Ready To Slip Once Again At A Dance

Most people were planning not to go to the dance on purpose to protest it. That wasn’t my intentions, I just feel I should go to a semi-formal. I decided not to say anything about it like I always never tell my parents anything I don’t see fit.

So my mother found out about the semi-formal through K.C.’s mother this morning. And now, I’m going apparently. Also, I’m going gown shopping  next week. This should be great. It’s not like I do anything but embarrass myself at dances anyways. Maybe I should ask if Arco’s going.

And I swear to Gummy Bears if there is a slow dance, I will scream.

At least I’m not alone in this. Carnation’s mother bought her a ticket before we even knew (that should be pretty interesting since Carnation doesn’t like dances or dresses that much to begin with)and Poppy’s mother is also buying her a ticket. Willow can’t go anyways because her father never lets her go to dances except Savannah. There’s going to be professional catering anyways so in it for the food.

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2 thoughts on “Ready To Slip Once Again At A Dance

  1. I read that “ready to ship once again” the accuracy HA I HAVE MY DINNER DANCE COMING UP TOO AND IM DEBATING WHETHER TO GO OR NOT

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