D-Day Prep (Dance-Day Prep)

The end of the year keeps throwing more work at me which is where I’ve been this week.

Well, I bought my dress to the semi-formal yesterday and I paid for my ticket this morning. That’s actually kind of late considering that the dance is tomorrow. The dress is actually a nice half-way past my knees midnight blue dress. My mother thought it was too plain but I liked it.

You know how I mentioned how no one wanted to go? The PTSA began to bribe us and it’s totally working. The homeroom with the most people going to the dance wins and ice cream or a donut party. Mrs. Angelonia’s homeroom is winning so far. And it honestly doesn’t sound so bad. I know I’m not alone in this but honestly, since I’ve been so holed up in my work, I haven’t had any time to ask about anyone and if they’re going.

I’m going to need someone to be there to call 911 just in case I fall head over heels.

Quite literally.

Float In The Cyber Space!


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