“10/10, Would Let Your Dad Give That Speech Again.”

Thursday, May 5, 2016


Hey guys! I just came back from my last orchestra concert with the whole 8th grade orchestra. To be honest, we grew into a family and now it’s already over as the two classes will never merge in concert again. Well I mean in middle school, but some of our best players are going to the advanced school so…. Yeah. There were pretty interesting parts during that concert as well as you can tell from the title which is actually a direct quote from me and not to me.

I got to the school an hour before I was supposed to. We all had our concerts stacked: 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, respectively. Fletcher had his concert first so he stayed after school. But he had to go to the hospital for a sleep study so my mom picked him up and dropped me off.

Aster and Arpeggio were already there which is why I volunteered to go early because I knew they both stayed after school. (Not the way you would think, guys.) Aster was actually walking outside so she quickly took me in. She was waiting on her mother who was coming to get her some Chick-Fil-A, who turned out be stuck in traffic.

She told me about how she had been stuck with Arpeggio and Juniper’s brother, Yew, throughout the afternoon. And sure enough, there was Yew going all about the room while Arpeggio was playing his cello, and Ayre was just sitting at the computer for some reason. Yew reminded me of Juniper, himself, but when any of us said that, he got offended quickly. One of Daffodil’s twin brothers was also in there but he was quiet.

“So did you get your Chick-Fil-A?” Arpeggio inquired, stopping.

“No but I brought a human.” Aster replied, tugging me in.

I began to unpack, talking and using my hands as words poured and in the process, I struck Arpeggio in the face.


Geez, 7th grade was on purpose but this was an accident and it was way harder than it was last time.

“Sorry about that, I tend in hit people in the face accidentally more and more often.”

More people began to trickle in and we all began to talk to each other like a social about various orchestra related things like whose siblings were in music classes and best players in what instruments while Daffodil’s brothers and Juniper’s brother were eating Subway and Aster and I were eating the Chick-Fil-A that finally came in the bass room and Hosta was practicing piano. Everyone spoke about me being the best viola even though I didn’t think I was the best viola. Then again, I was sitting in first chair this concert. And I sit there every concert except I never knew it was first chair. I had always thought it was 2nd chair.

Mrs. Anima then ushered us to the gym which took us by surprise because we usually perform in the cafeteria. Plus, no one likes playing in the gym because it eats up sound and it’s hot and stuffy in there. Lavender got her bow stuck in her case and she and Ballade were trying to ease it out as we were leaving. I was carrying both my own and Aria’s viola.

All Star could have been better if I’m going to be honest.We ended up rushing in the end due to the rush of some violin rushing. Salute to Michael Jackson was actually pretty good compared to the class rehearsal the same day. Final Countdown sounded pretty epic if you ask me. Everyone, or at least most I should say, was playing the sharps like they should. Conquistador sounded pretty good, it was just that our dynamics weren’t as dramatic as they should have been. Remote Control was amazing and the crowd really loved it especially with Etude’s acting as he controlled the Remote Control which Juniper was bitter about still. 

Mini-Story time within a story. So on Tuesday, when pretty much everyone in the 8th Grade Orchestra stayed after school to rehearse for this concert, Juniper was chosen for the part of the Remote Controller temporarily which he was super stoked about. And then Wednesday, Etude outshone him in class and so he got the part for the concert instead of Juniper which turned him pessimistic pretty quickly.

When it came time for the song we wanted to play again for recording and pictures from the parents, there came disagreement. The original choice was All Star which people hated because it was so simple and boring if you weren’t a violin. But then people began to oppose to it which I honestly thought we shouldn’t have done because the audience got confused fast. We all began to argue and Mrs. Anima muttered, “I’m not going to please everyone here.”

Meanwhile, Lobelia adores Aria and Aria loves Lobelia so Aria ushered Lobelia to sit next to her and Amaryllis, who were sitting next to Arco, on the floor.

“You’re going to let her sit on the floor?” I asked over the chaos.

“She won’t get in the pictures that way.” She reasoned.

“Why?” Arco sighed as his sister began to bother him.

“Mrs. Anima, you should let the crowd vote!” Aria exclaimed and others began to murmur in agreement.

She shrugged and turned to the crowd for their vote by a show of hands. For All Star, the sea of people stayed motionless except for one woman who was hesitating to raise her hand in the first place. For Final Countdown, the hands went up in a frenzy and many of us cheered in triumph, flipping through our pages eagerly. As usual, parents, siblings, and guardians alike surround us with cameras at the ready. The repeat playing of Final Countdown sounded rushed on the violins part. Yet, the applause was huge and we all rose. Well, except for Juniper, dissolved in his grudge, but we forced him up. When we sat back down, Mrs. Anima began with her ending remarks.

“And I just want to congratulate your kids because they have been working so hard this year and ever since middle school-” Mrs. Anima was saying as the crowd was nodding along.

Then out of NOWHERE, Arco’s dad pulls a somewhat Kanye to Taylor Swift move and takes the microphone. It happened so quick but everyone was like, “What is your dad doing?” looking at Arco and/or like, “Oh no.”

“I believe,” He started, and everyone was staring at one of the following things (in order from most stared at to least stared at) :
A) Arco’s Dad
B) Arco
C) Mrs. Anima
D) The Floor
E) Their Instrument
F) The Ceiling
or G) The Bleachers.

I was rapping my nails against my chair in nervousness and to distract me from the awkwardness. Arco was having a cringe-fest, hiding behind his cello.

“That we should also thank Mrs. Anima for her hard work with these kids over these past two years and even moving to a new school must not have been easy either. And even us for all the money and effort we pour into their opportunities in the music world. “

I glanced over Arco. His eyes were closed but he was muttering something that sounded a lot like, “Oh my fucking God.”

The parents went into a happy and pleased uproar. But we didn’t know what to say. So we began to laugh and clap awkwardly, suffering inside from the fear that if we stayed silent, we would be seen as ingrates.

“And if you look to your left, you will see a 14 year old boy internally dying and having his spirit crushed for probably not the first time.” Lavender commented as she as well of the rest of us began to leave our seats to take our instruments back to the orchestra room.

People looked at Arco with sympathy as they left. Well, those who put together that that was his father. That small population who hadn’t were just confused about why everyone was staring at Arco. I was re-adjusting a stand and on my way when I stopped.

“10/10, would let your dad give that speech again,” I commented, “It was very interesting.”

“You know cartoon characters and how they hide?” He sighed.

“Yeah, pretty much.”

“I wanted to hide like that, under the chair with only my eyes visible or maybe even just ridiculous. That was ridiculous.” He placed the school cello on the cello rack.

I was about to get going when I noticed Lobelia’s hoodie, “Your sister joined Band?”

“Yeah, she’s seen as a traitor by Malva and I.” He said, speaking of his college sister while the other sister was walking, no, rather stomping over to us.

“I don’t like being near you.” Lobelia grumbled.

“Then why are you here?” Arco asked, retortedly.

“Because Dad’s forcing me to be near you while he’s talking to some people. Just don’t talk to me.” She put her hand in his face while tapping away on her phone.

Arco looked like he was going to stab something.

Ginger came by asking for help with his violin on the way to the orchestra room, so I volunteered while having this message for Arco:

“Don’t kill her.” I warned.

“No promises.” He responded.

Lobelia is just like Harper.

On our walk to the orchestra, Ginger vented (or whatever guys say to come off as less emasculine) about his concert problems.

“So why didn’t you like the last time we played Final Countdown?”

“Because it became rushed after measure 24. Violins began to come a sixteenth or so too early and triplets were rushed. Conquistador was weird because a cello played a note which was B when should been a C and even then it was like a B sharp.”

“The struggles of being a Music Theory Genius.”

“Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so I could ignore some things.”

“Are you kidding? It’s totally cool. Music Theory is pretty interesting.” I finished, opening the orchestra door with my side and giving him his violin after he put one of the stand racks back.

I opened the door again to see Aster, Allium and Carnation holding basses headed my way.

“Delia, if you could help grab another bass that would be great.” Aster said on her way through.

I put down my things and went to grab another bass. Rejoining my friends, we had to stand outside the bass and cello room door so people could get their things out of there. The non-bassists began to fool around with them, like plucking and all, for fun. I thought heard laughing but I thought I was delusional so I continued with conversation until it got loud for everyone else to hear.

“Who even is that?” Allium, who stopped playing the bass she was holding.

The orchestra doors opened and it took me a minute to fully understand what was happening. They were riding on the bass rack with Chiuso pulling it, having only what I can assume was the time of their lives. Allium, Carnation, Aster and I had similar pose with the basses watching them with skepticism. If I’m going to be honest, however, I thought it was pretty hilarious, looked kind of fun, and had to keep from laughing until I burst.

“You guys look ridiculous!” I chortled. “How are you not dizzy yet?”

Arco hopped off after Chiuso stopped for air, “Legitimately? I’m pretty dizzy as is.”

“Don’t fall into something, you look like you’re drunk.” I called, snickering as we all began to roll the basses and their racks into the bass and cello room.

Amaryllis and Anemone approached me shortly after as I was shutting my viola case. Amaryllis looked like she was going sob in a second and Anemone looked super irritated.

“Hi, guys?” I asked, cautiously.

“Amaryllis explain.” Anemone sighed.

“Aria… is so rude to me..!” She began breathing like she was going to cry an ocean and Anemone took over.

“She tried to be so nice during this concert, complimenting her singing in Remote Control and playing,and all she was saying is ‘Yeah,okay.’ or flat out ignoring her.”

“She even called me a BITCH.” Amaryllis wiped at her face.

This sounded out of character not because of the cursing but because she was genuinely excited and happy this concert. Plus, I heard them laughing behind me. And they weren’t forced. But I couldn’t assume for or against either one of them, so I kept listening.

“Listen, Aria’s just going to get hurt. Not physically but hurt.” Amaryllis said firmly with Anemone backing her up.

I had no idea what I got myself into but I decided I had to warn her and texted her when I got from school while watching #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain.

By tripping on my way out, I noticed something on the floor. 

Cadenza was walking in and decided she would be the best person to talk to, “I found Arpeggio’s cello case.”

“Well, are you going to give it to him?” She asked.

“Yeah… Do you know where he is?” 

“Why would I know where he is?” She shrugged.

“Because you go hang out at Panda Express with him after EVERY CONCERT.” I sighed, my voice dripping with slight exasperation.

“Right… Yeah, I think he’s in the parking lot.” She remembered.

Cadenza and I ran through the school’s back parking lot, passing my mother’s car as she looked at us in confusion. Huffing and puffing, Cadenza managed to string some words along and threw the case at him, “Cello case.. floor.. orchestra.. tripped.”

“Thanks but you do realize I wasn’t leaving yet, right?” He caught it.

Cadenza looked at me like I shouldn’t have made her run through the whole parking lot.

“How was I supposed to know?” I questioned, “By the way,your cello is in Mrs. Anima’s office. I put it there before Aria got too attached to it again.”

“Thanks for that.” Arpeggio waved as he and Cadenza started making plans for Panda Express.

I swear they are secretly dating.

I ran back inside, grabbing my things and hopped into the car somewhat breathless and my mother silently started the car before saying this, “Well, didn’t you have an interesting concert.”

But I mean, she wouldn’t know. Considering my parents haven’t been to any orchestra concert of mine since 6th grade.

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One thought on ““10/10, Would Let Your Dad Give That Speech Again.”

  1. Omg looool
    Kayne? Taylor? Hm… Kayne West it is.
    I like how you made the list of what people were staring at LOL. I feel like I’d be staring at the floor… or a wall.

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