Ship.” in my ear and I was about to jab her in the stomach when I realized that I was still holding my viola and Arco’s hand and risked it hurting more than Fletcher has this year.

“That’s proper hand placement.” I laughed nervously, removing my hand and swinging my arms instead.

“And what’s this?” He asked for another note.

“That’s A high C-sharp.” Aria and I said in unison.

“So the finger tapes work like… OH.” He realized how alike the instruments finger tapes were placed except the three fingers on the cello to play a 2 finger note on the viola.

“Pretty much.” Turaco finalized.

I gingerly placed it back into my case and rushed the buses when my bus was called, almost striking myself in the face by accidentally swinging the case when I was waving goodbye.

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