If The Morning Announcements Were Honest

(Something I thought up today. Not meant to really offend, just slight satire.)

We’re playing this music and video clip before the announcement in our desperate need to get you students more interested.

Announcer#1 – Today is another terrible day at school where you continue about your lives and ignore us. The production value of this show is hardly even worth dirt and we still wear things like green even though we know it causes our body to not show up and make just like floating heads. I’m a person who thought this would be fun but instead am embarrassing myself in front the whole school.

Announcer #2 – And hello, I’m also a person who would rather run into a wall than be here but I signed up for it at the beginning, thinking it was great. I’m smiling through my frustration now feels like I’m biting into a piece of bark. *clinks mugs with Person #1 and laughs*

Announcer#1 – We just fake laughed and clinked with our mugs full of only our misery. Now I’m going to tell you about news that we butchered partially and mostly affects you but you don’t listen to nor care about right now because talking is your greatest priority. Now, we’ll show a clip taken months before but we tried to make it look like today about the word of the day which isn’t accurate.

Word Of The Day Kid – I’m just reading off this word I’ve never heard of in my life but going to pretend I know everything about it. I’m just glad this isn’t real time.

Announcer #2 – Now to direct your attention to someone who just had my place last week but we thought you probably wouldn’t notice anyways.

Weather Person – I was placed in the lowest position and do not know where to position myself so I’m not blocking the map. I also can not read the teleprompter and/or maps even though it’s obviously right in front of me, so I slaughter the weather. I state the wrong things like its raining, making the people who actually watch this get confused because its sunny AF outside. I also did not pass U.S. Geography because I just stated that the high was 86 in New Montreal & Aries when it says New Mexico & Arizona and that wasn’t even the high nor how hot it was in New Mexico & Arizona.  Now to take it back to the two announcers you obviously didn’t miss as I try to run off the Green screen because I’m standing on their faces.

Announcer #2 – Now to show another clip and/or describe a event you don’t care about but your teachers will make you act like you’re invested in.

Announcer #1 – That’s the end of our show, but you probably didn’t notice. Now only to be followed the Moment of Never Silent, The Pledge of Repetitiveness for over 12 years, and the rest of your miserable lives.


Would you like to see more of these? Let me know.

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