Girl Power

Hey, guys. I am officially…


Well, for April. There’s still the last two weeks of school in May. ._.

Plus, today was Willow’s birthday. Which was cool because we went on a mini field trip today. 10 of us: Aria, Willow, Carnation, Daffodil, Lily, Hosta, Aster, Crane (we didn’t know her but we all became friends with her quickly), Passarine(Our counselor’s daughter who doesn’t talk much) and I all went to Cisco for an event called Girl Power Tech.  We played Go Fish & Donkey (card games) on the bus ride. Or rather Platinum Fish because I accidentally said “Gold Fish” and then Daffodil asked why we didn’t just call it, “Platinum Fish” instead.When we registered in we all received name badges and a packet. However, what was funny is that both Aria’s first name and Willow’s last name were butchered. They aren’t that hard but we called Aria by her new name for the rest of the day. There was a station for taking pictures with all these different props to which we took a TON of pictures. They were pretty silly, to be honest.

There were a lot of people, particularly high schoolers, there from our general area alone. We were welcomed by some people in charge and thus we begun. There was a panel of employees who were pretty cool that we got to ask questions and listen about. Then we had a Rio Olympics Ambassador speak to us. Also, we were having a somewhat like Skype conference with other groups and with two entrepreneurs, one who actually started her own business at 13 and is 15 now! There’s were groups from the nation and the world participating like Georgia (obviously), Ohio, Texas, Florida, North and South Carolina, Colombia, Nigeria, & Brazil.

We also had a challenge to improve/solve a situation by using technology new and/or old while asking the questions we were to answer with the product. There were three different situations but each group only got one random one. Our issue had to do with the Environment and how over energy consumption was the problem. With some help from our Team overseer, we came up with an interesting idea. Most energy within our homes is actually used by the water heater and water in itself. So we had a system like a mini-dam and pinwheel to help power your house by recycling the water with a filtration and purification system. Also, we had an app where we control energy use, like turning off the lights.

We really wanted to win at least something today but we ended not winning anything. In fact,no one who got our challenge won. In fact, most of them were the ones about education. But here’s the thing.


All of theirs we’re about an app that takes notes or study guides and makes an educational parody so to speak. I was like listening to the same group repeating itself 5 times. And there were 10 groups. What made us even more needled is that the other groups in our situation used the app idea but we had added something even more. But we kept our mouths shut. At least, we one of the first ones so we didn’t look as repetitive. All in all, discussing over some REALLY  good pizza, I think it really opened our eyes.

However, they let us out earlier than expected and we tried to stall. For example:

“Can we go to the park with womanly bonding exercises?” Aria asked.

“I actually have a meeting with the principal when we get back.” The counselor answered.

“Dang it.” She sighed.

“You know what, I’m starving. Let’s go to insert any fast food chain name here within a 5 mile radius.” Carnation tried.

“You see, I need to go church I haven’t spoken to Jesus in about 7 hours.” Aster suggested.

“I think we need to visit the library, there’s isn’t enough learning outside of school.” Willow said and I nodded.

“Let’s all walk slowly.” Hosta suggested quietly.

We all were to take pictures outside and by our mascot sculptures with our certificates but we blinked. Some on purpose, some not.

Then we all walked slowly to the stairs. Then Crane “accidentally dropped” our poster with our designs the stairs to which we all started laughing at as she slowly walked down with Aster and Hosta to slowly pick it up. We did eventually make it upstairs, grabbed our bags, and went to 4th period before Connections.

Plus, we got cool t-shirts which we all agreed to wear tomorrow.

Float In The Girl Power Cyber Space!


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