How Time Is Flying

Geez, I can’t believe my 8th grade year is already almost coming to a close.

Most importantly, I’m getting old and fast.  

What really should be important is that I remember being so confused in the 6th grade hallways like it was, not even yesterday, but like 1 hour ago. The peer leaders who came to our classrooms in 5th Grade were right. Middle School was and still is just a wisp compared to life ahead.  I kind of just want to take this month to review my middle school years by comparing, discussing, reminiscing, all that reflection type things. Plus, we got a surprise today.

In addition to the Savannah dance, we’re having a FLIPPING Semi-Formal. Where did this even come from, I have no clue. But the theme is Views From The 8th (like Views From The 6 from Drake or whatever) that we didn’t even vote on. At least this will be like the high budget red carpet for last year’s 8th graders (which, to be honest, sounds way better). A lot of people aren’t happy about how the PTSA just took control like that. I swear, they are like an OLIGARCHY. So annoying and controlling. But I mean we got blue ice because of them on Friday if you had perfect attendance during the Milestones so I guess that was chill.

Also, once again our 8th Grade Day is in Jeopardy because of certain people so that’s SUPER FANTASTIC.

(Col Pugno, you, and all your cronies can legitimately go fail a grade for the 4th time (Yes, I went there. *drops mic*). )

Float In The Pretty Fast Cyber Space.


3 thoughts on “How Time Is Flying

    1. I know right!
      Geez, I feel so excited yet scared but I mean that’s kind of the anxiety of it all. I almost just want 8th grade to end so I really be in high school.

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