Mistaken Promises

So we got our letters we wrote to our 8th Grade selves from 7th Grade last Friday. I still haven’t looked at the copy of the letter on this blog either but I promised I would not open it but Graduation. So imagine the confusion when we received it in April.

“Why are we getting these now?” Willow frowned, peering at the envelope as Daffodil, Aria, Willow, Carnation, and Poppy were grouped in the back of the room.

“It’s not even Graduation yet.” Aria agreed.

“Who cares? I actually want to see my letter now.” Poppy said, ripping open the envelope.

“Same.” And Carnation also opened hers.

“Well, I’m saving mine until Graduation,” Willow declared, “I know it’s depressing anyways. So I’ll cry about it and then say its my pride instead.”

“I’ll join you. Mine’s also sad.” Aria spoke, “What about you, Delia?”

I was turning it over in my lap, trying to ignore the temptation to open it by keeping myself busy, “Hmmmmm… Well, I was already planning on opening it at Graduation-“

“Great. Well then, we’ll all read our letters at graduation.” Willow clasped her hands.

“Wait, what?” I asked.

“Yeah.” Aria looked at me like why was it confusing.

Daffodil didn’t get her letter yet, and Lily opened her letter immediately after she came in and got it. And I would back out if it wasn’t for the fact that Aria had restrain from opening hers and Willow the same so we placed them in my locker. The same locker that I can’t remember the combination and only Daffodil was the combo so yeah. 

Looks like I’m alone on this one.

The way they were talking about it after this agreement was like we were going to read it aloud. And if that is what’s happening, I’m screwed because I talked about you guys in that letter. So just in case, I think I’m going to write another more concealing letter. But if I am just really confused about all this, I still probably won’t let anyone see unless I’m actually ready to spill.

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